Chapter 4

"Hey, did you guys register for the tournament that's supposed to be held this Wednesday?"Ash looked over at his cousins, who were setting up their instruments.

"I did, what about you Jay?" Scott asked while trying to find a chord to hook up the guitar and amp.

"Yeah, I signed up two days ago," Jay responded while grabbing a mic from a stand at the side of the room, and placing it on the stand in front of his keyboard.

"I don't think we should play "All My Life" by the Foo Fighters anymore. We don't even have the music to it yet, and the darn fest is less than two months from now," Scott said.

"Yeah, I agree,"Ash nodded.

"Ok, I know a song we can play..."Radio" by Rancid,"Jay suggested.

"Yeah, let's play that,"Ash said.

"Hey, Dan, do you all know the parts to that song?" Scott asked the bassist.

"I do,"Dan replied.

"Yeah, I've got it,"Mark (back-up guitarist) made a rock on sign.

"Well, there's no keyboard parts to the song so I'll just stand back"John (back-up pianist) told them.

"Ok, and I'll just do the vocals since all the parts are covered already,"Jay said.

"Ok, let's play it now. Ready guys?"Ash looked at everyone.

"Ready," they all chorused.

Ash hit the drumsticks 4 times for a countoff and the music started.

"Never fell in love
Until I fell in love with you
Never know what a good time was until I had a good time with you
If you wanna get the feeling and you wanna get it right
Then the music gotta be loud
For when the music hit I feel no pain at all

Warm summer night I was drinking with my dad
He tried to give me the love that I never had
But he gave more love to his bottle of wine
So I had to go out and find love of another kind

Here it is
Here I am
Turn it up
f*****' loud

Radio, Radio, Radio, Radio, Radio, Radio, Radio

When I got the music
I got a place to go

Radio, Radio, Radio, Radio, Radio, Radio, Radio

When I got the music
I got a place to go

Radio clash
Magnificent 7
I was a choir boy
You showed me no heaven
Two tools surley lost
No remorse ignoring the cost

Here it is
Here i am
Turn it up
f******' loud

Radio, Radio, Radio...

When I got the music
I got a place to go

Radio, Radio, Radio...

When I got the music
I got a place to go....."

Sure enough, the song ended perfectly.

"This is turning out pretty good," Jay nodded."Good job guys. Let's play 'In the City' by Hanson, now."

Once again, Ash gave the cue to start.

"I see you walking out that door
And you know you can hide no more

If I asked you now, I know you wouldn't give it up

If I asked you how,you'd give that look to kill
Oh it gives you a chill
But Ohhhhh it gives me a thrill to say

Do you love, do you love me, do you love me, little pretty
Can you tell me,can you tell me
What's going on In The City

Sittin there tryin to look so sweet
Every word you say is full of decit

If I asked you how,you'd give that look to kill
Oh it gives you a chill
But Ohhhhh it gives me a thrill to say

Do you love, do you love me, do you love me, little pretty
Can you tell me,can you tell me
What's going on In The City

I'am gonna ask you once again
Gotta tell me once again, do you love me [3x]

Do you love me,do you love me

[guitar solo]

Do you love, do you love me, do you love me, little pretty
Can you tell me,can you tell me
What's going on In The City

Do you love, do you love me, do you love me, little pretty
Can you tell me,can you tell me
What's going on In The City

Do you love, do you love me, do you love me, little pretty
Can you tell me,can you tell me
What's going on In The City

Do you love, do you love me, do you love me, little pretty
Can you tell me,can you tell me
What's going on In The City..."

"Excellent everyone,"Scott congratulated."We've got thirteen more songs to do."

And so they played.......

7:30 p.m at the Pokemon Center...

"Hey you guys," Ash greeted Misty and Brock as he entered their room.

"Hey...where have you been all day?"Misty smiled slightly as she put her book down that she was reading.

"Uh..." Ash started.

'I can't tell them I'm in the Jamfest's supposed to be a surprise,' Ash thought as he was searching for an excuse.

