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What started as days quickly became weeks and months that Misty just wanted Ash to ask for her back. It was strange, and painful, to again feel as she had when they had first met. To feel so anxios for somthing that may never happen. It tore her heart up. It was that January, when she knew that it was honestly over.

That, January, is when she entered a depression, that had her feeling worthless. Ash, didnt' know why, but didn't want her to be depressed. She looked up at him one day, nothing. No spark. No joy, no sorrow, no anger, just.... emptyness. It made him cry to see her like that. She battled, day in and day out, and looked fine to other people, but the three men, Ash, Brock, and Thundara, knew that she was hurting.

"Ash!" Thundara said, finnally having enough, and deciding to just let it out. He shoved Ash's form against a wall and growled. "Just take her back! It's too much to see her like this!"

"Thudara, let him go." Brock said, "Ash doesn't have to date her if he doesn't want to."

"I don't want to!" Ash yelled, regaining his footing. "I don't love her. Not like that." He sadly looked down. "Why don't you date her Thundara?"

"I, uh..." He pulled his hand back. "I mean, I don't think that would work out. I mean, I just, I think I left a scar on her, and I think she sort of blames me for you guys breaking up. I don't want her too, and she swears she doesn't, but you can't help these things."

"I can second that." Brock said. Ash then let a thought hit him.

"Brock!" He said, suddenly thinking that he had become a genius, "Why don't you date her?"

"I'm three years older, that's why." He said, then added, "And I don't love her. I mean, I don't even have a nurse joy kinda spark for her. That one never happened with me."


"What was that?" Thundara asked. Ash didn't answer. "Oh well, I have to go home, my sister seems to want me to go to a movie with her. Heck, she's paying!"

Ash was running out the door and grabbing his coat, rushing through the snow. He got to his car and Pikachu was there. "Pikapi!"

"Pikachu, now, get into the pokeball!" he didn't really give it a choice, because, as much as the pokemon hated it, he let the red beam absorb his friend. "Not too long." he said, but then pulled out Flygon.

He flew, to Cerealeon, and to Misty's home, where the police were investigating. They let him in, because he was her boyfriend, or at least he said he was. It had been so long since he had been there. He looked at her backpack on her bed. Inside were her pokeballs and her pokemon. He took the bag, and emptied out the contents. Six pokeballs, which he knew carried Dratini, Golduck, Polytoad, Starmi, Lapras, and Kindra. He put the minimized balls in his pocket. He also looked at her wallet. It had money, but he knew that the police would need that. her Elite Four license, and her Drivers license. Tears began to trickle down his face.

He looked at a small book, sky blue and covered with shining gems. He ran his finger over it, then picked it up. He read on the frount, "Hey, if you're reading this, and you aren't Misty K., or my boyfriend, you shouldn't be." Misty K. Her last name was Waterflower, so, he assumed, she was stealing his last name, Ketchum. He turned, and flipped through the pages. Towards the day it was, starting about a week before, was just his name, "Ash" over and over again. Then, on the day's it said:

Dear my diary,

I don't know why you should have to go through the pain that I am. I dont' want you to. I dont' want to. So, I decided, that my death is in order. I don't want to burden you. I love Ash. Ash, the man I loved since I was thirteen, and for some reason, I didn't let him go. He loves me as his best friend, but it won't go anyfarthur. I believe that once country singer put it just right though...

Long stem things of beauty

created by the good lord.

Cut down in the prime of their lives.

Boxed up, wrapped in paper,

Delivered to your front door,

Just to wind up in your garbage can outside.

Tell me how many flowers have to die,

Before you'll give love anougher try?

I've asked you to forgive me at least 9 dozen times,

Tell me how many flowers have to die?

Diary, now I'm going to say, It doesn't matter how many flowers die, because the real answer is that if just one "Waterflower" dies, then the entire problem goes. Am I not right? I know I am. You know, that same singer sings these lines:

When a freight train jumps of a track,

and rolls down my road.

And when it's summertime in texas,

and they're playing in the snow.

When the politicians stop lying,

And only state the facts.

Right then, that's when I'll take you back.

It's like music to hear you bawling, waa, waa, waa.

Do you think he knew exactly what was going through my life? I bet he did. But, this is my last entry. Pressing moment. If I could do one thing differently, it would be that when he broke up with me, I would have forced him to take me back, and I would have married him, and would have raised a family. I wouldn't have just agreed. What kind of girlfriend, agrees? I wouldn't have died a lonly girl if I had. No, that's wrong. I may have still been lonly. Sorry world, for troubling you this long. When you open your eyes I'll be gone. Close your eyes.

Love Misty K. Oops, I mean, Misty Waterflower.

