Know the Unknown 5

Characters + Ages:

Yugi: 14

Seto: 18

Ash: 12

Laura: 12

Jennifer: 11

Molly: 11

Disclaimer: Do you get it yet? Don’t own Pokemon OR Yu-Gi-Oh. Get it?

{At the battle field…}

Molly: Let’s show ‘em why you’re the best Phanpy EVER!

Phanpy: Phanpy phan phan! (Yes, I’ll crush ‘em!)

Phanpy carried out its Fissure.

Ash: Pikachu!

Laura: What do we do?

Yugi: Pikachu! Jump!

Yugi’s Pikachu: Pika! (Yeah!)

Yugi’s Pikachu jumped and evaded the attack. The other two Pikachu didn’t seem so lucky.

Ash: Pikachu! You okay?

Ash’s Pikachu: Pika pi (I’m alright)

Ash: Okay, return.

Laura: Pikachu, you return as well.

Laura’s Pikachu: Pi--ka (Okay)

Yugi: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

Pikachu {there’s only one left, so you know who’s it is}: Pika! (Yes sir!)

Pikachu’s cheeks glowed a yellowish color. Then, electricity hit its target, Phanpy!

Molly: You think THAT’LL work? You must be KIDDING ME! Phanpy, shake it off.

Phanpy: Pha ohh! (Yeah!)

Yugi: What?

Molly: Phanpy are ground types, so they can’t be hurt by your pathetic Pikachu.

Pikachu gasps.

Pikachu: Pika?! (What?!)

Yugi: Oh no. Pikachu, use Flash attack!

Pikachu: Pika! Pika pi, pikachu! (Yeah! We’ll show ‘em now!)

The blinding Flash showed that Phanpy. It was dazed.

Molly: Oh no! Phanpy!

Yugi: Finish it Pikachu! Hyper Beam!

Molly: You’re kidding! A Pikachu that-- OM MY GOSH!

Pikachu WAS using Hyper Beam, and Phanpy was knocked out.

Molly: I’ll get you excuses for people, I will…

{Meanwhile, in the middle of nowhere…}

Charizard: Char, charizard! (Cheer up!)

Seto: What do you know.

Charizard: Char, char char! Charizard? (You’re not acting right! What’s up?)

Seto didn’t like to see the worry in his friend’s eyes.

Seto: I just don’t feel well.

It was the truth. Charizard believed him.

Charizard: Char. Chari, char zard, charizard. (Of course. I guess we’d better get back to the others.)

Seto sighed.

Seto: Yeah, Jennifer, lets.

{Back at the battleground…}

Yugi: Where are they?

Laura: Don’t know. Yugi, you were last with him. Can you tell me what he said?

Yugi: Okay. First, he was writing something down and I asked him what it was. He said I didn’t need to know, and then I started crying. I wouldn’t go away, so he left.

Laura: That’s strange…

Ash: Hey, I think I see them!

Sure enough, a Charizard could be made out of the shadows.

Pikachu {Ash’s of course}: Pika! Pika pi? (Hey! Where were you?)

Seto: Nowhere.

Charizard put a Translator, a special device, in her mouth so the others could understand her.

Charizard: Hey! Seto is being very depressed.

Yugi: He looks the same size as before…


Yugi: Oh.

Laura: I just realized something…

A/N: Meh. What did she realize? You’ll find out soon. You might have realized it already, though…