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She looked at the new sign, hanging above the water chamber. It said, Master Waterflower. She didn’t really mind, but it was still a little bit different. She would have to practice responding to Waterflower again, instead of Misty.

She had on a bikini and a see-through skirt over it. She sat on the edge of the pool, watching her beloved pokemon swim, getting used to the new place. Kingdra and Dratini were playing a game of tag, and Polytoad was jumping in the water, getting out, and jumping back in. The silly pokemon was going to get dizzy soon.

The door to her chamber opened, and her head tilted in that direction, the creak making her head want to scream at the custodian that was too lazy to oil the door. She watched as Thundara entered the room, most likely to get to his. What was it exactly, that made these people not build a hall way between them? Misty thought before looking up to Thundara.

He looked down at her sitting form by the pool and smiled. “Ash was right.” He said, looking at his watch and then, as if he had time to spare, and sat cross-legged beside her. “So,” He added once he was seated comfortably, “Did you know that the league is considering replacing Argonia?”

She blinked back. “Argonia? Oh, why?” Argonia was indeed getting old, but not as old as Jacques, and the league had never been against trainers because of their age. He was in good health, he was a great trainer, and he was kind to everyone he met. The only logical thing she could think of that would make him be replaced was if he was retiring (which was insane) or if he lost to a gym leader. That was the rule, if a gym leader were to beat a member of the elite four, then they would take their place. But Argonia never lost!

“Well,” Thundara said, looking sympathetically at Polytoad, who had tripped himself while running in and out of the pool, and skidded into a wall. He chuckled to himself and turned back to Misty. “I think he’s quitting.”

“Quitting?” Misty asked, not even realizing that the Elite four could quit. “Why would he want to do that? This is one of the best paying jobs of all time. You also get to meet a variety of people, and you’re very respected. I might not be respected yet, but I’m new.”

“Yes, all of that is true,” Thundara said, brushing some of his blond hair out of his eyes. He had shoulder length hair that hung in a ponytail, excepting one bit that was braded on the side. He, to some people, looked like a girl, but to anyone who knew him, thought he looked very handsome. His eyes were larger, nearly girlish, but also usually joyful, so no one cared. He had fair skin that was always burnt, but he didn’t ever have logic to where he got the sunburns.

“But he is leaving, for a friend.” Thundara continued. “I heard that was why. That perhaps he is quitting so that his friend can take his place. I believe that is all he wants. Luckily for him, his friend would be taking the job anyway, so there’s no paperwork to do.”

“What do you mean, he would have taken the job anyway?” Misty asked, dipping her feet in the water.

“Well, his friend is the rock gym leader.” He replied, poking at the Dratini that kept starring at him, almost as if he was intruding in his master’s space. “Brock.”

Misty’s heart skipped a beat.

“Brock is going to be in the elite four?!” Misty asked, so excited that she couldn’t hide it. She hadn’t seen Brock, actually talked to him that was, in over a year. She had seen him at the official meetings with the league, but of course, they were forbidden to speak to one another while in the meeting, and didn’t see each other otherwise. Some times it was a wink, but lately they just ceased to say hi at all.

“Yes, I believe he is starting tomorrow.” Thundara said. Jacques walked into the chamber, glanced at Thundara and Misty, and said,

“It’s time to get to your chamber, Sonny.” He looked at Thundara while saying this. Jacques was nearly sixty, and called everyone Sonny or Sweetie. It was the way of the old man, who was everyone’s grandfather. He had deep folds and wrinkles in his skin, and the way his eyes seemed to sink into his skull, he looked as though nothing had ever been young. He was indeed a very kind man, and a very strong trainer.

Thundara smiled back at him, and then got up, helping Misty up with him. “Master Jacques, meet Master Waterflower.” He said, taking their hands and pressing them together. Jacques wrinkled hand felt like a mix between silk and sandpaper to Misty.

“Well hello Sweetie, my name is Jacques Fortmeyer, what’s yours?” He took his hand down, and watched Thundara slip out of the chamber with the corner of his eye.

“Oh, hi Jacques, nice to meet you. My name is Misteria Waterflower, but Misty for short.” She watched the corners of his mouth rise as a bell rang somewhere in the room. That bell meant that trainers were now going to come into the building.

“Well, Sweetie, It was my pleasure to meet you, but I’m going to have to say goodbye for now. Have to get to my Chamber. Wouldn’t it be silly to have a trainer see the Fire Master in the Water Chamber? What a laugh.” He walked towards the door that Thundara had gone through, a flash of yellow beaming from behind it as he opened it. It must have been the Thunder Chamber.

She smiled at a young boy who came in anxiously. He would be her first opponent in the Pokemon League. How lucky for him. She closed her eyes and sighed, calling her pokemon back into their pokeballs. She looked at the boy, her new opponent. There would surly be a battle coming with his innocent face. She would soon find out.