Bubbles lingered at the place where her father was for a while, but slowly she realized something. If Ian was a Pokemon Researcher, perhaps he would be able to help her! She took a moment to kiss her hand and touch it to the ground, then ran back into the direction of Ian's apartment.

Yes, he lived in a small apartment on the campus of the research lab, always hoping to find something important. He lived for pokemon! It was only natural for him. So he spent his life at the research area, knowing that it would probably cost him the aspects of normal human life.

She ran on swift and nimble feet, although she was unused to running on two feet. She was lucky to have the instinct of humans. It would be hard to imagine what Ian would have thought if she couldn't even walk! When she found his apartment, she struggled with the lock, then opened the door with an energetic blast.

"Ian?" She asked. She knew she had a quiet voice, but there was sure yell in it. Almost a crack of fear. He jumped from his computer and dashed to her.

"Is something wrong?" he asked, suddenly worried. She knodded. "What happened?"

"Nothing that you can fix. Well, I want to know if you can." She took his hand, and watched him blush. What was so special about her taking his hand? Humans.

"What is it?"

"Okay," She began, then told her life story, and how she wasn't a real human. He looked at her with a skeptical grin. "What's so funny?" She asked.

"Funny? It's histarical! You really think you're from that forest? Pft!" He shook his head in a laugh. Unlike most humans that Bubbles had seen, his laugh came from deep inside of him somewhere, and not from his throat. What was special about that she didn't know. He got a teasing gleam in his eyes.

"So, your parents, their, dogs." He said. She must have been sixteen! Most pokemon dogs didn't live that long. "Does that make you a bitch?"

"Insults will do you no good, because I don't take offense for being called what I am. I don't know how humans can make everything a curse. Things from dogs to donkeys to God!"

"You really don't think you're a human?" He asked, losing his happy glow. "Maybe you need some help?"

"I do!" She said, "But not of a doctor, of you. I need you to help me find a way to get back to normal."

Ian laughed. "You don't really think I believe that, do you?" His smile made her want to curse.

"Fine then, I needn't your help. I'll find a way myself." She took the small book bag he had bought her to keep cloths in, and turned to leave. Ian laughed, but when she really did leave, it was cut short. Was she being serios?

He got up and darted out the door. He had an idea. "Bubbles!" He called. "Bubble Beam!" It was meant to be a joke, a way to get her attention, a nickname he was going to call her. Why not call a girl named bubbles, Bubble Beam? But once he called her that, Her eyes filmed over with white, and an honest beam of bubbles flew from the palm of her hands and smashed a tree branch. She stopped moving when it was finished, and her eyes were wider than Ian's.

"What was that?!" Ian yelled, knowing exactly what it was. "You weren't joking!"

Anger overwhelmed her. How could he do that? It wasn't possible! She was of the legendary pokemon. Only a trainer of destany could make them attack, and she really didn't want this man, who teased her so, to be that trainer. Why not the legend of Ash! She knew it well.

Almost one hundred years ago, a young trainer named Ash Ketchum, set out to become the world's greatest Pokemon Master. He befriended all the pokemon he knew, and others as well. He had owned every pokemon he could, although the Professer, Oak, she recalled, had to verify it for the ones who weren't kept. His Pokedex was full. He had every pokemon, except a Raichu. No one has ever been able to do that since. Not even half way there. Other versions of the legend stated that he married the goddess of the sea, by name of Mist, or Misty. They say that she died of a stroke, and the legendary master, Ash, died of a broken heart the next day.

How could she be violated by Ian like that? She was angered, and sad, for she had never been forced to use an ability. She would have cried had she the ability, but she again, was not human, but a pokemon.

"Bubbles?" He asked, finally catching up to her. She sighed.

"What, Ian?" She had a tone in her voice that he had not yet heard. She looked angrily to him.

"What did I do?"

"You stole from me, the most important thing I have now!" She yelled this, but then calmed down. "No human is supposed to be allowed to control me, unless destany intervines. How did destany choose you?"

"I'm sorry," He said, not really so depressed about it. It took only a moment before he got back to teasing her though. "But hey, I think we can agree on something."


"I can control you." ^_^ He smiled with a smug look on his face. Oh! What right did he have?

"You are a lunitic." She replied. But something inside of her melted then. "A crazy lunitic." She smiled at him, for almost the only time he could remember.

I've been chasing rainbows all my life,

still haven't found that pot of gold,

I send my prayers to heaven every night,

just close my eyes and let 'em go.

Seems like everybody has got one up on me,

Someone tell me what I'm supposed to see

Why does the sun always shine

on the other side, on the other side,

why does it always have to be that way

always raining on me...

seems like I've been standing under a cloud

and it's always been that way

there ain't no silver lining to be found

everywhere I look it's just another shade of grey

and I don't know why,

and I don't know when

And I don't know where to begin

I know there's a rainbow hiding just beyond the clouds,

so I'll keep on keepin' on.

Ain't gonna let it get me down.

I won't let it get me down.

Always raining on me

Always raining on me

Always raining on me.