Ash dropped the book into his pocket, and sighed. What was wrong with him? Why handn't he just let his feeling for her succeed? He loved her with every ounce of his body, but refused to show it, for fear that he would hurt her. He knew quite well that even thought he wasn't a virgin, she was. He didn't want to steal somthing that important until she was ready.

"I killed her," He whispered to himself. He looked at her dresser. There was a ring case on it, and upon further investigation he relized that the ring inside it was almost exactly the same as the one that he had proposed to her with. He stumbled out into the hallway, just to find Brock and Thundara, panting, at the frount door. They stared at Ash, tears in their eyes. Apparently, they had caught the news. He frowned.

"I loved her." Were words, that kept holding on to his mind. They wouldn't go away, taunting him. He looked at an officer, and walked to his house. What was wrong with him. With every woman he passed, he thought they looked more and more like misty. He finnally walked to the river outside of cerealeon.

"Ash?" Mrs. Ketchum was in her son's face "Ash are you alright?" She looked so worried, as did some of his friends. "Ash, honey, you were found passed out, right where Misty's body was found."

"I was?" He asked, then looked at a woman standing beside Delieah. It was a girl, maybe 22, with long blonde hair.

"Ash, Are you alright?" She asked. "You were like, dating her right?" It was Daisy. She sighed. "Ash, I know how close you guys were."

No she didn't. All she knew was that they were friends. She obviously didn't realize that they had broken up. He looked out the window of the room. Why was it like the sky hadn't been clear? Why was everyone at a loss? He swung his feet over the side of the bed and walked to his backpack, got in it long enough to release Pikachu, and then walked away, to his own home.

Once at his house, he threw all of his things on the floor, locked the door, and slid onto the carpet in tears. He let them fall to his shoulders, and didn't mind them there. She was gone. She was empty. She was never returning to his open arms. No more icecream. No more walks. No more anything. He had only recalled the bad things before, but now they were all good.

Ice cream cones, pools, walking around, telling secrets, kissing her nose when she felt embarressed, and when she would poke his stomach and say he ate too much, even if he didn't have an ounce of fat under his neck. He cried, as all of these memories flowed to him, even the earliest, of him just using Caterpi to pick on her.

Pikachu looked up at him, now understanding what had happened. The yellow mouse, or so he looked, opened up Misty's backpack and released Dratini. Actually, it was Dragonair. Misty had made it evolve. Ash stared at the sudden beauty in the room. He stared at it's neck, a collar on it, and a note dangled from the collar.

He reached for it, but the pokemon backed up. Then, suddenly, as if he knew that it was Ash, he leaned forward, and let Ash take the note. It then curled up in a ball and slept, much like a cat.

His fingers fumbled over the note as he touched it. Why was it that everytime something important was going on, he seemed to screw it up? He couldn't even open a folded piece of paper! When he finnally did, he read:

Dear Ash,

I don't know how to put this, but I know that

nomatter how much I want you to love me,

It won't make you. I swear to you, on my

grave, that if you were to love me too, I

would have the best life on earth. We had

it! Where did it go? I love you. I love you.

And I love the look that you get in your eyes

when you're sad, but you're also happy. Possibly

the look you have right now. I love you a lot,

Misty Waterflower.

He dropped the paper into his lap, and screamed. Screamed as loud as he could, "I LOVE YOU MIST!", hoping it would make it all the way to where she was. If only he could know, that right then, she was sitting next to him. She was sitting there, butt planted next to his, leaning her head on his shoulder, unable, as a spirit, to cry, but wanting more than anything to do so. Her hand was tracing Pikachu's sleeping figure, and her other was holding on to Ash's. Her hair was in a half ponytail, and she was wearing a long, blue dress, so long, that it was flowing a good three feet past her feet, and was wrinkled on the floor. Around the waist of the dress was a blue ribbon, and there was a blue rose tucked in the bow of the ribbon. Her fingernails were blue, and her eyeshadow and lipstick was a light shade of the color. The torso of the dress was strapless, with armwarmers that looked like sleeves. Her eyes were dull, but full of love. Angelic wings were folded at her side.

"I love you.." Ash cried, not knowing she was there, but through his sobs said it. She touched his lips, causing him to start, and wonder who was there.

"I love you too." She said, pulling her face to his and kissing him. Her hand fell to the floor on the other side of him.

"Who's there?" He asked, tearfilled after the kiss. She appeared, visably before him, smiling radiantly as he gaped at her. His arms flew around her, just to attach to nothing. She sighed, and leaned her head on his shoulder once more. "Mist, I um. I'm so sorry, I wish that you hadn't died. I love you so much."

"I love you, but you see, this needed to happen. You wouldn't have loved me until you knew that you couldn't have me." With that, she vanished.


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