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It was starting to get really dark out so Bubbles and Miguel decided to set up camp for the night. They had been walking all day just talking about anything that came up, they talked about the time Miguel got kidnapped by team rocket and just stuff that had happened to them in the past year. After setting up camp and gathering wood they decided to cook some dinner, after all they haven’t ate all day.

“It’s a beautiful night isn’t it” Bubbles said looking up at the sky

“Yeah it is” Miguel replied also looking up at the sky “Bubbles can I ask you something” Miguel said now looking at bubbles

“Sure anything” Bubbles replied with a worried sound in her voice.

“well I wanted to know what did you see in Forrest?”

(hmm I wonder why he would ask something like that?) “well I really don’t know what I saw in him, I think I liked him cause how we met”



It was a nice sunny warm Sunday afternoon, the group had decided to take a day off. Bubbles was out gathering firewood when she came across a hurt baby nidoran she picked it up “aww are you ok?” she asked the baby nidoran. She was going to take the baby back to camp with her to see if Brock could do anything to help it until the mother Nidoqueen saw that her baby was being taken away so she attacked! It was about to hit her when an Arcinine tackled the monster. She Immediately thought of Miguel at first (just like when the Ratta attacked me when I was a kid) Bubbles thought. After the Nidoqueen had been scared off she ran and Hugged and kissed her savior “oh thank you Miguel for saving me”

“umm your welcome but im not Miguel” the guy said in reply

After that she took him to camp and told evryone the story of what happened that’s when he asked her out and she said yes.

End Flashback

Miguel hated it every time she told the story of how she met Forrest it made him feel like he couldn’t protect her.

Bubbles on the other hand just realized why she liked Forrest (when we met it reminded me of what Miguel did the only I like Forrest is cause he reminds me of Miguel) she smiled at her thoughts. Miguel just stood up “I don’t know about you but im getting tired” Miguel said

“yeah me to I guess we should go to bed” After they brushed their teeth and all that other junk they went into their sleeping bags. It was a very cold night and without the flame to keep them warm it was gonna be really cold. Miguel called out his Arcinine and whispered something in its ear. Then Arcinine went over to her cuddled up next to her to warm her up. Her Pokemon had been sent up to Pro.Oak for testing. “thank you” she said to her best friend

“no problem” he said shivering from the cold. That just made her feel bad that knowing she was using his only source of warmth. “um do you want to come sleep next to me, cause it sounds like your cold” she asked

“im not cold” Miguel said stubbornly but still shivering. This made Bubbles angry “Miguel Angel Waterflower, stop being so stubborn and get over here” Miguel was shocked he had never heard her use his full name “fine” Miguel said defeated with that he got up and moved right next to Bubbles.

“see was that so hard?” bubbles said

“no” Miguel replied not knowing that his legs were slowly wrapping themselves around her legs.

Within a few minutes Miguel was asleep the day had taken a lot out of him. Bubbles knew he was asleep so she kissed him on his lips and said “thank you my love”



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