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Pokemon: Put Misty back on the show, make Ash&Misty

A couple, Miguel and bubbles would be on the show

And be a couple as well, and make a luck dragon

Pokemon ^___^


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What am I saying don’t worry bubbles will be back for the next part.



Miguel woke up once again holding Bubbles in his arms (We must have dozed of while watching the movie) Miguel thought while getting up to go to the restroom.

A minute later Miguel came out only to discover Bubbles wasn’t there.

“Bubbles where are you this isn’t funny” Miguel said hoping this was only a ruse by his “best friend”

“Bubbles if this is a joke come out you got me now is the time where you laugh at me for being such a wuss.” No reply

He decided to look and see if she was hiding in the closet when *KNOCK KNOCK* it scared the crap out of Miguel.

He opened the door quickly hoping to see Bubbles but instead saw Nurse Joy.

“Your Miguel right?” he nodded “your friend Jenna told me to give this to you” she handed Miguel an envelope

“You didn’t by chance see who she was with did you?” Miguel asked hoping she would describe Tracey or someone.

“Yeah she was with this guy around 17 to 19 blonde hair…”

Miguel heard enough he knew who she was with.

“Thanks Joy” he said practically slamming the door on her face. He tarred the envelope open and read the letter.

If you ever want to see that bitch again meet me at the park exactly at 7

Miguel checked his clock it was only 4:30 in the afternoon.

What was he supposed to do for nearly two and a half-hours?

(I better train a little bit) Miguel thought. It was a good idea it had been a while since he actually had trained his pokemon.

He gathered all their stuff and went out to look for a challenge.

“Snorlax use seismic toss!!” Miguel screamed as his pokemon grabbed his opponent’s nidoqueen. Next his opponent called out a Venasour. (Perfect) Miguel thought.

“ Ok Snorlax return, and go Arcanine!!” Miguel screamed as his first and strongest Pokemon was released from his pokeball.

“Ok buddy use Flame-thrower!!” Miguel screamed the loudest he ever screamed. The attack directly hit knocking out his opponent. Miguel was ready for Forrest.

“great job buddy” Miguel said petting his pokemon “I hope you didn’t ware yourself out cause I might need you later” Arcanine gave a growl to his trainer signaling to him that he didn’t.

After a couple more battles and a trip to the pokemon center it was finally seven. Miguel was at the park when he saw Forrest holding tied up Bubbles…




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