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A/N: For all you people who read the first part and liked it and expect a great story, I’m sorry to inform you that bubbles did the first part and I’m not nearly as good as her. But I will try my best ^_^

Well its been 2 hours since Ash and Misty last fought and the group of trainers were starting to get tired of walking around Mount Moon so they decided it was time for brock to whip up his famous lazy boy no chew stew (I think that’s right?).

“So ash what are you planning to do after the Johto league?” Miguel asked “well I was planning on staring another journey in another region I guess” Misty then burst into the conversation “How about you try the indigo league again, I mean that’s the league you have to beat to become pokemon master right?”

“Yeah but do you really think I could do it this time mist” misty shuddered at ash calling her that. She loved it when he did

“of course Ash you’ve become a lot stronger from when you first started” Misty replied “thanks misty I think ill do it, win the johto league or not!” everyone in the group smiled at ashes confidence {its funny how sis could get ash so fired up} thought Miguel

“hey guys soups done” yelled Brock “great I’m starving” yelled ash as he ran to go pour himself a bowl “Ash calm down the soup isn’t going anywhere” yelled an annoyed Misty “actually sis the soup is going to his stomach” Miguel made a smart A$$ remark “oh shut up Miguel” Misty yelled as she pulled out her trusty mallet and smacked Miguel with it.

After they finished eating they decided to head back to pallet. So 3 hours later there passing through misty favorite place viridian forest.

“AHHHHH A CATERPIE” Screamed Misty as she jumped into Ashes arms “now if only we could get them to do that without the poke-bugs” Miguel whispered to the others “yeah” said bubbles, Tracey, and Brock

“HEY I HEARD THAT!” Screamed an angered misty “you better run Mig” said bubbles warning her best friend. With that Miguel started running away “NO YOU DON’T” Screamed misty as she chased Miguel into the forest “hey there gonna get lost we better chase after them” said Brock. The group nodded in agreement.



Miguel was still running from his sister until he tripped on tree branch and twisted his ankle “AWW MY ANKLE” Miguel held his leg in pain

“ASH, MISTY, BUBBLES!” Miguel screamed hoping one of his friends would respond instead all he heard in reply was “PREPARE FOR TROUBLE”

To be continued…