Trainer Files: Journeys in the Region of Fire


Jenny: 11

Laura: 12

Seto: 13

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{Scene: Firebrick City}

“Yes! My journey starts in 5 hours!”


“Yes, mom!”

Jenny was excited. At 6:00, she would have her first Pokemon! There were nine choices she was told. She would have to go to a Pokemon School to claim her monster. That was in 5 long hours. Jenny had trouble falling asleep, although at about 3, sleep overcame her excitement.

{3 hours later}



Jenny woke up, hearing the crow of a Dodrio. She then realized she was going to be late for her first Pokemon!

“Coming mom!”

{At the Pokemon Academy}

“Hey Jenny, it’s first come first serve,” said Laura, Jenny’s best friend. They were two of only 27 trainers who were starting their journeys at the Academy.

“I just hope that jerk Seto doesn’t show up,” said Jenny.

“Oh, I don’t know, he is kinda cute…” replied Laura.

“Please, I’ve seen slugs that are cuter then that loser,” said a disgruntled Jenny. She at least hoped her best friend would be on her side. Then she realized it was stupid teenage hormonal stuff and Laura would be obsessed with boys and junk like that.

“Good morning students. We have some great Pokemon for you! We will call you up by order enrolled,” said the teacher trying to create an excited mood. Problem is, it didn’t work.

“Fine, be that way. Now come up as I call your name. Leslie Ketchum!” The teacher called many names, until he stopped on a familiar name: “Seto… uh… there’s no last name… odd…”

“Yeah, that’s ‘cause I have no last name!” came the cocky voice of Jenny’s rival, Seto, snapping the teacher out of his shocked mood.

“Alright, then Seto, choose your Pokemon,” said the teacher.

“Well, that’s easy! These others are wimps, so I’ll take Bulbasaur!” replied Seto.

“Fine fine. Next we have Laura Kaiba!” exclaimed the teacher.

“This is easy! I choose Mudkip!” exclaimed Laura. She was worried that all the water Pokemon would be taken; her favorite Pokemon were water types.

“That leaves me with quite a few choices, doesn’t it?” said Jenny sarcastically. “I guess I’ll have to take Cyndaquil!”

“Now,” said the teacher, “you will be sorted into groups of three.”

“Not Seto, not Seto, not Seto…” prayed Jenny silently.

“The first group is… Jenny, Laura, and Seto!!!” Jenny just felt as if she had died. All the other groups were announced. Jenny sat angrily.

“Oh, come on, it will be cool to have a cute boy on our team,” said Laura.

“Yeah, more like a cute slug,” replied Jenny tartly.

“Hello beautiful young lady and snail-face,” said Seto.

“Stop calling Laura what you are!” replied Jenny.

“Hey, he was calling you snail-face!” retorted Laura.

“Oh by the way,” a voice said on the speaker, “One room has only two beds. It’s room 15.”

“What room do we have, slug?” asked Jenny. Seto just chuckled. “What?”

“Room 15!” he choked out since he was laughing so hard.

“You’re kidding!” exclaimed Jenny and Laura at once. Jenny grabbed the paper and fainted.

{At Room 15}

“These beds are mini! Well, since we flipped, Seto and Jenny, have fun!”

“Stop the wit,” replied an angry Jenny.

“Well, it’s more appropriate that a snail sleep with a slug than a beautiful lady sleeping with either, so there you go!” retorted Laura.

“Yeah, yeah, well I guess this will be fine for now,” said Seto. He didn’t seem affected by this mess (unlike Jenny.)

“STUDENTS! You must go to bed now so you will get a good night’s rest for tomorrow,” said a voice on the P/A.

“Well, good night!” exclaimed Laura.

“Oh, please,” replied Jenny.

As Laura was getting into her bed, Jenny and Seto were getting into theirs. They got as far from each other as possible and soon all three of them fell asleep…

{In the morning}

That morning was peaceful until…

“AHHHHHHHHH!!! Seto, back on your side!” screamed Jenny, waking up Seto.

“Well, you aren’t exactly on your side either,” said Seto. Jenny looked, saw he was right, and blushed. She took one glance at the clock and saw it was 9:00.

“AHHHHH! WE’RE LATE!” she screeched.

“Let’s go!” said Seto. They both noticed Laura was gone. How could she let them sleep in?

{At the classroom}

“Well, lookie here. You two are late, so you have DETENTION!!” exclaimed the teacher.

“Yay, I love detention,” Jenny said, following with an eye-roll.

“Now, today in your groups, you will battle each other. May the best trainers win!” exclaimed the teacher.

“You’re done for, snail-face,” challenged Seto.

