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Miguel barely had woken up only to realize he was tied up. (Oh no what I'm I supposed to do) in reality there wasn’t much he could do his ankle was sprained and team rocket had taken all of his pokemon.

“So twerp finally awake?” asked James. The sound of his voice got Miguel really mad.

“What’s it look like idiot” Miguel yelled

“Whoa you don’t have to get all mad” James replied.

This just kept getting Miguel angrier. “Well what do you expect? You kidnapped me, and took my sisters-best-friend’s Pikachu, Speaking of which where is he!” yelled Miguel once again.

“Well twerp” Jessie interrupted, “Pikachu is in our super strong safe right there” Jessie pointed at a huge safe

“you better give him to me or I will-“ He was interrupted by Jessie “or you will what kick us with your sprained ankle?” at this all of TR started laughing. “Face it kid you can’t do anything” said Meouth said. (I hate to admit it but there right all I can do is wait to be saved, I hope the guys aren’t worrying to much about me) but Miguel knew that they probably were especially bubbles. Ever since the first time they had met bubbles had always felt that she had to be the one to protect Miguel. Same thing with Miguel he had always felt that if Bubbles got hurt in some way he had to protect her.


A six year old Bubbles was playing with a nine year old Tracey when suddenly a ratata came out of nowhere and attacked. Tracey tried to stop it but got knocked out somehow. The ratata then looked at bubbles and lunged for her, only to be tackled by a baby Growlithe. It was about to fight back but the ratata changed its mind and ran. “Are you ok” asked Miguel “I’m fine thanks to you” said Bubbles. Just then bubbles saw the ratata behind Miguel “look out!” she shrieked as she pushed him out of the way and took the blow herself. “Growlithe tackle” Miguel screamed with that the ratata got scared and ran.

End flashback

Ever since that day they have been best friends. Then four years later they both decided to travel with there older siblings only to discover that they would be traveling together. Now another four years after that, there they were to 14 year olds on a mission to discover the world. Miguel smiled at his thoughts.

“Hey twerp what’s that big grin on your face for” questioned Jessie. Miguel snapped out of his trance remembering the reality of the situation “nothing” was all Miguel said. Miguel than thought (Bubbles don’t worry too much…) as if he were talking to her in person. (Then again, she tends to be like a child. I bet half of her is worried, and the rest is thinking about ice cream or something…)



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