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The cool water of the pool in her chamber was well more than enough to make Misty sigh in releif, but not enough to make her forget the fears she had about her relationship with Ash. Or, was it, her relationship with Thundara? She couldn't get her facts strait. Did she really like Thundara's kisses better? Was there even a difference?

She was suddenly greeted by Jacques, who said, "Well good mornin' Sweetie!"

"Mmm." She mumbled, then was silent.

"Oh, come on! How many God dang people are gonna say 'Mmm' today?"

The door to the chamber burst open, and a man entered. He wore a brown hoodie, one of which said, "Power" and a pair of kahki pants. He ran right past Jacques and to Misty, where he took her hands and said,

"It has been abosolutly positivly WAY too long!!!" He hugged her, then looked at her somber face. Was she happy to see him? It couldn't be known, because she was too wrapped up in her own sadness.

"Well, at least ONE happy person today!" Jacques said. "What's your name Sonny?"

"Hi, you're Jacques right, I'm Brock. The new Ground Master." He smiled as the man shook his hand, and said, "Well Sonny, by the looks of things, you know her better than I do. So, even though she's like one of my own grand children, I think you can handle cheering her up."

"Totally." He smiled, and the man exited, leaving Brock with a solomn look on his face. "Misty, what's up?" He knew he may never be, but Brock fealt as though Misty and Ash were right there amoung his brothers and sisters. He loved them both, and didn't like it when they were upset.

"I kissed Thundara." She sniffled, letting the story come to her lips.

"Thundara? Last I checked he was cute to girls!" He frowned. That wasn't all of it, he knew, but he was sure Ash was going to appear in the problem.

"It started with Gary, when, I don't know, he said that I should date him. It freaked me out. Then Thundara, he was, and I, we just, I don't know!" She shook her head left and right as if she could fling the problem from her mind. She calmed herself as Brock placed a hand on her shoulder. She sighed. "Okay, I don't know why, but he seemed so depressed, and I don't know why, but the kiss just happened. It was like it was just to cheer him up. Then, It became more than a kiss, and then Ash... Saw."

"That's not good." Brock said. "He always get so worked up over these things. I bet he didn't want you to date anyone because he want's to date you."

"Brock," Misty smiled, almost unwilling to believe that he didn't remember their engagment. "Me and Ash are engaged."

Brock took a flinch back. "I didn't realize!" He said, staring at her empty finger. "What happened to-"

"It was lost in a lake." She said quickly. "I love him though, even if I don't have a ring to prove it."

"I'm sure you do. I love the both of you as if you were family, so I know how you guys think. I'm sure you think, just as I do, that beneath his firm ambition, Ash is just a huggable little guy that wants some help." Brock said, quickly realizing he was wrong. "Wait, that's not what I wanted to say..."

"No!" Misty said instantly. "Ash isn't in need of help!" She had risin, but then fell back into to water. "My old friend once said that she thought he was a weak person, that he wouldn't beable to protect me. He doesn't have to be cute. I love Ash either way. I love him because he insists to make sure I'm never cold. Because if I'm crying, he kisses away my tears. Because of how he likes to run his fingers through my hair if he's bored. I like that he writes down names of people he needs to meet on his hand so he doesn't embarrass me. I like how he swears that he loves me, but he would be much too embarrassed to say that infrount of you or Thundara. I love that he thinks love letters are stupid, but writes them anyway, and how he shows off infrount of you guys, when I would love him even if he couldn't make a perfect shot from half court. How he touches me so gently, as if otherwise I would break. I don't care that he isn't strong. In my opinion he is. In my opinion, he can save me from my sorrow."

"I'm sorry, but I don't get it." Brock said, blushing. "Everything you listed, the love notes, the showing off, it's all things that every guy does. What does that mean?"

"It means," She said, hearing the door open, but not caring, "I don't care if Ash is the ugliest, weakest, stupidist piece of crap on earth!"

Brock blinked at Ash, standing in the doorway. Misty hadn't noticed him.

"I think," She continued, "Ash, in my opinion, is the most handsome, strongest, but still most gentle, the smartest, even if he is a little fun and games sometimes, I love him just the way he is. I love him as the little nut case he is. And as the prince charming I need."

Brock smiled at Ash, who was on the verge of tears, and walked forward, through the door that Ash came in, to his Chamber. Ash hugged him, the kind of guy hug where they take hands the pat eachother on the back, and sat by misty.

"I'm, so sorry about yesterday." He said, looking at the rather large bruise on her cheek, and the touches where it had bled. He leaned forward and kissed her cheek on the wound, causing her to twitch back, but still, be happy that he had done it.

"You're sorry? Oh God, Ash, what are you thinking? I'm the one that was, yeah you know, Thundara." She saw him look sorrowful, then placed her hand on his cheek. "I swear I love you. I love you more than words. More than you could imagine. Don't be hard on Thundara either. I love you as my fiancee, but I love him as my friend. Please, forgive him. I know you don't have the whole story, but he was just going on about how horribly unattractive he was, and I just, well, uh. Darn it, there it is. There's no way to tell you."