“In your dreams, slug boy!” shouted Jenny.

“Let the battles commence,” said a judge. Everyone sent out their Pokemon.

“Go Cyndaquil!” shouted Jenny.

“Go Bulbasaur,” said Seto.

“Cyndaquil, Leer!”

“Tch, what a pathetic move. Show her what power is, Bulbasaur, Tackle!”



Bulbasaur was stopped in its tracks. It was too terrified to move.

“Now Tackle it,” said Jenny confidently. Bulbasaur went out like a light.

“What?!? Bulbasaur, you were supposed to beat her! Oh well, return.”

About ten minutes later, the teacher told the students that were finished to battle their other teammate.

“Well, since Mudkip has the advantage, you’re toast!” said Laura.

“You know type isn’t everything!” exclaimed Jenny. She checked her Pokedex for Cyndaquil’s stats and it said it was Level 6. Mudkip was still level five.

“Thankfully it’s not level six,” thought Jenny. “It’d beat me with its Mud Slap.”

“Begin matches!” shouted the judge.

“Mudip, Tackle!”

“Use Leer Cyndaquil!”

Mudkip, just like Bulbasaur was, was stopped in its tracks.

“Now Mudkip, use Tackle again!”

“Use your new attack, Cyndaquil! Smokescreen!”

Mudkip ended up tackling the air. It looked around confused.

“Now, climb up the tree and use Spiral Tackle, Cyndaquil!”

Cyndaquil attacked with Tackle while spinning and knocked out Mudkip. All the matches ended, blah blah blah, and the results were tallied.

“We have two trainers that beat both their teammates! They will face in the next round. May and her Torchic versus Jenny and her Cyndaquil. The winner will face me in two days! Ready, begin!” announced the teacher.

“Shouldn’t we heal our Pokemon first?” asked Jenny.

“Err, yes, I forgot about that,” said the teacher. The two girls healed their Pokemon and prepared for battle. “Now you may begin!” exclaimed the teacher.

“Cyndaquil, use Leer!”

“Torchic, use Focus Energy!”

“Now Tackle!”

“Dodge and use Scratch!”

“Don’t let it get away! Smokescreen!” Torchic couldn’t see its surroundings and as a result, the attack missed. “Now, Cyndaquil, use Leer!”

“Torchic, close your eyes!” Torchic’s eyes closed just in time before the Leer worked.

“Cyndaquil, Tackle!”

“Use Scratch, Torchic!” Torchic’s Scratch scored a critical hit on Cyndaquil.

“Finish this Torchic! Overheat!”


“HEY!” screamed the teacher. “No TMs allowed on campus!”

“Oh, Overheat! Cyndaquil, run up the tree to dodge and then use Spiral Tackle!” shouted Jenny confidently. She knew her plan would work.


“Cynda!” Cyndaquil’s Tackle knocked out the already exhausted Torchic.

“And the winner is Jenny and her Cyndaquil!” The teacher pulled Jenny over and told her that he would be facing her in two days time and to train as much as possible. He told her that his Pokemon was a water type at level 12.

“What about my detention?” asked Jenny.

“Oh whatever, just cancel it,” said the teacher coolly.

“Will Seto still have a detention?” asked Jenny with hope in her voice.

“Yes,” he replied. Jenny thought ‘Yes!’ in her head.

{At Room 15, about two hours later}

“We have to decide who is sleeping with who!” exclaimed Laura.

“Whatever. You sleep with him this time,” replied Jenny.

“Why does he always share a bed? Why not us two?”

“That’s sick! Just sleep with your boyfriend.”

{Seto comes back from detention}

“So, what’s up beautiful young lady and Miss Snaily,” he said coolly as he strode into the room.

Laura squealed at Seto addressing her as beautiful, while Jenny’s cheeks burned with anger. “I am not a snail!”

“Yeah, and I’m the Muffin Man.”

“You’re just jealous of my good looks.”

“Jealous? Yeah, in a million years maybe--”


“Why don’t you have to go to bed?” asked Laura.

“Cause I have to go train. Night guys! Sleep in the same bed so I can have my own tonight, will you?” explained Jenny.

“Yeah, fine,” said Laura getting into bed with Seto.

{Outside of the Academy, 9:30 PM}

“Boy, it sure is cold out here. Come out Cyndaquil!” exclaimed Jenny.


“Light up your flame!” The night world was revealed, showing many Hoothoot and Murkrow in the distance.

“Let’s battle one of these Poke--” started Jenny when she heard a startled “Po!”

“What was that?” asked Jenny. She and her Cyndaquil rushed into the forest to see a badly injured Ponyta!

