Misty creaked open the mahogany door to Ash’s room. She slowly stepped inside, and clicked the door behind her. She looked up at Ash’s sleeping face. It looked to her that there were tearstains on his cheeks, so perhaps he knew about his death too. They were doing nothing to try and fix it though! Had it gotten that bad?

Pikachu, who had been with Misty for the past week, jumped from her shoulder to the bed, licked his master’s forehead, and said, “Pikapi.” When he got no response, he went and curled up on the headboard. Misty crossed the horrid room to his bed. She hated doctors, hospitals, and needles. That fear is why she was cautious.

She touched his shoulder, not sure if she should wake him up. But just the slightest brush of her fingers drew him out of sleep. He opened his eyes and looked around him. All things that he had been hoping was a nightmare.

“Mist,” He said, “What’s up?” He didn’t even sound like himself! Why couldn’t these people just remove the cancer, or give him a lung transplant, or something?! She would give up her lung, even if it killed her, so he could live. He had a dream worth fighting for, and she only had a silly fantasy. She knew it would be a tough road to bare without Ash, and sooner or later, Brock and Misty would stop traveling together, and life as she knew it, would end.

“I wish,” She said, but changed her mind. “Did they give you options?”

“Not really. They brought up a lung transplant, because it’s only in one lung, but I would need someone with the same size lung, the same age area, and who would be willing to basically die. My best chance would be someone who recently died, and who’s lung had not yet decapitated.”

“Doctors aren’t allowed to kill.” She added. “That’s not a possibility.”

“Well,” He said, “They actually said that about fifty percent of givers live for at least a year. But the likely hood is again, slim.”

“Hmm.” Misty said. She looked at Ash’s yawning face, and said, “Are you okay with this?”

“I try to be,” He said, “But it’s true now, I’m not gonna beat Gary. I’ll be the one six feet under while he’s a pokemon master.”

“I’m so sorry,” She said. But she inside was deeply thinking. She Looked from his eyes to his chest. It seemed to be operating for now, but two weeks was just an estimation. “You know, Me and Brock both love you.” She said in a sigh. “I don’t know what’ll happen if you leave. We may split up and never see each other again.”

Ash sighed. “I don’t want to hear stuff like that before I die! Say something happy!” He smiled at her. Then, her mind set, she stood up.

“Okay,” She said, “You aren’t going to die.” She left the room, leaving ash in confusion. What did that mean? He hoped to God she wasn’t going to do anything stupid.