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She found it ironic that she could only give them the letter. It was like the text was pulling at her, saying that she had to jump into the scene and save the day. She asked, they said that finger prints were on the magazine clippings, and she would have to wait a few days for a match to come up. They didn’t ask for the envelope, with the hand writing.

At the current time, Bubbles was getting dressed in a pair of green cargo pants and a black tee shirt that she actually stole from Miguel. Yeah, they were swimming, and she forgot a clean shirt for afterwards, so he let her borrow it, and she never gave it black. It said across the front in red: My Shirt Is Better Than Yours!

It was Saturday, and it was almost two, and she had a certain best friend to visit in jail. So, she took Shadow along with her and headed out of the apartment. The tall, black dog was walking by her side, and he was occasionally sniffing at one thing or another. She turned a corner, catching him off guard, and making her laugh. Yes, she loved it when the smartest and most trusted of her pokemon fell forward.

Before she entered the building, a man stopped her. She turned to face him; he had short, some what spiked brown hair and blue eyes. She blinked, recognizing him from Ash’s wedding, and else where, but not quite sure who he was.

“Bubbles, you’re her, right?”

She nodded, her ponytail bobbing on her head.

“I’m not sure we’ve met more than once, but I do know you’re one of Ash’s pals, and you were Tracy’s sister?” He sort of asked it. She nodded once more, and looked down to see an espeon next to him.


“I’m Gary Oak; I’d like to give you my respects, because I don’t think I’ll make it to the funeral.” He half smiled. “My sister’s getting married.”

“Oh, well, thank you.” Bubbles shook his hand. “Well, I have to be going,” She pointed to the building. “It was nice to meet you.”

He nodded and walked off, and she entered the building.

“Don’t be too long.” The officer said, unlocking the cell. He told her to call him when she was ready to go, and then he relocked it.

“Thank you.” She watched him walk away and then turned to Miguel’s sleeping form on the lower bunk. There wasn’t another person in the cell, but that could just be because he was with someone else. She slinked up to her friend and poked his shoulder.

He didn’t reply. She poked again. There was still nothing. Bubbles rolled her eyes before leaning down and kissing him gently. His eyes shot open, and he jerked up in the bed. She smiled.

“Good morning, Sunshine.”

“When did you get here?” He sat up on the bed, and she sat on her knees next to him. He was suddenly tackled by her, and her arms were around his neck. He smiled at the embrace, and said, “I guess you’re okay?”

“I got here a minute ago. It’s lonely.”

“What’s lonely?” He separated their bodies.

“Two days of having coffee and doughnuts by myself. And you’re Growlithe, it hates me.”

“The one that saved you?”

“Yeah, that one.”

“Why does it hate you?” He stroked her bang. “I like your hair.”

“My hair’s not different from normal.” She raised an eyebrow. “But yeah, the dumb Growlithe, it decided to hate me. He won’t eat if I feed him. I had to get Misty to feed him for me!”

“My sister? I thought she and Ash were…”

“They heard about Tracy and came back. I’m sorry.” She sighed. “And Brock was back too, and Gary!”

“I guess that’s a good thing. Are you still eating, and brushing your teeth, and getting to sleep on time?”

“I think you’ve told me before, you aren’t my mother.”

“But I would be the greatest if I was.”




“Okay, pretend I didn’t just call myself a great mother, okay?”


He sighed and touched her cheek. “You don’t think I did it, do you?”

“No, I’m just, worried that we can’t prove your innocent. I know it wasn’t you, I mean, I trust you more than anyone else in the world. I love you.”

“I love me too.” He smirked and she shoved him. “Okay, sorry, sorry, I love you too.”

“Did you hear about the letter?”

“I did, that came as a shock.” He leaned against the side of the bed.

“I wish this wasn’t all happening at once.”

“Well, a lot of things have been happening at once for me too.”

“… The same things?”

“No,” He smiled, “Some things that test me.”

“Test you how?”

“Like…” He blushed. “Well…”

“Oh, by the way, back at the wedding reception, were you mad at me?” She jumped in, remembering how weird Ash, Misty, and Daisy were acting when she brought him up.

((((Mini flashback scene!))))

"You're a lot prettier than some other people said. So, you're dating the little brother huh?"

"I wouldn't call it dating"


"Hmm. I think I'd call it dating."



"Is Miguel mad at me?"

"What?" Misty asked shocked, "Why on earth would he be mad? Last I checked he was just the opposite, I thought he was going to--" Ash gasped and covered the new bride's mouth.

(((((End Flashback)))))

“Mad at you?” He blinked. “Why would I be?”

“Because, everyone was acting weird when I talked about you.” She blinked up at him.

“Oh, ha…” He sighed. “Well, this isn’t exactly how I wanted it to happen. I’m still in an orange jumpsuit, and it’s not the greatest time to do it…”

“Do what?”

“Do I have to?”

“Have to what?”

“…” He sighed and leaned forward to kiss her cheek. “They’ve been weird because they know, and I want them to.”

“What do they know?”

“They know that I’m going to ask you to marry me.”