“What happened to you?” asked Jenny. It just looked at her and fainted.

“Cyndaquil, light the way!”

“Cyynnnddaa!” They made it back to the hotel and Jenny fed the Ponyta some Oran Berries.

“There, there. This will get your health back up,” said Jenny calmly. The Ponyta opened its eyes and smiled gratefully at Jenny.


“Once I get started with my journey, want to come?” asked Jenny hopefully.



“Poooo… Nyy!”

“Yay, thank you! Now I just need a way to catch you…” Jenny ran around the room looking for a spare Pokeball and found one. It was well worn, but a Pokéball is a Pokéball, and it always serves its purpose no matter how old She touched it to Ponyta and it was captured without signs of a struggle.

“Yes! I caught a Ponyta!” Jenny did the victory sign.


“Now, Cyndaquil, let’s train!”


{Outside in the forest}

“Come out, Cyndaquil, Ponyta!”



“Let’s battle some wild Pokemon!”

The three battled many Murkrow and Hoothoot and even battled a Gastly! At the end of that night’s training session, the sun was rising and her Pokemon were exhausted. Jenny checked her Pokedex to see what level her Pokemon were at.

“Let’s see… Cynadaquil… Naïve Nature, Level 5, Pokemon Trainer’s Academy… Female… wait, Female? Let’s see… oh, she is level 17! And what about Ponyta? She is Naïve nature also… Level 6, Dark Woods… Female… Level 14! Good training you guys! Hey wait, I can’t have two Pokemon! Ponyta, I have to put you back inside because if you are seen, I’ll be in major trouble!” Jenny surmised. Ponyta looked sad but went back inside so her new master wouldn’t be in “major trouble” as she said.

“I guess you and me will become nocturnal, eh?” Jenny said sarcastically to Cyndaquil.


“I mean, we will sleep in the day and be awake at might like the Hoothoot and Murkrow.”

“Cynda! Cyn, cyndaquil?”

“Next time I need to sign up for Pokemon speech lessons! Sorry, I can’t understand you!”

{At the room}

“Aren’t you training?” asked Seto. He and Bulbasaur (LV. 10) were looming over her head.

“Wake me up at three,” said Jenny.

“It is three. Three-thirty,” said Laura with her Mudkip (LV 11).

“I mean three in the morning. I’ve decided to become nocturnal.”

“Your Pokemon won’t become stronger because of this!” screamed Laura shrilly.

“Sheesh! I’m up, I’m up!” Jenny spat angrily. “I trained all night, and this is what I get?!”

“You were up all night?!?” Seto and Laura asked, shocked.

“From ten til dawn.”

“That’s why you almost got egg all over yourself at breakfast!”

“Wasn’t dawn at like seven… hey, where’d she go?”

Jenny and Cyndaquil (and Ponyta) left the room for some training…

{Outside at the field}

“Could I battle you?” asked a kid with a Squirtle.

“What level?” asked Jenny.


“You’re on! Go Cyndaquil!”

“Go Squirtle! Bubble!”

“Use Quick Attack! Then, Ember!”

Cyndaquil dodged the bubbles with Quick Attack and damaged Squirtle with Ember. The battle was far from over, though.

“Use Tackle!”

“Use your Leer, Cyndaquil!”

Squirtle froze in its tracks.

“Good! Now finish it with Quick Attack!”

Jenny crushed the Squirtle and almost reached Level 18. Suddenly, she heard a growl.

“Noct…owl!” She was angry because Jenny’s Cyndaquil injured her baby Hoothoot last night and wanted revenge.

“You want revenge, don’t you? Okay Cyndaquil, let’s go! Use Ember!” Quickly, Jenny checked her Pokedex and saw the Noctowl was Level 17 just like her Cyndaquil!

“Cyndaquil, be careful. She’s strong.”

“Cynda,” she replied confidently.


“Watch out for its Peck! Dodge up the tree and use Smokescreen below!”

Noctowl got lost in the smoke and wandered into Cyndaquil’s range of vision.

“Singe it with Ember!”

Soon, a crowd had gathered. That Noctowl looked strong, and everyone thought she couldn’t win. But many people wanted to see her try. The poor Noctowl‘s wing was singed by Cyndaquil‘s Ember attack. Suddenly, out of nowhere a Great Ball was thrown at the Noctowl, and everyone looked back to see their teacher.

“That’s enough. That Noctowl was level 17, much too much for your Cyndaquil. It couldn’t be level 17 or higher yet,” said the teacher.

“If he only knew…” thought Jenny. “Come on Cyndaquil, let’s train some more!”


“Hey, Jenny, battle you!” challenged Seto.

