Chapter 3

"It started out like this...,"Meowth began.

"Let me explain it Meowth," James interrupted.

Meowth nodded in agreement.

"Ok, before I joined Team Rocket, of course as you all know,"he started,"my parents were getting on my nerves. They had my whole life planned out. Where I was to go to college, who I was going to marry (James shuddered at the thought of Jessebelle), how many kids I was to have, all that crap. I was tired of it so I ran away from my home. Jesse's situation was about the same, and she ran off too. We both lived in the same city, so, not long after we ran away, we met each other at a local Pokemon Center. After that, we travelled along together, side by side when we met Meowth walking by himself in an alley of the city we arrived upon. From there, Giovanni and a few of his Team Rocket members were at a diner, and they saw us on the sidewalk from the window. Giovanni and his buds walked out of the diner and asked us if we wanted to be apart of Team Rocket. We didn't think it was an evil organization, and we wanted to be apart of something so we said 'yes.' Then he said that if we decide to quit, he'd kill us."

"These 2 years as Team Rocket members have been awful. The reason why we never kept any Pokemon from anyone is because we really didn't care to. We let everyone go by easy, we let everyone get their Pokemon back sooner or later. All of us were hoping that Giovanni would kick us off the Team, but he never did,"Jessie finished off.

Ash and the others felt sorrow hovered over their heads. They had no idea Jesse, James and Meowth had to go through all of that.

"I'm so sorry,"Misty showed sympathy.

"Me too,"Brock and Ash said at the same time.

"Thanks,"James smiled.

"Well, your days of being Team Rocket members are probably over now for the fact that Giovanni will be jailed,"Ash said.

"Yeah, but I have to go to the station first so I can answer them some questions,"Misty said.

"Hey, are you still sick?"Ash asked.

"A little, but I'll be fine,"Misty replied. She changed the subject."Hey, how did you guys find me here in the first place?"

"Your Poliwhirl followed you and left a trail,"Brock said.

"Where is he now?" Misty looked around.

"He and the rest of your Pokemon are outside on gaurd,"Ash said.

"Ok," Misty was relieved. She walked out of the factory and hugged her Pokemon.

'My Pokemon are the best,' she thought.


Misty and Brock have gone out to the mall so they could shop for stuff, well, at least Misty was; Brock was chasing after all the girls there. Pikachu was on a date with Mystic (SHE'S BACK AGAIN! lol), and the other Pokemon, were too on dates. (A good way to get rid of them, eh?)

The telephone rang in Ash's room. He picked it up.

"Hello?" he looked at the screen as he spoke.

Ash's cousins, Jay and Scott appeared on the screen. They were on 3-way.

"Hey Ash!" Jay, a spiky brown headed 15 year old guy, greeted.

"Yo Ash!" Scott, a smoothed black haired 16 year old guy, also greeted.

"Hey you guys! What's up?" Ash smiled. It's been a while since he talked to his cousins - probably about 9 months ago.

"Nothin' much, just takin' a break on our journeys', you?" Scott said.

"Same here," Ash answered.

"Where's your friends and Pokmon?" Jay asked.

"They're all out. My Pokemon are on dates, Misty and Brock are at the mall shopping, at least Misty is, I think Brock's probably chasing after girls," Ash chuckled.

Scott and Jay laughed.

"Hey, how did you all know I was here in Jarmica City?" Ash asked.

(A/N: Just to fill you in here - this is the main part of the story; before Ash went on his Pokemon Journey, he grew up making music, ya know, playing his instruments, singing, and writing songs with his cousins. They put together a band and it was called The Rebels ****Ok, stupid band name, but I couldn't think of anything else****. It was basically between pop/rock/alternative styles. Two years before Ash turned 10, the band made it famous. They were very popular, mostly in one major country, but they were known around the world. Why not very popular in the whole world like most bands are? The band just made it that way for many reasons. But they agreed on once they quit their Pokemon journeys, they are going to make another album and tour the whole world. ****sounds retarded eh? shutup, lol. j/k**** Misty & Brock doesn't even know anything about the band. Ok anyways, Ash was the drummer, Jay was the pianist, and Scott was the guitarist. Sometimes they switched around on the instruments, but not a whole lot. And of course, they had back-up musicians. Any questions about this? Did I make it kind of confusing? Ask me. ^.^)

"One of our managers, Billy, saw you while walking through a crowd earlier today. He wanted to talk to you but he was in a hurry into meeting with someone. He also saw me and Jay walking together earlier and knew we were all here, so, he called us on our cells an told us that you were here. Guess what he also said?" Scott asked.

