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Miguel woke up on the floor in his sleeping bag. He looked around and saw Bubbles picking at the fire with a stick. He sat up which scared the crap at of bubbles because he sat up so fast.

“Where are we and how did we get here?” he asked getting out of the sleeping bag “well I don’t know exactly where were at but we got here on your Rapidash”

“Oh so what happened to Forrest?” Miguel asked

“I don’t know last thing I remember was hitting him and grabbing your pokeball”

“Yeah um so what happened to me last thing I remember was looking at you and than nothing”

“you got hit in the head by a turoe I got so scared I thought you died” she started sobbing. Miguel got up and embraced her in a hug “its ok ill never leave you”


“Of course don’t worry” She smiled and for a second time there lips met. Bubbles spoke up “um I think we should get to sleep we have a long way to walk”

“Have you decided where were going?”

“Yeah I called my dad and he was going to meet us at Cinnabar Island”

“You mean we have to go all the way to indigo” (sorry I don’t know what the region is called)

Miguel climbed into his sleeping bag but noticed bubbles lay on the floor “where’s your sleeping bag?”

“I forgot to grab it at the last camp”

“well I guess you could share with me” Miguel blushed as he said this. “are you sure?” she asked

“yeah I’m sure I mean we already did it once its not gonna kill us to do it again right” she nodded in agreement as she climbed into the sleeping bag.

“Miguel thanks for being here with me”

“what else am I here for?” Miguel said avoiding the word “friends”

But what they didn’t no was someone was watching everything going on. (as soon as they fall asleep I make my move) the mysterious character thought.


Well Im done with part 4 which in my opinion was crap on my part. O well so who do u think was in the Bushes it could be anyone?