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The trainer lost, but Misty was going easy on him. He pulled his pokemon in a random order, and didn’t bother to heal them during battle. He lost badly, but he wasn’t too sore about it. A few other trainers came. They could only come if they beat Argonia, the earth master. Argonia wasn’t holding back she guessed, because there was roughly one trainer per thirty minutes. Only a few of them beat her. She decided that she wasn’t getting paid to hold back on the kids.

She looked at the clock, hanging just above the door to her chamber. There would be an hour’s lunch break in just a few moments. Ash told her there would be a bell, just like the one at the beginning of the day. She dipped herself under the water once more, embracing the tingly feeling of the water on her face as it hit the cool water. She swam with Dratini for a moment, then went up for air. When she did though, she got only a minimal gasp of air, and turning to her ankle, quickly realized why.

There was a coil of wire wrapped around her ankle! She struggled to get to the wall, and held herself above water for a moment. Dratini looked at her with question. Why was she acting so frightened? It wondered. Misty called out a cry of help, and then heard the bell that had overpowered her cry. She called out again before yelping and getting dragged under the water. She quickly realized that the coil was sinking to the bottom of the pool, and that she was going to drown if she didn’t get out quickly.

She looked helplessly upwards to the top of the pool, wishing desperately that she had worn that air mask under the water. She had always hated the darn things, wishing mostly that they didn’t exist, but it seemed now she needed it. She took her time thinking about that, when she shouldn’t have. It was easy to tell that she would be running out of air thinking about hating air tanks. What a dramatic death!

The door to her chamber burst open, and through fuzzy eyes, saw someone peel off their shirt and jump into the pool, but she passed out with just the flash of pale skin past her and to the wire coil.

She woke with a small crowd of people around her, one of which was holding her hand and crying. Ash. He smiled at her through the slightest of tears, which signified how long he had cried that he could do nothing to save her.

The only master there that knew how to do CPR was Thundara, because he had been a doctor before a master. Once he saw her eyes open, he sighed with relief. He didn’t even mind when she coughed up water onto his leg. He was glad, more than glad, to see her alive. Why he really cared he didn’t know. He had never liked the course of death. He had decided when he was young that everyone dies, and at certain times. He didn’t like revival or anything like that, although he knew that it was his job to do just that-- Revive dying people. He was more than glad to see Misty alive though, as if she were more than just a normal person.

“Master Waterflower,” A man said, directing a glance to Misty. “We, the congress of the Elite Four, apologize for that major inconvenience. There was, apparently, a new piece of equipment was installed for the pokemon in the pool. The crew men didn’t get all of the wire removed. We again, apologize, and will make sure it doesn’t happen again.” Although he directed it to Misty, it was Ash that the man was eyeballing, as if fearful of an attack.

The league took an extra hour off that day, because the first was used reviving Misty, and making sure she was healthy. At lunch that day, Misty didn’t feel like eating, so she simply got a water bottle and sat by Ash. She was tired, she decided, that was the uneasy feeling within her. She had come to realize that there were some bandages wrapped around her foot, which made her think that the wire had caused her to bleed.

Ash didn’t really know what to say though. There was little to say-- although she hadn’t noticed, the engagement ring had somehow been lost to the pool’s water control. Sucked right out with the drain.

He felt nothing but the sudden need to hold her, and simply took her in his arms. She was startled at first, not expecting him to hug her, but then glad. She let her head sink to his shoulder before he whispered his love to her.

“I love you too.” She said. She had indeed noticed the ring, and looked at naked finger with shock. Was it normal for her to not have one? She had grown so used to the ring that there was even a tan line where it had been! He glanced at her finger once too, now realizing how apart they really were. That ring was really the only thing that kept other men from dating her. It was the only thing that made him feel as though he had complete control of his relationship with her. Now, all of that security and control was gone.

He let go of her, and then turned away. She wondered what was wrong with him, but said nothing. She was too tired to fight if that was all he was after. She opened her water and drank from the bottle, almost afraid of the water inside it. No! She yelled inside herself, You are NOT afraid of water!

She watched Thundara wave and walk over, a permanent smile on his face. He sat on the other side of Misty and then said, “Hey Ash, has anyone made it to you yet?”

“Only one,” He said, glad that someone had left the topic of Misty had left him. He glanced at the name on the board. “Um, his name was Lucas McCarley. He lost quickly though. I think that he beat Jacques because he had mainly water rock pokemon. He used water on Jacques and rock on you, Thundara.”

“Oh, I remember him.” Misty said smiling. “Wasn’t he the one who was wearing the black sunglasses inside of the building? I think that’s just dumb but...”

“Oh yeah!” Thundara said, “He was wearing sunglasses wasn’t he! That must be why all the electricity flying around didn’t hurt his eyes during our battle.”

“Yeah,” Ash said, ignoring Misty completely, “He was sort of spunky. He was a great big sore loser, yelling about how badly I cheated when I won. I don’t think you can cheat in a pokemon battle!”

The bell rang once more, but when Misty went to kiss Ash’s cheek, he just gave her a strange look and wiped it away like a two year old. He frowned at her, then, when no one was around, asked, “Misty, do we even still have a relationship?”

“Of course!” She said, shocked at the question. “I love you very much!”

“Are you sure, or are you just saying that because we’ve been together so long?” He asked

“Ash, what’s wrong with you? I love you. I love you more and more every day, and think of you near constantly. I wrenched in fear when I noticed the ring was missing, and now all I want is to get it replaced. I’m going to have to get married sooner or later. Knowing you, probably later...” She giggled, then watched him say bye and walk off. She wasn’t quite certain if he was still upset or not though...

