Chapter 9

Zelestina was in no hurry to begin. She once again raised her hands, preparing to attack. Then it hit Misty, she was scared - Misty started to tighten her muscles up in fear. But then, she heard a voice in her head. It was the voice of the angel that had appeared to her and Ash.

"Misty, fight Zelestina from the heart. Use your mind...think of any way - just any way you would want to attack her, or to defend yourself. You can think of it as a Pokemon battle, exept, this time, it's you whose battling, not the Pokemon. Be confident in yourself, and if you succeed, your love one will be alive again. He's waiting for you...."

Misty smiled and she relaxed more. Her eyes began to glow a bright orangish - color and a fiery substance shot out at Zelestina with the most powerful force and agility anyone could ever imagine. No one was going to stop her - especially when it comes to bringing back her love to life.

Zelestina was hit hard by Misty's attack, and she was furious. Zelestina finally shot out the bluish light from her fingers and hit Misty.

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Misty was hurt bad, but she got up more determined than ever. Zelestina tried to use the same attack again, but Misty closed her eyes again and a light blue shield covered her body, therefore, when the attack hit the shield, it countered back and hit Zelestina hard.

Zelestina growled. Then, her body glowed a greenish color now, and sparkles of green light swirled around her like a tornado. She started to move towards Misty, but suddenly, Misty flew up in the black sky and she shot out a purple-ish colored fire out at Zelestina. (A/N: colorful, aren't I? ^.^) Zelestina looked as if she was fading away - that her ghostly figure was disappearing.

'Yes! I'm winning, I just gotta keep on hitting her...then hopefully Ash will come back alive again,' Misty thought to herself in hope.

Misty kept shooting out the purple flames at Zelestina, but the battle wasn't over yet.

Zelestina moved to the right to get out of Misty's aiming area and she quickly shot out a orangish beam at Misty with full force. Misty fell onto the ground hard, and she was barely breathing. There were scars all over her, like Ash had. Misty felt like she was going to die, but all of a sudden, she thought of her Corsola - how Corsola can use a recover attack in battle when she's hurt.

'Maybe I can be like Corsola and use my own recover attack,' she thought.

Misty inhaled deeply as she closed her eyes.

"Ha! You thought you could beat me! You pathetic, worthless freak!!!" Zelestina continued to laugh.

But the laugh was soon caught off by seeing a yellowish glow hovering over Misty's body.

"What the heck's happening?" Zelestina whispered as she watched Misty move around a little.

Finally, Misty arose, looking as strong as ever. The scars had completely disappeared from her face, but a smile did appear.

"The battle isn't over yet Zelestina," Misty said in a low, deep voice.

Zelestina ignored her statement and held up her hands again. Once more, the bluish flames started forming at the tips of her fingers.

Misty wasn't gonna go for this again. She decided to end this battle once and for all, now.

Misty now glowed a white color, and the glow was getting brighter and brighter and brighter.......

To Be Continued....


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