"What?" Ash responded.

"Billy said that there is supposed to be a Jamfest two months from today. Of course you know about the Jamfest. Dozens of bands come and play. And Billy said that we should participate. So, what do you say?" Jay asked.

"Yeah, sure! That'll be awesome. I miss playing with the band," Ash said sincerely.

His cousins agreed.

"Good! We have to call our back-ups right now to tell them that you agree to playing. They already know about it because of Billy, and Mark (on of the back-up musicians) said for us to call them to say if we're playing or not," Jay finished.

"Ok," Ash said.

Scott said,"They've already made the announcement about this fest worldwide over on the radio, tv, and internet....so there's probably a lot people buying tickets now."

"I bet you they are,"Ash nodded.

"Ok, Ash do you know where Johnson's Music Place is?" Jay cut in.

"Yeah," Ash said.

Jay continued,"Well, we're gonna go over there in a few minutes into the Music Room to practice. Ok with you?"

"Sounds fine," Ash said.

"Ok, see you in a few minutes Ash. Oh, remember to tell your Mom about this ok? She can come over and watch us at the fest," Jay said.

"Ok, I will," Ash said.

They hung up.



Ash, Jay, and Scott met each other at the Johnson's Music Place and got behind the instruments in the Music Room. Ash was behind a black Tama Drumset, Jay got behind the Casio Keyboard, and Scott picked up a dark red Gibson guitar.

"Ok, it'll be kind of weird playing without our back-up players, but we'll get through it," Scott said while finding a pick.

Ash and Jay nodded.

"Ok, what songs are we going to play?" Jay looked over at Scott.

"We're supposed to play eleven songs max,"Scott said, looked at Ash.

"We should play,'Heart Melting in Fire', uh..." Ash was thinking.

Scott, Jay, and Ash added on more songs until they reached eleven.

"Oh, and Billy said we are allowed to play four cover songs, what should we play for that?"Jay fumbled with the keys on the keyboard.

"How about the sweater song by Weezer?" Scott suggested.

"Yeah, and then..." Jay started.

"'Minority' by Green Day," Ash said while twirling his drumsticks."A lot of people love that song."

"Ok, and..."Jay hesitated."All My Life" by the Foo Fighters.

"And..."In the City" by Hanson,"Ash finished off.

"Ok, we'll play those,"Scott made it final.

"Alright, let's play 'Minority' right now to see if we can do it right," Jay laughed.

"Ok," Ash and Scott laughed with him.

"You both know the parts to it?" Ash asked the two.

"I do, I've played it before," Scott chewed on his pick.

"Yeah, I know the bass part, so I'll play it," Jay said as walked towards a Fender Bass and picked it up.

"Ok, and I know the drum part, so let's go," Ash hit his drumsticks together for a cue.

And they started.

(Scott's singing):

I want to be the minority

I don't need your authority

Down with the moral majority

'Cause I want to be the minority

I pledge allegiance to the underworld

One nation under dog

There of which I stand alone

A face in the crowd

Unsung, against the mold

Without a doubt

Singled out

The only way I know

I want to be the minority

I don't need your authority

Down with the moral majority

'Cause I want to be the minority

Stepped out of the line

Like a sheep runs from the herd

Marching out of time

To my own beat now

The only way I know

One light, one mind

Flashing in the dark

Blinded by the silence of a thousand broken hearts

"For crying out loud" she screamed unto me

A free for all

F*** 'em all

You are your own sight

I want to be the minority

I don't need your authority

Down with the moral majority

'Cause I want to be the minority............."

They've practiced the songs all evening until the owner of the store told them it was time to close up. The three cousins walked outside together in silence.

"So, what time should we meet again for practice tomorrow?" Scott broke the quietness.

"How about 10 a.m. tomorrow? There's this old deserted building that I passed by two days ago, and I asked a man who lives by the building if anyone could go in there and he said yes. So we can practice in there tomorrow. We'll just get our managers and our back-ups to help us carry the equipment in there," Jay informed them."So, we'll all meet each other at the Pokemon Center, where Ash is staying at, and then we'll walk over there."

"Ok," the other two agreed.

"See you tomorrow guys,"Ash waved them goodbye.

"Bye," the two cousins waved back.

To Be Continued.....