After the League was locked to trainers, Misty sat on the floor by the pool. She was so tempted, so ready, to just jump in, but the bandage on her ankle said otherwise. She sighed, then sat on the of the water, her healthy leg dangling in the water. It was salt water though, so if she had placed her ankle in, it would burn. Thundara walked into her chamber, a yellow back pack hanging over his shoulders. He looked around, then asked,

“What are you waiting for? We’re closed!” He watched her eyes fall to the door, as Jacques walked through the room to the exit. He waved, then left. Thundara said, “Was it Ash? He already left. He looked angry...”

“He left?” Misty asked, somewhat saddened by that. “Well, I guess I don’t need to stay then.” She called back her pokemon and put the pokeballs in her backpack. It was blue, and much like Thundara’s.

Thundara took a moment to help her to her feet, and said, “Would you mind getting a cup of coffee with me?”

“Coffee?” She asked. It sounded perfect, the snow outside falling down just called out, WARM COFFEE!

“Mmm.” He replied, as she nodded her head.

Once at the coffee shop, in Cerealeon so she wouldn’t need to use teleport, he sat at a table by a window and handed her the warm, foamy cup. She took a drink, it was warm, but she was thrilled by it.

“Misty, could you give me some advice?” Thundara asked, her. She smiled and asked about what.

“Well,” He started, “It’s kind of embarrassing. There’s this girl... I’ve had a crush on her for perhaps a year, since I first met her, although we weren’t really friends then. She was so beautiful. I became her friend, personally, about two days ago. She has a boyfriend, and I’m sure she really cares about him, their fighting. I just, I don’t know. I think about her constantly, dream about her. I always trying to be the best friend I could be, but I don’t think she knows what I mean...”

“It sounds like you’re in love.” she said, smiling. He returned that smile and said,

“I knew that much, but what should I do about it.”

“She’s having a fight? Well, maybe you should be on her side. That way, no matter what happens, if she wins, then even though she’ll have her boyfriend back, she’ll know how much of friend you were. If she loses, she’ll have you to rely on, and to protect her.” Misty frowned inside herself. Did she say that just because she wanted it to be like that for her? To have a back up date incase Ash broke up with her?

“I’m no expert,” She said, “but you know who is? Brock. Talk to him if I don’t get you on the right track okay?”

“You told me some good things, and coming strait from a girl, that makes it all the more reliable.” He smiled again. She didn’t mean to. He didn’t mean to. It wasn’t planned. She didn’t even realize that they had floated towards each other. She didn’t realize that their lips had united, and that they were kissing. Until it was over.

There were no words that could describe it... She turned red and felt, good. She was happy about that kiss. It held something, almost indescribable. It wasn’t like Ash’s kisses. It was different. A spark, a flame. Something new. No, something that felt like it cared...

“Oh my God...” He whispered feeling horribly despicable. “I am so sorry Misty. I mean, it just, oh God, what a way to lose the trust of someone you love hunh?”

“I um,” She didn’t know what exactly to say. It just, happened again. The kiss, lead on by herself as she did all she could to cheer him up. He kissed her back, until it almost became a game of tag. With the end of one kiss, a new one started.

This game gave Misty and Thundara more pleasure than either had ever felt, but, it ended in shock. Starring at them, through the window, was a crying figure of Ash, arms at his sides. He was, in one hand, holding a large bouquet of roses, that quickly made their way to the sidewalk. The tears in his eyes were somewhere between shock, anger, and lies. He didn’t know what to think.

He began to walk away. Misty gasped and ran outside. Thundara sat at the table, put his head down, and cried. What in Hell had made him want to kiss her? What had made his feelings take control like that? Why? His tears flowed harder, knowing that he had hurt his best friend and the girl that he loved. Why did he always screw up?

“Ash!” Misty called, seeing him ahead of her. He turned to face her, angry tears swelling up in his eyes. He had decided on an emotion. “Ash, please.”

“Please what?” He snapped at her, tears filling his eyes, flying from his face as he suddenly turned to face her. “Please stay longer so I can watch you guys make out?”

“I... I don’t know what that was. It just... Happened. It was that, well, he was so sad, and I wanted him to feel better. I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry? Think about me!” He grumbled. “I hurt your feelings, I went and bought the most expensive flowers I could buy, just so I could apologize. Guess what I found?!”

“Ash,” She said, placing a hand gently on his shoulder. “I love you.”

He jerked himself forward, causing her hand to fall. “No Misty.” He said turning. “I love you. You just love who ever can kiss you at whatever moment you’re in.”

“No, that’s not true!” She said, again placing her hand on his shoulder. In frustration and rage, he span around and hit her in the face.

She gasped back. He stared and started to cry in shock and horror. She didn’t move, just put a hand to her swollen cheek. “Ash,”

“Oh my God, now I’m gonna be put in jail for the rest of my life!” He shook his head, as if trying to get the fear out of his mind. He turned to run, but her action grabbed his wrist.

He made direct eye contact, tears making it hard, but possible. She kept that stare. “I really do love you. I really want you to love me. I want to marry you. Please, don’t be angry.”

He opened his mouth like he was going to respond. He looked more confused than an ant in a large building, trying to find his way out. The only sound that erupted from him was a squeak, from the crying. He turned and ran, leaving her all alone on the side walk. She sighed, and walked back to the coffee shop. The roses were still on the ground. She picked them up, only one or two were damaged. She took out the card, the one that said I love you, Mist, and looked into the window of the store. The shop keeper was still dumbfounded, and Thundara was still there crying.