"I understand." Ash said, looking at the clock. Three minutes until the place was unlocked. Where was Thundara? "I love you too. But about the fiancee thing... How do I do this without sounding diabolical? Okay, I think... I think that we shouldn't get married. Yet. Maybe, after we're closer, but not yet. And, I think we should... stop seeing eachother like that for a while. But we could still be friends." He said, finnally seeing Thundara enter the room. He looked gloomily at Ash and Misty, before begining to make his way across the chamber. Misty called to him.

"Master Waterflower?" He asked, sounding as if he had lost all respect she had given him "What do you need?"

"I need your forgiveness." She said. She sat back on the edge of the pool and watched tears well up in Thundara's eyes.

"You need forgivness? Or do you need an apology." As if just noticing him, Thundara got down on one knee. "Master Ash! I beg for your forgivness. I know though, that what I did is somthing that will never be completely forgiven."

"I forgave you already." Ash said. He took Thundara's hand. "I understand that it was a sign of friendship between you two. nothing more. And this, what I'm going to give you, is a sign of ours." He handed him a bracelet, one like those that said livestrong, but it said, "Trustworthy"

"I," Thundara began, but couldn't finish. "I am thankful that you are here." He said, before smiling, and walking out of the chamber. Ash kissed Misty's fore head before walking on to the next room, and the bell rang. She stared after him. It just sank in. Not see eachother? She would die!

Ash had just, in a sweet, charming voice, broke up with her! She stared again at her naked finger, and sighed in annoiance. She knew it was for the better, that they take a break from eachother, but it was...depressing. She didn't want to cry, because she didn't want to ruin her make up. Or let oncoming trainers see her tears.

She stared at Dratini, who looked upset. She had been training him. Little by little raising it's power level, and hoping he would become strong. She called him into the pokeball, and greeted the trainer, a girl with red hair in a frizzy little ball on her head.

She proved to be strong. Stronger than misty, but she had Electric pokemon. Dratini got it's sorry little blue tail kicked. Was she really stronger, or was Misty just depressed?

That sunday, after church, Misty strolled to the coffee shop. She sat down, starring at her cuppaccino and out the window. She saw, to her surprise, Ash, walk by the window. He glanced in, and saw her, alone. He looked sad within himself though, because he seemed overtaken by memories.

He walked in, just for a moment, and sat by her. "Misty," He said, stinging her, as it was the first time in a long time he had called her that when he wasn't angry, "I wanted to ask, are you mad at me?"

"Me, no!" She said. She looked at his eyes, not sparkling with that "I love you" spark. Did they just get bored of eachother? No! That wasn't possible.

"Okay," He said, "What about this. I want to kiss you, so bad. But, I don't want to at the same time. What do I do?"

"Um..." She said, "I was facing that exact problem. I wish I knew." She stirred the coffee and watched him sit down in the chair. "Ash, why do we have to stay away from each other? It can't be because you don't love me."

"Um." Ash said, blushing. "It's, um. Because I had a dream."

"A dream that said we shouldn't be dating?" She asked, touching his hand.

"No," He said, blushing even more, "More of a, ahem, pleasureable dream." He said, looking embarrassed.

She giggled. "I take it that means a sex dream? Planning for the future are we?"

"No." He said, sighing, and putting his hand over her mouth. "I um. I've had it more than once, and then it morphed into an 'I need to have sex with you' thing. I, don't want to though. I mean, I do, but, I don't want to hurt you. So, to keep us apart, is a way to keep myself away from you. I love you too much to hurt you."

"I don't mind if you want to have sex." Misty said, not getting what was so wrong. "Is it just you not being attracted to me?"

"Mist, do you think that if I wasn't attracted to you, I would be dreaming about you?" He frowned, then added, "It's just, I don't want to have dreams. I don't want to want to have sex. I don't. So I'm going to, um, stay away from you for a while, as a boyfriend. You know, the break. We decided it would be fine to take a break from eachother, right?"

"Yeah," Misty said confused, "But, what if I want to have sex to, wouldn't that work out just as well?"

"No." Ash said, "It won't misty, because, I don't think I love you. I mean, top ten reasons why I love you, are the same as why I love Brock. You're always there, you're a shoulder to lean on, you won't let me act dumb, if I'm wrong you point it out, if I feel sick you take care of me. It's the exact same."

Misty let her eyes grow wide. Her conversation with Brock flew back to her. "I'm sorry, but I don't get it." Brock said, blushing. "Everything you listed, the love notes, the showing off, it's all things that every guy does. What does that mean?" It didn't mean she loved Ash just the way he was, she realized, it meant she loved Ash as a friend, and nothing more.

"You're right." She said, sighing."I think, that niether of us were actually in love.We were just, under the impression. I don't really understand though. I thought I loved you. I was always thinking about you. Always. Doesn't that make me in love?"

Ash wanted to cry, and declare equal feelings, but held strong. He placed his hand gently over hers and said, "No. It doesn't."

She took a drink of the coffee she had infrount of her, and then tossed the cup into a trash can beside her. She then rose, and wrapped her arms around Ash's neck, and pulled him as close to her as she could. It was all she could.

"I, I mean, Misty!" Ash said, trying to figure out how to say, politely, 'get your boobs off me!'. She got the message, and let go, then, slowly picked up her back pack. She had started to wonder, if perhaps, she was even worth the earth? No, she thought, I don't need to have suicide thoughts right now. If I do, I might be compelled to fufill them...