"...I was out with a few friends, training,"he lied.

"Oh,"Misty said while picking up her book again."Wait, a few friends? Who?"

"Yeah, and why didn't you invite us?" Brock came into the conversation.

"They were my cousins, Scott and Jay, remember them? I just wanted to hang out with them alone because I hadn't seen them in while," Ash said quickly.

Misty wearily recalled meeting Ash's cousins over the phone once.

"Oh yeah, I remember them,"she said at last.

"Yeah, I know who they are now,"Brock nodded.

Ash went over to his bed beside Pikachu and started rubbing his head.

"{You are lying about that Ash}" Pikachu whispered to him as he shook his head.

"Shhh, don't tell anyone. I'll explain it to you later," Ash whispered back.

Brock layed on his bed and just fell asleep, of course, dreaming about hot babes. As that was happening, Misty reached out and grabbed her headphones in front of her and put a Ja Rule cd in. Ash just had to stare at her all he could while she's spaced out listening to her music.

'She's sexy sexy sexy' Ash made a goofy face as he daydreamed Misty in a pink bikini.

He drooled even more..actually, the drool started pouring out on Pikachu like a waterfall as Pikachu growled. He thundershocked Ash, as he now layed there burnt.

"{Dang man, control your daydreams while you're around me, I'm not getting soaked again with your flood of drool}" Pikachu went to the bathroom to dry off.

Ash followed Pikachu and said,"How can you not think about her?"

'He'd probably daydream of her in a bikini if I'd didn't know him any better,' Pikachu grinned while he was drying himself with a towel.

"And NO, I wouldn't daydream of her in a bikini Pikachu,"Ash folded his arms and smirked at his Pokemon friend.

"{How did you know I was thinking that? I bet it was because you were thinking of her in a bikini! Confess!}" Pikachu laughed.


"{Whatever! Confess!}" Pikachu argued back.

"Hey what are you two arguing about?" Misty walked into the bathroom.

"Uh, nothing,"Ash said as he walked past her back into the room.

"He's been acting really weird,"she said to herself as she walked into the bedroom and plopped herself on the bed, getting back to her Ja Rule cd.


Ash, Misty and Brock arrive at AAPB Stadium Center, where the tournament was to be held. It was a large center, and as of course, millions of people were there.

"Are you ready Ash?" Misty said as she sat at a trainer's bench, crossing her legs.

Ash sat down beside her (Have you ever noticed that Ash and Misty are always by each other? They are always standing together or sitting together, it's weird. Sorry, that came to my mind. @_@).

"Why wouldn't I be? What about you?" he smiled at her.

"You betta know I'm ready,"she smiled back.


Ash sighed."Hope this goes well."

"Good luck,"Misty said as she got up.

"Thanks,"he said.

Misty got closer to him and quickly gave him a good luck hug. (Maybe it's more than that, hmm...)

Ash blushed as she pulled away. He waved her goodbye as he walked towards the door to the stadium.

Announcer: "Welcome everyone to the first battle of the AAPB Tournament. This tournament will last four to five days. Our first trainers to battle are Trevor Johnson and Ash Ketchum. They will be using two Pokemon each."

The referee held up both red and green flags and then waited five seconds before flapping the two in a circle, as the sign for the battle to start.

"Go, Pikachu!" Ash called.

"Go, Donphan!" Trevor directed.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu made fists, prepared to battle.

"Donphan!" Donphan dug his heels in the dirt, ready to fight.

"Donphan! Use your rollout attack!" Trevor ordered.

"Pikachu dodge!" Ash mutinied.

Donphan rolled full charge, and full speed at Pikachu. The attack almost hit him, but lucky for him, Pikachu jumped way up in the air using his tail.

"Now, Pikachu! Use thunderbolt!" Ash cried.


Electric sparks flew at Donphan with strong power. Donphan stood there paralyzed for a moment, while the thin sparks were swarming around him, but soon he recovered.

"Donphan, good job! Now use take down! Quick!" Trevor yelled.

"Pikachu, dodge it again!" Ash said.

