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Bubbles sighed as she trailed behind her two saviors. She was not only being a pain, she was being a third wheel. It was driving her insane! Not to mention that every had decided that all the I-can-take-care-of-myself junk vanished. It was back to We-can't-leave-her-alone-for-fear-she'll-vanish mode. She shifted the weight of her backpack as Ash said it was a good time to make camp.

"Camp?" It was insane! They hadn't actually made camp in forever. Mainly now they just threw their sleeping bags on the ground and there it was. But she couldn't argue with it.

She threw her back pack on the ground and as per Misty's request, went to find some firewood. She frowned. She was getting more angery at Miguel by the second. Stupid, no good, low down... She bent down to pick up a dry piece of wood. He could have just let them go. Ash wouldn't have had a problem finding pikachu, and I wouldn't be worried to death about the idiot. I mean, it's not like his life's calling was to grab that frickin' pokemon. Ow! her mind switched gears as she twisted her ankel and fell over a rock. It didn't hurt. Not really. Enough to say ow, but, except for an uncomfortable first three steps, she could get up and walk. She didn't though. She thought that then would be a good time to just sit on her knees and cry, because she was so mad at her friend, and she was so mad at Team Rocket, and she was so mad at Pikachu, and her brother, and Brock and if Ash and Misty hadn't found her just recently she would be mad at them too. She frowned at her raw skin on her hands and knees. She'd just deal with it.

She sighed, wiped her tears with the back of her hand. So, she didn't have any problem crying when no one would know, no one would care, or help her, but she would hold them back infront of her friends. She was crazy. She picked up the wood pieces she had dropped, then continued walking.

"Ash," Misty started, "Are you worried about Bubbles?" She twiddled her thumbs as Ash was trying to make a ring of rock around where the fire would be. He had Squirtle helping him. He looked up.

"No." He said this in confusion. He shook his head and spoke, "Jeez Mist, I figured you'd be more worried about Miguel. He is your brother."

"Well of course I'm worried about him!" Misty said, "But then," She paused to pick up some rocks and help Ash at his chore. She didn't seem to have one anyway. "He's smart, and has a strong will. I'd be surprised if he hasn't cussed out Meowth by now."

They finished the job and Ash dusted the dirt from the seat of his pants. Then he helped Misty up and sat next to her on a log. So much for dusting... usless...

"Misty, don't worry about the one we know is safe. Worry about your brother. Worry about Brock. I sure have. But Bubbles is right here with us. Why worry?"

"She's been weird." Misty said, "Less cheerful." Ash groaned and rolled his eyes.

"That's because she's busy doing what you're not, and worrying about Miguel." He smiled, so did she.

"So what about Pikachu?" She smirked. "You didn't mention him in your little worry ideas. Is he on the list?"

"Of course!" Ash said, blushing at the mere fact he forgot his friend for a split second. For some fifteen minutes they just sat there talking about whatever was bothering them. Jokes, news, friends. Then Misty stood and stretched. Fifteen minutes was a long while to be gathering wood. But she didn't think Bubbles was lost. She figured she was just clearing her head. She started to walk to her backpack, propped against a tree, when a large crash filled the area. That, and a mini earthquake. A Snorlax. She bet money it was a Snorlax.

None the less, she fell into Ash, who had just stood, so when she crashed into him, he fell over the log behind him. (Ash knew he didn't like that log...) He heard Bubbles calling from somewhere that she was coming back, probably just to confirm her friends weren't the one's the Snorlax fell on.

When he actually realized what was happening, he came to find that Misty's leg was twisted around his, and his hands were on either side of her shoulders, holding him up. She herself was sprawled on the ground, arms draped over a couple other logs and rocks.

It looked really bad from someone who didn't know what was happening. Misty saw the blush start to bloom like roses on Ash's face. That was all it took.

Misty smirked and/or giggled. Then that smirk and/or giggle turned into a snort and a chuckle, which given a moment turned into outright laughter.

If Bubbles came back and saw this, it would look, REALLY bad. Not only that, but if Misty was laughing, it would look weird too. He thought. What could he do to make her stop laughing? What could he do to make his muscles work again, so he could get off of her? Why was his heart beating so fast?

