Today is Christmas Eve, and Ash wakes up at 5 in the morning, “Chu pi ka chu pi pi pikachu?” (Why do we have to wake up so early?)

            “Because I am poor, I only have enough money to buy flowers for my mom, so I have to catch Pokemon for Misty and Kelly.”

            “Pika chu pipichu pika?” (What are we getting them?)

            “A water Pokemon for Misty, and an electric Pokemon for Kelly.”

            Ash and Pikachu march over to the lake, it seems full of Pokemon, “Totodile, swim down the lake and find a Tentacool.”

            Totodile nodes and dives down the river, Ash sits down, a Poke-Ball in his hand, “Pikachu, I want you to use Thunder Bolt when Totodile comes up with the Tentacool.” Couple of moments later, there is some sparks from the water, and Totodile flies up, unconscious.

            “What the?”

            A Chinchu swims up the river, looking proud.

            “Okay, then, a Chinchu for Kelly. Pikachu, Thunderbolt!” Pikachu jumps up and throws a bolt of lightening toward Chinchu, it hits Chinchu, and Chinchu faints. “Poke-Ball, go!” Ash throws the Poke-Ball at Chinchu, and captures it.

             Ash kneels down to check on Totodile, “This is for Kelly. Totodile, are you okay?”

            Totodile jumps up, dance happily. “Can you swim down the river and find me a Tentacool?”

            Totodile response by diving into the fast moving streams.

            Ash and Pikachu stand and stare, waiting. Couple bubble rises up to the lake surface, then a Tentacool flows up, it lies on the water, unconscious. Totodile emerges out of the water, landing softly on the sand.

            “Poke-Ball, go!” Tentacool is captured. “Thanks, Totodile, great job.” Said Ash, returning Totodile into the Lure Ball.

            “Property of Giving, when you give a lot, you’ll a lot.” Ash laughs evilly.


            That night after dinner, Ash, Misty, Kelly, and Mrs. K. gather around the living room wrapping presents. They are peeking at their neighbors, trying to find out what are they getting. Unfortunately, everybody hide his or her present well, so nobody saw anything.

            After all the present are wrapped, they gather around the Christmas tree and start to decorate it.  Everybody place some ornaments on it, Pikachu and Togepi place the final star on the top. They step back and gaze at the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Everybody except Ash place the presents under the tree when no one is looking.


            Tonight, Misty gets the sofa. Up at Ash’s room, Ash and Pikachu are strategizing their plans.

            “Pikachu, you get the flowers from outside the garden, its behind the elm tree, and try not the bent the pedals; I’ll place the Poke-Ball under the tree.  The operation will start exactly at 12 in the morning, Thunder Shock me if I can’t wake up. Is that clear?

            “Pikachu!” (Yes sir!)


            Ash jumps up as electricity flows into his body, “I don’t know why I want Pikachu to Thunder Shock me.” He turns to Pikachu, “Let the operation begin.”

            Ash searches for the Poke-Ball under his pillow, while Pikachu dashes down the stairs. Ash looks at the two Poke-Ball; one has a letter “K” craved on it, the other had a letter “M”.

            Unlike Pikachu, Ash is slow and heavy, so he has to move down the stairs slowly. Ash move pass the couch easily once he get off the stairs. Ash doesn’t want to wake up Misty. Pikachu enters the room and place the flowers and the note under the tree carefully. Ash drops the Poke-Ball lightly besides the flowers.

            Pikachu race up the stairs and went back to the room to catch his beauty sleep, Ash glance at misty, the covers are almost on the floor, he picks the covers up, and gently tucks it under Misty’s chin. “Thanks, Ash, good night.” Misty said, sleepily.

            Ash almost had an heart-attack, he thought Misty was asleep, “Good night.” He said softly.

            “Can we get this started?” Ash asks impatiently.

            “Yes, dear, you may open the presents, then again you should release all your Pokemon first.” Mrs. K. said.

            Everybody release his or her Pokemon. Kelly releases Crocown, Magby, Fearow, Gloom, and Hunter.

            “Wow, those are fantastic Pokemon.” Misty comments

“Finally.” Ash said, reaching his hand down the tree. He picks up the Poke-Ball and the flowers. At the instance, both of the girls hope that the flowers are for them, but when Ash hand the flowers to Mrs. K., both of the girls sighs.

“Thank you, mom, for take caring me for thirteen years, and always being there for me.” Ash said sincerely.

“Aw, thanks, son.” Mrs. K. grabs Ash and hugs him, couple of minutes later, “You can let go now, mom.”


After a while, all the gifts are traded, the Pokemon went outside to play around. Ash got 7 different Apricorn Poke-Ball from Kelly, one hundred dollars from Mrs. K., and “three wishes” from Misty.

“I down get what you mean by three wish.”

“Okay, here how it works, let’s say that we are going to get ice cream, and if you didn’t bring your money, I’ll pay for you, if you wish.” Misty explain, “But I’ll only do reasonable and agreeable stuff.”


“Well, that’s weird,” Ash said to himself, lying at the sofa.


“You three bozos think this plan will work,” A tall women in black TR uniform said.

“That’s the best plan we have ever heard, the twerps are done for.”

The Team Rocket members laugh evilly.


To Be Continued

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