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Bubbles woke up to the ringing of her cell phone. Greeted with the normal “Boo” she answered it.

“Hello” She said in a not so “bubbly” tone

“Yes Ms.Skechit were going to need for you to come down to the station for questioning”

I can’t believe they actually think that I would kill my own brother

“Ms.Sketchit are you still there?”

“Yes Ill be there soon”

“Ok thank you for your cooperation”

A couple of minutes later Bubbles was in front of the police station, which was conveniently down the road from her apartment. She walked into the building and went up to a clerk at the main desk.

“Um yes im supposed to meet up with officer Valencia” she said as she walked up to the desk. The clerk started typing into her keyboard than she looked from the screen “Are you Jenna A. Skechit?” she said “um yeah”

“Ok you can go down to where his office is but he is seeing someone else right now so please just wait right outside”

Bubbles sat on a seat right outside she was thinking. What if they don’t believe me? What if I go to jail? What if they never find the murderer? All this thinking was starting to hurt her head. Luckily her thoughts were interrupted when her phone went off.

“Hello” she greeted

“Where are you at I came by your house but you weren’t there?” He said in his usual “oh my god I can’t find bubbles I’m worried” Voice.

“Im over here at the police station for questioning….I have to go now the officers coming out” with that she hung up quickly. She saw John come out of the interrogation room. John was an assistant of her Brothers.

“Jenna I presume” Said Officer Valencia as he walked out of the room. She nodded her head as she made her way into a seat in the interrogation room. As soon as she sat in her seat she started to tremble.

“Why are you so nervous Jenna?” asked officer Valencia with a weird look on his face

“IIIIIII..dddoonnnnt know” Why am I so afraid?

“Do you want some water Ms.?” All Bubbles could do for now is nod her head. He gave her some water and she chugged it down “ok ready now Ms.?”

“Yes I think so” Bubbles replied calmly

“Ok we will start of with the basic questions….Where were you on the date of June 5th, 2006 at about 12:25 Pm?”

“Well I was on the way home from a friends wedding.”

“Ok was anyone with you to contend your story” (I think contend is right?)

“No…..um officer even if I did kill my brother what would my motive be?”

“Well Im pretty sure you know that your brother just sold a painting for 12.3 million dollars, so I guess someone suggested he should write a will just in case, guess who he put to inherit his money…you”

She was shocked 12.3 million. She needed time to collect her thoughts. “Officer is there anyway we could do this another time?’ the Officer started thinking “sure I should have someone else to question anyway”

“Thank you” she got out of her seat and practically ran out of the room. She ran into someone though “Im sorry” she said but he just kept walking. He looks so familiar she thought but just kept walking.



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