He came to the only solution he could in the given ten seconds to make the laughter stop, and closed the gap between their mouths. Well, aside from giving him a reason to want to laugh, looking at her face, it did stop her laughing. Her expression went from glee to shock as he still didn't move. She turned and coughed, not to be rude, but she had been running out of air like that.

What had happened seemed so fast, the moment being somewhat of a surprise on both ends of the kiss. And when the space between them closed a second time, neither one knew who had started it. Ash moved over, the look on his face somewhere between pleased and ashamed, and the looked embeded on Misty's face was a cross between embarassment and... Well, no, maybe it was just embarassed.

Bubbles glanced over from behind the tree that had kept her hidden, wood pieces in her arms. A sly smile spread across her face. Part of her felt like turning around and asking Miguel if he saw it too, but of course, that would be a lost cause.

If only he had seen it though! Bubbles thought, the smile not leaving her face. He would have peed his pants! The grin just got bigger and bigger as she thought about telling him. Then maybe Brock. Oh yeah, Brock would have died to see that. If that's not the case already, Bubbles reminded herself with a start. Maybe I should have gone with Tracy... Of course, then no one would have witnessed this beautiful-I-bet-it's-sworn-to-secrecy-moment!

She threw the wood on the ground and started fishing for twigs and newspapers. She had learned that you put the twigs and newspapers crumpled into balls down first. Then you put the medium sized logs over that. Then the largest ones. She lit a match and threw it in a hole, hoping that it would start on the papers. It did. It was perfect weather for a fire. Dry, humid. Perfect.

"Eh, you two lover--- I mean, idiots." She smiled. "Do we even know where Team Rocket is?"

"No." Ash said, letting the blush slide off his cheeks. "But I know where Pikachu is. He has a research collar on, remember?"

Yes, she did. The collars were Oak's new invention. They were put on the ankles or arms of pokemon, and it was a tracking device. It was linked to the pokedex. Ash smiled.

"My idea is that Miguel and Pikachu are together."

Misty loved to travel. She loved Ash, Brock, her brother, Tracy, and his sister. She loved being able to walk whenever she liked. What she didn't like was the cold. The fact that where Ash was taking them was getting colder and colder, wasn't a good thing.

Cold meant she couldn't wear her shorts.

Cold meant she had to wear a jacket.

Cold meant she usually had her hair down, just for neck warmth.

Cold meant the activity of running wasn't enough to keep her warm.

Cold meant nothing to pokemon centers, who usually kept their heat on low, just to save energy.

Cold meant that even though she really didn't want to, she had to ask for a second blanket.

Cold meant that even though she really didn't want to, she had to get out of her bed in the middle of the freezing night, and lay down next to a certain best friend.

Cold meant that she had to scoot close to him, just for body heat.

Cold meant that she had to keep herself from scooting in enough to warm her legs and feet, because she was making it an intention to keep their hips far apart. Far, far, apart.

Which was why her foot was going numb. Which was bad, because she needed that to walk the next day.

War between mind and foot took place. Unfourtunatly, foot won. Maybe she could just inch closer, without waking him up. He'd never know the difference, and she could blame it on the cold in the morning. If Bubbles saw she... well, she didn't know what yet, but she'd make up some excuse. So as she inched closer, she automatically felt better.

Much, much, way, way, bett--

"Jeez your feet are cold!" Ash whispered into her ear. She jumped, then almost rolled out of the bed altogether. She hadn't even finished her thought! Then she stood.

"You scared me to death!" She said, but Ash reached up and covered her mouth.

"Shh! You'll wake up the whole building!" He hissed. She tiptoed back four feet to her bed, then layed down. Ash threw one of his three pillows at her.

"Don't go over there! It's cold!" He yelled it in a whisper. (That doesn't make sense, but still...I bet you know what I mean.) He really had been sleeping well with her body curled up against him for half the night, and the fact that she was gone now made him angry on a level. Along with chilly.

