Misty: I am Misty Waterflower the greatest Water Pokemon trainer in the world!

Me: Hi Misty and welcome aboard me pirate ship.

Misty: Thanks Captain Bones. By the way where do you sail to?

Me: Anywhere the wind is blowing! But this time we are going to a tropical island paradise.

Misty: Wow this is great!

Me: They have good food, a nice hotel near the beach and a lake at the center of the island.

Misty: Great I love to swim.

Me: Oh I almost forget, there is a swimming pool at the hotel, and your friends are there.

Misty: Do you mean the villagers will welcome me?

Me: Yes. But enough about this let me do the Disclaimer and notes before we get this show to sea.

Disclaimer: I am Michael Creasey and if you think that I don't own Pokemon like the other authors, your right! But I do watch Pokemon. And I am a Misty fan. But to tell you the truth I never did and never will see the Hoenn special episodes because they are only shown in Japan and I live in the United States.

Authors note: This is my very first fanfic. Don't ask me why I called myself Captain Bones. I have my reasons. There is no Ash, no Brock and no Team Rocket. This story happen a day after Misty returned home from Hoenn. Now on with the story


By Captain Bones

Chapter 1:


It was a nice sunny day at Cerulean City. Misty Waterflower the Cerulean City's Gym leader was eating lunch with her 3 big sisters Daisy, Violet and Lily while telling them about what happen to her togepi at the Hoenn region.

Daisy:(Surprised) You mean that cute thing really evolved?

Misty: Yeah it did, and it was still so cute.

Violet: Wow that's amazing.

Lily: But how did you like beat that bad man's Pokemon.

Misty: (Smiling) It was hit by a flamethrower from my Gyarados.

Daisy: Oh yea that.

Misty: By the way, why did you bring me a Gyarados?

Violet: We like thought it would help you become a water Pokemon master.

Misty: While I was traveling with Ash, I was afraid of Gyarados remember?

Lily: True, but you were like successful to face your fear of Gyarados.

Daisy: Now your not afraid of Gyarados anymore Misty.

Misty: (Sadly) Yeah your right, I'm sorry.

Daisy: Like don't be sad Misty is not your fault.

Misty: I almost forget Ash, Brock, May & Max will come here after the Hoenn League.

Daisy: Really?

Misty: Yeah.

Daisy, Violet and Lily: Cool!


When they finished their lunch, Misty went in her room.

Lily: I wonder why Misty like went in her room.

Daisy: Did I hurt her feeling? I did say it not her fault.

Violet: Maybe she like has something on her mind.

Daisy: I go check on her.

Violet: While you do that I'll clean the table and Lily will like watch the door for any challengers.

Lily: (Looking out the window) I hope Misty is feeling ok when she battle another trainer if one comes.

In Misty room

Misty: (Thinking) Ash, Brock, May and Max it was nice to be with you.

Back in the kitchen

Violet: Hey any challengers yet Lily?

Lily: Not yet .Good luck Misty.


A/N: So what do you think mates? Every time dinner is ready at night the anchor is dropped and the chapter ends. After everyone finishes eating we turn in for the night. The next chapter will come as soon as I can write it. See you next time mates. Arrrrrrrrgh. Captain Bones

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