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Bubbles woke up after a rough night of sleep. She found a note on her little black coffee table. It read: sorry bubbles had to go to work meet me at the diner for lunch

Love, Miguel

Bubbles looked at the clock it read 11:25 she had slept through the whole morning. She quickly got into the shower. Who could have done this? She still couldn’t help but wonder who would murder her brother. He was a nice guy tears started running down the side of her cheek well its better if I don’t think about it for a while she got out of the shower. She quickly put her hair up in a bun and put on little makeup and left.

When you saw her it was like nothing had happened at all; she walked gracefully down the street.

She made it to the diner; she walked in and sat in their common spot. It didn’t take long after she walked in that Miguel came. He quickly sat down.

“Sorry about leaving you its just the boss said if I missed another day that’s it”

“It’s ok so why did you ask me over here?”

Bubbles is weird when she is not her old cheery self Miguel thought “I just wanted to make sure your ok”

Just than officer Valencia walked in and when up to their table. “Excuse me are you Miguel Waterflower?” what could they need him for bubbles thought “um yeah why what is this about?” the officer sighed “your under arrest for the murder of Tracey Skechit”

“WHAT!!!???” Miguel and Bubbles were shocked at what they were hearing. “But officer Valencia how could this be?” bubbles asked “well you see his fingerprints were found on the weapon used to kill your brother” she was shocked “Plus some sources told him he has the key to Tracey’s home”

It was true Miguel had keys to all of his friends house.

Miguel was put in cuffs and taken in. could Miguel have really done it??? Bubbles was thinking……




Sorry for it being short and very un-well done but it’s just a lot of rust