She was freezing! She hadn't realized how cold a bed could get in a few hours! But she sighed and said, "You aren't getting that pillow back." She meant it too. It was the one he had been sleeping on, and it was almost as warm as he had been. But of course, it would fade.

Her heart was still pounding. She wondered if Ash could hear it. "You scared the crap out of me!" She realized her hand was over her heart, counting the beats.

"Sorry, but your feet were cold!" He frowned. He rolled back the covers, walked to his long time friend, and picked her up. Then he dragged her back to his bunk and layed down, holding her close. Now, he was warm. She on the other hand, was on the virge of screaming. There was no way she was going to sleep like this. But somehow her head was nestled into his neck, under his chin, like it was some sort of human puzzle, and they fit together. She went into distress.

She pushed her hands against his chest, trying to seperate them. This was bad! This was defenatly bad! She couldn't even move her legs right then. Ash cracked an eye open.

"Go to sleep." He said this in a cross between a plead and an order. "It's cold, and you're warm."


"An ugly pervert. I know. Can we sleep now?" He still refused to open that other eye.

She sighed. "Die." But she felt him smile. They were calm for a moment. Then she, slowly, tried to pull away. He sighed in annoyance.

"You just won't sleep." He mumbled.

"Please let me go." She whispered. She wasn't exactly sure why.

"Why? That would be bad for you too you know." He smirked. "Then who would be warm? Bubbles, because she has her pokemon curled up around her. Why don't we have any pokemon with fur?"

It was a good question. Bubbles was sound asleep with her hoard of Mightyena forming a wall around her. And then that one Poochyena was a little puppy sleeping on her pillow, silently tugging at her scattered hair. Dumb,... uh.. well, she couldn't say that fur was a water trait. She had sealed her own fate there.

"Ash, it's just..."

"My watch alarm is set for six thirty. If Bubbles is up then I'll be amazed, because she's usually in bed till eight, (unless woken up by her rather rude best friend dumping water on her just to laugh at her when she screams...) and the door's locked." He tightened his arms around her shoulders. "Who's gonna know?"

"No one." She mumbled.

"Who's gonna find out?"

"No one." She couldn't help but agree.

"So is it that embarassing?"

"I guess not." She sighed. She didn't care anymore. He was right. Sleep was coming to her easily with him next to her, and she was exhausted. And she was just speachless. She couldn't believe that she had lost one of their arguments. But sleep took her, and made her limp against Ash. Which didn't matter to him, because he was glad to have the warmth from her body, and to himself, was glad that she liked him enough to share a bed anyway. ^_^.

Bubbles smiled to herself again. She had heard the entire thing. She had seen it to, due to a conviently placed mirror that slanted downward enough to see the person in the bunk below her, (Ashes) and she could see Misty's anyway. The fact that Miguel wasn't in the bunk above his sister drove her mad, because now would be when they were snickering and talking about how to embarrass them. And why the heck was all the juicy stuff happening when neither Brock nor Miguel were there?

She felt her smile vanish. Would he believe her? He would, she had never lied or given him a reason not to. But between the whole her hating him thing, she was going to have a few problems telling him all these things. Maybe, she contemplated, Maybe I'll forgive him long enough to tell him all this. Then I'll be mad and not talk to him till he's down on his knees begging. Or, knowing me, I'll just forget it all in ten minutes, and be telling jokes. She turned and looked out the window behind her. The stars were in view, and the constilations were beaming. She searched, and to her proud success, found the one she and Miguel had made up.

It looked like a chinese dragon. You know, the ones that go on tangling in circles and celtic knots forever? Well it looked like one. They looked it up on the internet, but didn't find it anywhere. So, giving up, named it themselves. They named it: The Luck Dragon. It had never been out when bad things were going on between them. That fact made her think that maybe something good would happen in the morning. Before she drifted into an exhausted sleep, she wondered, I wonder if he knows the Luck Dragon is out? It didn't matter. She would never know. And He would never know if she knew, because sleep was the only thing he could find, lying on the freezing cement floor, wishing to God that he had dragged his sleeping bag with him, instead of just his backpack.

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