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She breathed deeply when she saw him coming. He was the last thing she wanted to see. He looked like he was angry, or maybe bothered, but what was he to be by it? She was fifteen, and standing, facing her best friend in something more beautiful than a wedding dress! A long, flowing black skirt, with a matching top that had no sleeves, but a short, see-through sleeve on them going just past her shoulders. She had hated it too, but when she woke up from the sleep she hadn't realized she entered, that someone had painted her face up with dazzling make up and done her hair into gleaming curls that danced around her face.

Miguel almost didn't recognize her. He was so accustumed to the ponytail, thin hair, and he even knew how much she hated make up. The dress made her look almost annerexic, her having a naturally thin and lanky figure, and the black of the gown making her look thinner than that. He stared at her absent-mindedly for a moment, then glared at Forrest.

Go away! Bubbles wanted to scream it to her friend, but she could only mumble usless things. What? She wasn't gagged. She must have been on some sort of drug. She clamped her mouth shut and wondered about Miguel.

"I don't want a battle." Forrest said, eyeing Miguel's pokemon. "But a deal."

"What kind of deal?" Miguel wasn't too thrilled with the "no battle" idea. Sure, he didn't have to fight the guy, but if it was a deal he didn't have as good a chance to win.

"I'll offer you her," he began, "For your third of the Garden."


Bubbles shook her head. How did he find out about the Garden? No! No! Miguel, don't do it! Don't take off the keychain! It has to stay with you!!! She was hoping that Miguel knew what she was trying to get across.

"I'm sure it's you. I know Jenna has one part somewhere, but I don't know where. She has the Rose. I already have the Daisy. You have the Carnation.

"These three flowers come together to open the door to the Garden. In the Garden are three ancient Pokemon, Ryoku, Tytria, and Sasuki. They are dragons. Ryoku is a Dream dragon. Tytria is a Fighting dragon. Sasuki is a Luck dragon. There are constillations in the sky of them, and Tytria is in the sky tonight."

Miguel remembered the Luck Dragon constillation that he and Bubbles had named. Had they... had they named one of the dragons? Had it been the Luck dragon?

"You," He stopped. "You would hurt the dragons."

"No, only... capture."

Bubbles was still shaking her head. She should have told Miguel earlier. She had known her whole life, just hadn't pieced it together until Miguel found the Carnation.

When she and Tracy were little, so small she almost couldn't remember, their great grandmother told a story. A story of an evil man, two best friends, three dragons, and three flowers. A story she said was supposed to repeat itself within the lifetime. And it was now. And the legend didn't have a happy ending. The man was supposed to give up the flower, but the evil man didn't give up the girl, merely killed her, took her charm--from her body-- and then captured the dragons.

She frowned and remembered where the Rose was. She, on her stomach, had a large scar, one that she earned when falling off a cliff. Miguel and Tracy flipped when she fell. Now she had a scar, running from just below her waistline to her upper torso, where she had the stitches. To take away from the scar, she had pierced her naval. In that piercing was a slinder rose, one that she had found in a stream one day.

She looked back to Miguel, taking the Carnation off of it's place on his keyring. She suddenly found her voice.

"He's lying! Please, don't give it to him!" She couldn't understand it. Why did she feel so strange? She had vanished. In her place was a gleaming silvery-white dragon with a tourqois mane and eyes. It was long, probably a good hundred feet, but curled up and flowing like the constillation. But she was still there. Bubbles was still there. She was seeing them, staring at her in awe. No, staring at Sasuki. Sasuki and her. No, Sasuki was her. But how was she a dragon? How was a dragon human?

But Sasuki let out a horrendous growl and screeched before light shot from her mouth and into Forrest's heart. He stopped, passed out. When he woke, his memory would be gone. His darkness would be gone.

"You..." Miguel gaped at Sasuki. "Turned into a dragon? Of all the things to do, you turn into a dragon?" But with a light, Bubbles had collapsed onto the ground. She didn't look the same now either.

She had passed out, lying on her side, eyes closed gently. Her hair, usually only as long as her waist, was at least down to her thighs, forming a blanket around her. (At least until Miguel had taken off his shirt and pulled it over her head. Then she was covered by his shirt, that was just about a tunic on her.) Her skin was paler than usual, and her skin was warm to the touch, like a fever. He picked her up and took her back to the room. Would he dress her? No. He almost had gotten a bloody nose just from pulling his shirt over her, and her hair had covered everything important. But he would cover her with a blanket, and he might have Joy change her clothes.

Her eyes opened with a gasp. She was in the center? She sat up to quickly, hit her head on the bunk above her, then looked at Miguel, still sleeping. How long had she been out. She was wearing stretch pants and a teeshirt. She bet Miguel hadn't done that. He was a wuss. She felt her hair, twisted around her waist. That was different. She also lifted her shirt a little bit, just to make sure the rose was still in place in her naval. Then she dug around until she found siccors, and started to cut her hair. She put it in a ponytail, a low one, and just below the ponytail holder, she cut her hair.

"Wakey wakey..." She said, poking Miguel. "Time to rise, and come with me to get coffee."

"You're up." He said, not opening his eyes. "Good. Did you look at your arm? That appeared on you after you came back from the dragon form."

She slightly remembered being with Sasuki, but not too much. She looked at her arm. On her right shoulder there was a small brown blotch, looking much like a birthmark, in the shape of the luck dragon.

"You have a whole lot of talking to do... after I sleep some more. C'mere." He pulled her next to him. "I'm tired. You shouldn't turn into dragons. It's annoying."

She smiled and snuggled next to him. "You shouldn't give evil people keys to other worlds."

"Yeah," He said, "Like I said, you have a lot of questions to answer."