"AAAAH! PIKACHU! HOLD ON TIGHT!" Ash shouted. Of course, they were too fighting the storm.

"PIKAPI-PIKA-CHU-PIKA-CHUPI-PI-KA-PI-PIKA-CHU (ASH, CAN'T YOU SEE ANY SHELTER, JUST ANY SHELTER FOR US TO STAY IN?)" Pikachu shouted over the storms noise, with a tense look on its face.

Ash stood his ground sternly and looked around for a few seconds. He spotted a cave far in front of him.

"I THINK I SEE A CAVE PIKACHU," he said, waking towards the small-looking cave from their distance.

Just like Misty, the wind picked Ash & Pikachu up flying them a few feet off the ground, fast, and they landed on the ground in agony. But they both kept strong.

"We gotta make it," Ash said sternly with a determined look on his face. He got up picked up Pikachu, then put him (I guess its a boy) in his denim jacket.

Ash struggled to get to the cave, which the opening was getting bigger and bigger in sight.


Soon, Ash had made his way into the dark opening of the cave. Ash took off his cap, which was drenched, and rinsed it out. He and Pikachu shivered.

They walked a little further more into the cave and saw that it was lighted dimly.

"Huh? I wonder why this cave is lighted up. Maybe someone is in here,"Ash said."HELLO?"

No answer.

He called again."HELLO?"

Still no answer.

"Hmmm..oh well," Ash said giving up.

"Pikachu-pika-pika-pi-ka-chu (I'm sure glad we're out of that storm)," Pikachu sighed.

"Yeah, me too," Ash agreed.

The two sat down trying to dry off.

"I wonder how Misty and Brock are doing," Ash worried.

"Pika-pi-pika (I don't know...)," Pikachu said.


"Whew, I'm glad we found a Pokemon Center before we got creamed by that storm," Brock said with relief.

"Cro-bat-bat (Yeah, me too)," Crobat said happily.

Brock's face flushed. "N-Nurse Joooy! "

He got up and followed Nurse Joy who was walking across the building. He grabbed her hands.

"And what is a beautiful lady doing on this stormy day? You should be taking a rest since there will probably be no patients coming around. And shall we have a cup of tea to get to know each other?" Brock drooled.

NARR: hmmm....I wonder how far this'll go without Misty to grab his ear and drag him off...hehe.


Misty slowly opened her eyes. It took a while for them to adjust, and once they did, she then sat up quickly. She realized she wasn't out in the storm anymore (which was still going about fiercly), but now she was as it seemed to be a dimly lighted up cave.

(Misty's thought - How did I get here? )

She gasped."Where's Togepi?"

The young girl got up and walked around the light brown-covered cave.

"Togepi? Where are you?" her voice echoed off the walls.


"Oh no! Togepi!" Misty said crying, worring if her baby Pokemon was lost in this mysterious cave and if something bad happened to her.

Narr: I don't know if Togepi's a boy or girl, but I'm makin' it a girl. k? k.

She kept walking around, getting deeper and deeper in the cave.

Then she thought she heard something behind her. Misty turned around.

Nothing there.

She was still walking with her head turned back and..........

She fell on the ground and saw who she ran into.

"Ash?!" Misty cried.

"Misty? How'd you get here?" Ash asked, who was also on the ground.

Pikachu leaped on her lap."Pikachupi (Misty!)" Pikachu said joyfully.

Misty patted Pikachu's head.

"I have NO idea how I got here. Togepi and I were walking on the road, then that vicious storm came along. It was so fierce, it lifted me and Togepi off the ground and then we flew a few feet, landing hard back on the ground, and it knocked us out unconsious. Then I woke up and found that I was in this cave...and now Togepi's gone!" Misty put her hands on her face and started to cry again.

"Ah, man," Ash grieved. He came closer to Misty and hugged her. So did Pikachu.

"C'mon,"Ash said, getting up and holding out his hand."Let's go find Togepi."

Misty smiled and Ash helped her up."Thanks."

(Pikachu's thought- hehe, it's so obvious. Ash has the hots for Misty, no doubt. I wish they'd get together, it'd be so cute).

Pikachu smiled at the thought.

" I hope we find her," Misty still had a depressed look on her face.

"Pikachupika-ka-pika-pika-cha-chapi-ka-chu (Don't worry. We need Togepi and we won't rest until we find her)," Pikachu told her encouragingly.

"Hehe, thanks Pikachu," Misty said, hugging him.

The three walked on farther into the cave, heads turning left and right, hoping Togepi would appear.

"I wonder how you got in this cave,"Ash said, looking out in space."I mean, you were unconsious on the ground out there, and now you're suddenly in this cave. Maybe someone took you in here. And if so, they COULD have Togepi."

Misty frowned."Well, if someone does have her, they better take good care of her."

He put his arm around her shoulders."Don't worry, Togepi will be ok."

She looked at him and smiled warmly."Thanks Ash." (Misty's thought - Oh my gosh, man HE'S SOO HOT! I wish this would last forever!!!)

Narr: Corny? Yeah, I know, but oh well. ~shrugs~

The yellow electric Pokemon grinned. (Pikachu's thought- Awwwwww....)

They kept on walking in the cave until....


Ash, Misty and Pikachu fell down into a hole that curved and turned...like a slide, that led them deeper underground the cave, getting more lost.

"OOOOOOW!" they yelped in unison when they landed on the ground below.

"Hmmm, that was...er, fun,"Misty said sarcastically.

Ash and Pikachu chuckled.

They got up and looked at their surroundings.

They walked for a while until they came upon a cliff and stopped. Down below was a small pool...or underground lake, as you can say. The water was crystal clear.

"Wow, I wonder if there's any water Pokemon in there," Misty said happily.

"Maybe," Ash replied. (Ash's thought - Dang she's hot)

Narr: hehehehe! :)

Misty climed down the ledge and stood by the lake, with Ash and Pikachu following her.

Ash, Misty and Pikachu were standing in front of the underground lake looking in for any water Pokemon. Until.............

Some huge shadow came shooting out of the water, overlooking them. The shadow roared loudly, filling the cave.

The three trembled and held on to each other tight.....


Haha!!! Another cliff hanger!!! wooo! sorry you guys, but part 4 will come up soon, but stay tuned. MEEEHOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! >:) ~Daring Warrior~