Mistyís Poem

[Ashís Poem]

I stare at you with all the love,

And all the fear,

Of a girl.

I long to hold your hand sometimes,

More than I can stand.

And other times, I wish you dead.

But all the time, I want you mine,

And love every inch of you.

You couldnít imagine the fear,

and the pain,

I have in my throat when I talk to you.

Some days I want to laugh.

Some days I want to cry.

Most days I want to dance with you,

Under a starry sky.

But thatís just a dream.

Like foolís gold in a mine.

I know that if you could hear me,

Youíd laugh along these lines.

But thankfully, youíre asleep,

Curled up in that sleeping bag.

I know that you canít hear me,

But I wish sometimes you could.

Why is it easier to say things

When theyíre written down on paper?

I wish that I could explain the depth,

Of how I feel for you.

Maybe if you wake up,

Youíll explain it too.

But If I donít just ignore this feeling,

And let it drift away,

I may just fall into a mist,

of tears and dismay.

I love you to death my Ash,

But maybe youíll see someday,

I love you when youíre awake as well.

And I love you when you dream.

Iím waiting for you to love me too.

Iím glad that I saved you.

Love, Misty.