Know the Unknown 7

A/N Okay, if you read the other chapters, you should know the ages of the kids.

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{In Molly’s room…}

Molly: My slave, attack those buffoons!

Entei: Yes.

Seto: Jennifer! Let’s show them!

Jennifer was one step ahead of Seto, she was already transforming.

Charizard: Rawrr!

Entei: You think you can defeat me? {This line came directly from the movie, along with a couple other lines…}

Seto: No.

Charizard: Char! Char, chari, zar zard! (You’re supposed to say ‘I’m not going to lose to some illusion’!)

Seto: You’ve been watching Pokemon 3 the Movie too much.

Charizard: Charizard! (Get on with it!)

Seto: Use Flamethower!

Charizard: Rawrr!

Charizard is powering up for it’s next attack…

Molly: Papa, attack it!

Entei: As you wish.

Molly: Yay, you said something different!

Entei: I am happy that you are happy.

Entei attacked with a purple orb attack.

Charizard: Char! (Woah!)

Charizard barely dodged Entei’s ferocious attack.

Seto: Come on Jennifer! Is that the best you can do?

Charizard: Char, char, char, char char, char? Charzard. (Could… YOU do any better?)

Seto: Probably.

Charizard: Let’s see you, then!

Seto: Sorry, I’m busy right now.

{insert anime sweat drop now}

{I’m getting lazy, so I won’t have the Pokemon talk in their native language right now}

Molly: Hey Papa-- ermm slave. Attack them while they are arguing!

Entei: Good idea dear.

Molly: Thank you, but now you must call me “master” or “ma’am”.

Entei sighs.

Entei launches his blue blast attack and hits Charizard squarely. She falls into one of Entei’s crystal platforms. She falls to the ground with nothing left.

Entei: This will end it.

That’s when Molly noticed something. That was Jennifer, her friend!

Molly: Stop!

Entei stopped powering up for its attack. All the kids suddenly {I know, everything is sudden} turn back into their old selves!

Molly: Thank you, Entei. I think I’m better off in the real world.

Entei: Goodbye, my child.

All: Bye Entei!

Entei: Keep me close in your dreams…