Coordinatorís Love: The Remake (Part 1) -- Supa Kewl

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Sitting quietly at the Verdanturf Pokemon Center, May mulled silently over what had just happened to her less than an hour ago.

"Donít get your hopes up; I only came here to see Beautifly."

"Well, now you can go!"

"Donít think Iím not entered in this contest too."

Somehow, though, from the way he spoke... May could tell there was something else behind those emerald eyes... a secret, which he was not willing to share... or was she just being paranoid?

"All this thinking is giving me a headache..." murmured May.

Ash and the others had come up to May. By speaking, Ash shocked her out of her state of thinking. "You ready May?" he asked.

"Ready for a good whopping?" Drew added wisely.

"Yes, Iím ready, and Iím going to kick butt! Go Beautifly! I choose you!"

Out of the red and white sphere came a butterfly with big sapphire orbs for eyes and yellow wings.

"Beau!" it exclaimed, voicing its trainer's excitement.

"So eager to lose, are we?" asked Claire smirking.

"No wa--"

May stopped all of a sudden as thousands of lights shone onto a stage which had loud music coming from it. A mini-mob surrounded the stage, where a short Indian girl stood.

"Wow, it's... SUPA KEWL SHRADDHA!" exclaimed the crowd as one.

"Who?" asked Max.

"Can someone please turn down the music? You're giving me a migraine!" snapped the brunette fiercely.

No one seemed to hear the pleas of our ambitious oddly-dressed Coordinator as the Indian on stage bowed and said politely, "Thank you."

"Who is Super Cool Shraddha?" Max tried again. His chocolate eyes were met by many others.

"HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW THE COOLEST PERSON ON EARTH?!" all gasped. A drop of sweat formed on Max's head.

"Ahehehe..." he chuckled nervously.


"That's enough," giggled Shraddha, waving the crowd away as she jumped from the stage. Surprisingly, everyone let her pass by. Approaching the five (Drew had left before Shraddha's entrance), Shraddha inquired, "Hi. I'm Shraddha, if you couldn't figure out." Brock's eyes turned to hearts as Shraddha got closer to them. "And you are...?"

"Claire," the black haired girl chirped.

"May," the red clad brunette replied.

"Max," announced the little boy proudly.

"Ash," confidently projected the black-haired boy in blue.

"Hello, love--" began Brock, before Max interfered and pulled him away.

"No way," he said, dragging him away.

"Sorry," May apologized. "Brock has a problem with pretty girls, he tries to flirt--"

"Like I haven't had that problem before," replied Shraddha saucily, heading back up to the stage. "Hey, what song do you guys want today?"

"Pikachu: I Choose You!" was the simultaneous response.

Taking a deep breath, Shraddha sang: "PIKACHU! You know that you're the one so..."

Everyone joined her on the next words: "I CHOOSE YOU!"

All of a sudden, the loudspeaker went off, announcing, "ENTRY 103! CLAIRE TODDSEN! PLEASE REPORT TO THE CONTEST HALL IMMEDIATELY!"

"Oh no!" exclaimed Claire sharply. "The Contest! Let's go!"

"ON DECK," continued the P/A. "IS LARA HEARTMAN!"

In the background, May could hear the cheering of many. A shiver ran up and down her spine, and she couldn't help thinking, "This Lara must be good!" While everyone looked on, Claire danced on-stage along with her Jumpluff.

"Cheer, use Cotton Spore! Then, Leech Seed!" exclaimed Claire confidently.

"Amazing..." whispered May, stunned by the creative combination.

"Finish this, Cheer! Tackle into the Spore Seed!"

Cheer did so, landing with an elegant dance spin. Both bowed at the same time, and the judges sent in their scores. All together, it was a...

"29!" exclaimed Vivian excitedly. "That's the highest score so far!" She paused to let this information sink in. "And now, it's time for Lara! On deck is May Newman!"

"Oh no, I'm next!" May yelped.

"Don't worry," said her brother, a humorous tone suddenly appearing in his voice. "Just donít trip like you did the first time and youíll be fine."

"Thanks," she replied, rolling her eyes.

Lara's Blaziken, named Bashaamo, swept the crowd off their feet with his dazzling Blaze Kick and his amazing follow-up Slash attack. In fact, the performance was so amazing, the judges gave Lara a...

"30!" exclaimed Vivian happily. "A perfect score!"

"LARA! LARA! LARA!" chanted the crowd.

May's palms slowly became sweaty. Could she do it? And in front of this many people?

"Now up, it's May! On deck is Drew Rose!"

Clenching Beautifly's Pokeball, May took in a deep breath. It was now or never! Making her way out onto stage, she called as clearly and loudly as she could, "Beautifly, take the stage!"

"Beau!" it cried, sparkling magically.

"Use String Shot!" exclaimed May, throwing a pink Frisbee towards Beautifly. It complied, hitting the Frisbee back to May, who skillfully caught it.

"Now," she began. "Gust!"

Again, May tossed the Frisbee, and again Beautifly made a flawless return, May catching the spinning disk in her right hand.

"Finally, Silver Wind, the Tackle!"

The result was Beautifly flying gracefully through its own sparkled. The judges seemed impressed as they wrote their scores, giving May a...

"27.5!" exclaimed Vivian with her usual excitement.

"One of the highest scores..." mused May.

Finally, the last contestant, Drew, stepped up on stage. "I'm counting on you, buddy," he said to the Pokeball in his hand. Out loud for the crowd, he cried, "Go, Masquerain!"

Out of his Pokeball came a bug which resembled a mask somewhat. On its top pair of wings it had large oval patterns modeling intimidating eyes.

"Use Bubble, then Silver Wind!" Drew commanded with his usual smugness. Watching the effect his combination made, Drew nodded in approval. Then, he decided to wrap things up quickly. "Hidden Power!"

Tiny white glowing orbs floated around Masquerain slowly, getting bigger by the second. When the orbs became about half again as big as they had been, the spinning became faster and somewhat hypnotizing. Finally, Masquerain released its attack, piercing the bubbles above. This reaction caused sparkled to be spread throughout the whole Contest Hall.

A round of eager applause followed as Drew bowed proudly. Finally, the scored were tallied, and...

"29.5!" shouted Vivian. "So, my friends, lets see who made it to the next round!"

With much excitement, May looked for her picture. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw whose picture neighbored hers.

"Drew?!" she gasped.

"Hmm," said said Coordinator. "Prepare to lose!"

A/N: HmmÖ Drew versus MayÖ what next? Expect the unexpected! (err, expected, if you read the original script version of the fic.) Yeah.


Written: October 13, 2006.