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She bolted up in bed, and could barely make it from under the covers to the toilet in time for the vomit to fly from her mouth. She leaned over the toilet, staring for a moment, then flushed it. She sighed and listened to the on que cries of her daughter in the other room. Then, she felt a hand on her back, rubbing it in a soothing motion.

"Are you okay honey?" He asked, comforting his wife. He hugged her and said, "You didn't have that nightmare again did you?"

"I," She began, rising, "Yes, I did Ash, I had the nightmare where you leave me and I commit suicide." Tears fell to her cheeks.

"I don't like it when you dream like that." He said, embracing her warmly. "You've been doing that since we were thirteen!" he frowned as she let go of his embrace and vomited once more. "At least you choose the right times to wake up and vomit. I suppose there is logic behind calling it morning sickness."

"Please don't go making fun of me about pregnancy again."

"But really, Mist, why do they call it morning sickness if it lasts all day? And why do you have cravings? Why don't you just call it, hungar? You wouldn't imagine the list I could compile!"

"Yes Ash, I could." She said. "You told it to me last time I was pregnant."

"Oh, by the way, I suppose I should let Sylvie out of her crib...." He flushed the toilet and took Misty's hand, then they walked down the short hallway to their daughter's room. She was in the middle of whispering her love when he opened Sylvie's door, and the girl stopped crying. She was three years old, one of, Ash had declared, the most annoying years of age. Little did he know that all the years are annoying..

The child gigled, just barely knowing how to speak, and not too well. Ash took the child in his arms, and the held her on his side, and finnally grabbed Moo, preparing to walk down the stairs to their kitchen. Misty stopped, and looked at a picture on the wall of her daughter's room. It was a poster, a poster for the wiggles, but she was certain, very certain, that it had been different a moment ago. Now it had the simple men, who she swore were cerial killers, but didn't say out loud. She was sure that a few moments ago, it had been Thundara, staring through tears, much as he had in her nightmare, when he had kissed her.

"Mist?" Ash called from below her, "Are you puking again, or are you just taking your time?"

"I'm coming!" She called, then, again looking at the men, walked down the stairs. The house was large, painted mainly shades of blue, and having expertly hand carved railings. The origanal owner of the house had been an oceanographer, who built it on a cliff, next to a lighthouse. The sea splashed below them often, and was always soothing. Her night dress flowed at her ankels, a lovely shade of blue. She didn't realize until after a moment, it looked much like the gown from her nightmare. It even had the ribbon around her waist.

She chose to ignore that fact, and submit herself to the smell of eggs coming from the kitchen. She walked over to Sylvie, now sitting in her high-chair, and rasberried her shoulder.

The girl was heaven on earth, with shining blue eyes and bluish-black hair. She was picky, and wouldn't eat oatmeal or peaches, but otherwise, she would do whatever was nessicarry. She also always had a stuffed mew, what she called Moo. Moo was her treasure, with her where ever she went.

"Oh, um," Ash said, smiling at her, "I hope you want eggs, cuz, that's what I'm making." He laughed and said, "I didn't even think about asking you! Sorry."

"Eggs sound fine." She said, then bent over to feed some cheerios to Sylvie. "Yummy," She said, putting one in her mouth, and watching the girl mimic her.

"Ummy!" Was her undoubted response, and she shoved more cheerios into her mouth. "Ummy, ummy, ummy!!" These were her words as, one at a time, she placed cheerio after cheerio in her mouth. Finnally, she reached for her cup of milk, one with a screw on lid, because she had learned how to get the pop on ones off. She smiled at her mom, a smile much resembling the uber happy smile of her father.

"Hungry much?" Ash asked, noticing Misty pop a few cheerios into her mouth. She jumped back.

"Hunh? I um, no I didn't realize..." She put one more peice of cereal into her mouth and, to get back at him, poked Ash's head in a place where his hair was thinner than others. "You're going balled."

"No I'm not." He said, putting his hand there. "I'm just... uh,...trying out a new way to part it. I don't like it..."

She laughed and snatched some of the eggs from the skillet.

"So," He said, sitting across from her at the table. "What happens, in your dreams, to me? Do I just, forget you, move on? Kill myself, which is what I would probably do I might add, or just cry?"

"Well, it's a strange dream,one that has no explanation. I mean, it's sudden. I don't really wanna talk about it."

"So what do you want to talk about?"

"How about, Baby names?"

"Oh, I have a good one," Ash said smiling. "Billy-Joe-Jim-Bob!"

"Oh, Ash..."

Misty and Ash's second child was a boy. His name was Brian. He had black hair and brown eyes, and pale skin. Misty's dream was reaccorring, but never actually happened. (That's right folks, I just led you through a dream this entire time) She was worried though, that it would be the misfourtune of someone else.

Sylvie grew up to become a Dark Pokemon trainer. Brian really didn't have but one pokemon, and it was a Mudkip. Brian became a resercher, training under Professer Elm's watchful eye, because Samual Oak had been killed in a tragic accident.

The story of who actually lived out that pain and sorrow, is for you to decide. The unknown mystery though, is why misty was actually having those dreams. Why was she having nightmares of someone else's life? And, who's life was it? (that's for me to know and you to find out. HA!) Actually, there is no knowlege of this ever happening, or knowlege that it ever will. (Okay, so I don't know...) Were the dreams for nothing? Or, were they a way to have logic in love. We may never know...