Know the Unknown 6

Characters + Ages:

Yugi: 14

Seto: 18

Ash: 12

Laura: 12

Jennifer: 11

Molly: 11

Disclaimer: If I owned Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh, I wouldn’t be living in a rented house. See, that shows how poor I am.

{Back at the battleground…}

All: What is it?

Laura: Seto can understand Poke-talk!

Seto: Can not!

Laura: Can too! When you came in you said ‘Nowhere’, but we hadn’t said anything! That’s when I realized that Pikachu had said something before you entered, so I believe you understood what Pikachu was saying.

Seto: That’s just crazy!

Charizard: Can I let you off or what? I want to be human again!

Seto: Oh, right.

He gets off of Charizard’s back and she turns back into Jennifer and spits out the Translator.

Jennifer: Hmmph. Looks like I won’t be needing that. Oh, and if you can’t speak Poke-talk, then how did you understand me when I was talking to you in my Charizard form? I didn’t put in the Translator ‘til after we landed.

Seto: I-- uhhh…

Jennifer: I think he can understand Poke-talk.

All (except Seto & Jennifer): COOL!

Pikachu: Pika, pi pika chu. (It ain’t that cool to me.)

Seto: Duh! That’s cause you’re already a Pokemon!

Laura: See, he understood what Pikachu just said.

Seto: No, Pikachu learned to speak English.

Laura: Did not!

Seto: Did too!

Jennifer: SHUT UP! This isn’t helping anything! We’d best get out of here before that maniac, Molly, comes back.

Ash sighs.

Ash: Yeah, before she turns us into dolls.

{Molly’s room…}

Molly: That blasted Charizard…

Entei: I am mad that you are mad.

Molly: That’s nice… well I would call you papa, but I’ve reduced you to slave, ‘kay?

Entei sighs.

Entei: If that is what you wish.

Molly: Now, my slave, take me to those lowly humans.

Entei: If that is what you wish.

Molly: Don’t you get tired of saying the same things over and over?

Entei: No.


Entei: If that is what you wish.

{Up a third flight of stairs…}

Yugi: Where are we?

Jennifer: We’re in someone’s room.

Seto: Well, if that wasn’t painfully obvious.

Entei: Looks like we don’t have to go anywhere, the “lowly humans” have come to us.

Jennifer: Molly! You witch!

Molly: Whatever do you mean?

Jennifer glares at Molly.

Jennifer: You know PERFECTLY WELL what I mean.

Molly: Oh?

Ash & Yugi: Stop acting like an idiot!

Molly: How insulting. Go Flaffy! Show them no mercy.

The crystal ball let lose a surge of red energy revealing a pink and white sheep.

Molly: Flaffy, use Thunder Punch!

Flaffy: Flaffy, fla! (Yes, yes!)

Jennifer & Seto: Go Pikachu!

Pikachus: Pika! (Yeah!)

Molly: That’s strange, they’ve been doing things in synchronized motion lately… oh well, Flaffy, carry out your attack!

Flaffy came at the Pikachus with a fist full of thunder!

Jennifer & Seto: Dodge!

Pikachus: Pika! (Yeah!)

The two barely dodged the attack.

Seto: Pikachu, Thunder!

Seto’s Pikachu: Pika! Pi pika chu. (Yeah! I’ll show ’em.)

Jennifer: Pikachu, use your Shock Wave!

Jennifer’s Pikachu: Pika! Pipi, pika pi. (Yeah! *In a mocking tone* If that is what you wish.)

Jennifer and Seto laugh.

Others: What?

Jennifer & Seto: Nothing.

The two Pikachu attacked and hit their target. Being a electric type as well, Flaffy was hardly damaged.

Molly: Flaffy, use Earthquake!

Jennifer & Seto: What?!?

Flaffy carried out its attack.

Jennifer: Pikachu! Quick Attack!

Seto: Pikachu! Agility!

Pikachus: Pika! (Yeah!)

They dodged the attack.

Seto: I’ll finish this, kid.

Jennifer: Okay. Strut your stuff!

Seto: Pikachu, Dragonbreath!

Molly: A Pikachu knowing Hyper Beam was stupid enou-- OH MY GOSH!

Pikachu WAS using Dragonbreath and knocked out Flaffy.

Molly: Ugg… Flaffy return.

Flaffy: Flaaa… (Oww…)

Seto: Ready for more?

Molly: Sure. Kingdra, go!

Kingdra: King draa! (Battle time!)

Seto: Pikachu, Dragonbreath again!

Molly: Oh no you don’t! Kingdra, Twister!

Kingdra’s Twister made Pikachu faint.

Seto: Pikachu, return! Go, Skarmory!

Yugi: I’ll help too. Go, Poke-ball!

Inside the Poke-ball was a Marshtomp.

Seto: Skarmory, Steel Wing!

Yugi: Marshtomp, Mud Shot!

Their combined attacks defeated Kingdra.

Molly: Oh no! Kingdra, return! Go Papa!

Entei: Yes.

Jennifer: Entei is a legendary Pokemon. Things could get ugly…

A/N: Well, a mini-cliffhanger. I’m not good at that kind of thing. Hehehehehe… I still haven’t told you Jennifer’s greatest sort of secret (she told Mokie and Seto) or Molly’s special power! Sorry, I just keep forgetting over and over…