“You’re on!” she replied.

“Go Bulbasaur!”

“Go Cyndaquil!

“Use Leech Seed!”

“Dodge and use Ember!”

“Jump with your vines!”

“Hmm, level 13 at least…” thought Jenny. “Use Smokescreen!”

Bulbasaur couldn’t see through the thick black smoke.

“Use Ember!”

“Try to dodge!”

Bulbasaur was hit, and fainted.

“Good try Bulbasaur. We thought we had you beat. We are the strongest team registered at this campus.”

“I guess I didn’t register.”

“Ha ha.”

“No, really.”

“What level are you?”

“Can’t tell you.”

“Then you must still be a wimp.”

“Oh please. I could crush you any day.”

“When I have a Ivysaur, you’ll be sorry!”

“When my Cyndaquil kicks your sorry excuse for a Pokémon’s butt, you’ll be the sorry one! Oh well, I have to go back to training!”

“Smell ya later!”

Jenny was training and training and training. She then came across a Wooper level 15 that just started attacking for no reason. Since there was no one around, she decided to use Ponyta.

“Ponyta, use Agility!”

Wooper used Water Gun, but it missed. It also tried Mud Slap, but it was a narrow miss.

“Use Stomp!”


Wooper took a hart hit, leaving its HP in the red zone.

“Now, use Stomp one more time!”

That blow knocked out the Wooper, making Ponyta level 15. She quickly recalled her Pokemon before anyone noticed.

“TIME FOR DINNER! EVERYONE IN!” screamed the person on the P/A.

“Let’s go, Cyndaquil. Remember to save some for Ponyta!”

“Cyn da.”

{At the dinner hall}

“Why did you try to take on that Noctowl? It would’ve crushed you!” scolded the teacher.

“I’m sorry sir. I thought…” began Jenny in mock guilt.


“I’m sorry sir…”

“Apologize to Cyndaquil.”

“I’m sorry Cyndaquil.”


“Good, he has forgiven you.”

“You mean she?”

“No, I mean he.”





“Forget it! I know my Cyndaquil is a female, whether you believe it or not!”

“Cyn da!”

“It couldn’t be.” He checked his Pokedex and saw she was right. “Oh, I’m sorry.” He closed it before he could see the level. Jenny wanted her Pokemon’s level to be a surprise. The teacher thought Jenny only spent an hour or so training, but he was wrong. She took advantage of all her time. Everyone ate and finished their food except Cyndaquil.

“Buddy, aren’t you hungry?” asked Jenny. She knew why she wasn’t eating, though.

“Cyn. Cynda, quil cynquil.”

“Okay. Um, I wish I knew what that meant…”



{Outside, at 9:30 PM}

“Come out Cyndaquil, Ponyta. Here, eat this Ponyta. Sorry I had to take your food, Cyndaquil.”

“Cyn cyn.”

“I guess that means that’s fine?”

“Cynda!” She was nodding happily because her master understood her.

“Okay, when you finish, Ponyta, let’s train!”

They trained again from ten til dawn, at six this time. Her Pokemon were Cyndaquil: Level 22 and Ponyta: Level 17.

“Ponyta, return. That’s enough for one night. Cyndaquil, are you ready?”


“I guess you’re all fired up!”


Jenny made a BIG yawn from her lack of sleep.

“Jenny, please report to the battle field in one hour!” announced the teacher on the P/A.

“Yay, one hour of sleep. Cyndaquil?”


“Good ide--zzzzzz…”

{One hour later}


“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Laura, don’t scare me like that!”

“Well, it’s battle time!”

“Okay. Come out Cyndaquil!”


“Are you ready!”


{At the battlefield}

“Trainers, choose your Pokemon!” said the dude.

“Go, Vaporeon,” said Teacher. The sleek, bluish water fox hopped out, raring to go.

“Go Cyndaquil! Make your move!”

“Water Pulse.”

“Dodge up the tree!”

“Acid Armor.”


“Sand Attack.”

“Run up the tree higher, and then use Leer twice!”

“Ah, so she knows the effect of Acid Armor…” thought the teacher. “Use Hydro Pump.”


The attack hit, causing Vaporeon to faint and Cyndaquil to grow to Level 23! Then, she started glowing and becoming bigger.

“I--it’s evolving to Quilava!” stammered the shocked Jenny.

“Quil…Ava!” exclaimed Cyn--no, Quilava!

“Now we’re talking,” said Jenny happily. With Quilava and Ponyta, no one in the whole campus could stop her…

A/N: Part one, revised! One of the character’s personalities I didn’t like, so I changed it. Hope you enjoyed it!