Donphan was too quick for Pikachu. It slamed Pikachu hard on the ground.

Pikachu just lied there, trembling.

"Oh no!" Misty cried out from the stands.

"This looks bad," Brock said.

"Nah, really?" Misty shook her head at Brock.

"Aw man! Pikachu are you ok?" Ash worried.

Pikachu got up shakily, but was never to give up. Strongness flashed in his eyes, as flames grew in his heart.

The battle went on what it seemed like forever. But it results as...

"Pikachu! Get on top of Donphan while it's still using rollout!" Ash said.

Pikachu jumped on top of Donphan, and he was trying to keep his balance as Donphan kept rolling and rolling...

"Ok Donphan, now stop!" Trevor ordered while he smiled.

"Pikachu, don't let him knock you off! Jump off of Donphan and then use quick attack before he can react!" Ash replied quickly. He knows a good plan to get Donphan, and he could feel the adrenaline rush through him.

Pikachu hopped off of the elephant-Pokemon. Once Donphan, stopped rolling, Pikachu charged at Donphan with a quick-attack, a powerful force.

"Quick Pikachu! Use thunder!" Ash directed happily, knowing he was on the winning streak.


Massive electricity hit Donphan, and then he fainted.

Referee (holding up the green flag for Ash): "And the winners are, Pikachu and Ash!"

"Yeah! Way to go Pikachu!" Ash congratulated."Now, see if we can win over his other two Pokemon.

Pikachu nodded, getting ready for the next Pokemon to defeat.

(A/N: I'm not going to type this whole match out, but I'll give you a summary of it.)

Pikachu had to face Trevor's next Pokemon, which was a Flareon. The match was very tough. Flareon's last attack on Pikachu was Fire Rage, and Pikachu was burnt out. And now, Ash uses Totodile.

(A/N: This match, I will type out, so here we go)

"Go Totodile!" Ash called as he threw his Pokeball in the air. Totodile came as hyper like always.

"Totodile, use watergun, quick!" Ash said.

"Flareon, agility!" Trevor retaliated.

Flareon used agility while Totodile shot out its watergun. Totodile missed by a mile as Flareon sped away.

"Flareon, use flame thrower!"

"Totodile use hydro pump!"

Flareon shot out his flame thrower a second before Totodile shot out his hydro pump. The two attacks were hit together, but the hydro pump was too strong and it covered the flames up and hit Flareon and he fell to the ground. Flareon did not get back up.

"The victory goes to Ash and Totodile!" the referee announced.

The crowd roared loudly, accepting Ash's triumph. Ash ran over to Totodile to celebrate while Trevor glared at Ash kind of...evilly. >_<

Announcer: "What a match! It was very worth while to watch! Congratulations to Ash and his winning Pokemon!"

'I'll pay back Ash for what he did, I'm dead serious,' Trevor thought angrily, still glaring at Ash. He returned Flareon to his Pokeball and walked off, unspoken.



"I'm so nervous for tomorrow's match," Misty looked outside the window of their room. Ash and Misty were the only two in the room, since Brock found a date with a girl named Michelle for that night.

"Aw, don't worry about it Misty. I've seen you battle, and I know you're a good trainer," Ash comforted her as he sat down beside her on the bench beside the window.

"Thanks,"Misty smiled, while relaxing a bit. Then a thought came to her mind."Have you heard about the Jamfest that's supposed to come up in less than two months?"

Ash grinned to himself."Yeah, I'm going."

"You are?" Misty asked.

"Yeah, you should come with me,"Ash looked at her.

"I probably don't have enough money to buy the ticket,"Misty frowned slightly.

"I can get you in, no problem,"Ash said.

"Really? You don't have to..."Misty started.

"No, I want you to go with me,"Ash stated.

Misty hugged him."You are so sweet, I don't know how I'm gonna pay you back."

Ash returned the hug."Hey don't worry about it, just go with me, that's how you'll pay it back."

They sat there in each others arms for a few hours and then fell asleep...

To Be Continued....


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