Me: Did you enjoy your breakfast Misty?

Misty: Yes I did.

Me: Good, now we continue our voyage.

Misty: Oh I can't wait, I'm coming Ash!

Me: Crew! Lift the anchor and set the sails!

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By Captain Bones

Chapter 2


It was a quiet afternoon at the Cerulean City Gym. Every trainer that doesn't have a Cascade badge to enter the Pokemon Indego league hasn't shown up all morning.

Lily: God it 12:00 P.M. already and like not 1 trainer came to try to win a gym battle for the Cascade badge.

Violet: Yeah that is like strange.

Lily: I wonder like what is wrong with Misty.

Violet: Maybe she needs to like lay down or something.

In Misty's room

Misty was looking at a picture of herself with Ash and Brock walking on a path with happy faces.

Misty: (Thinking) I wish Ash would help me overcome my fear of bug pokemon.

Daisy: Misty are you like ok in there?

Misty: Yeah I'm fine!

Daisy: I didn't hunt your feeling, did I?

Misty: No. It was just something on my mind.

Daisy: OK.

Daisy walked back downstairs to tell Violet and Lily what Misty said

Violet: So what's like wrong with Misty?

Daisy: Nothing she just like had something on her mind.

Before Violet can say anything about Daisy's answer they turned their heads and saw Misty in her aqua blue swimsuit.

Misty: There's something I need to tell you.

Daisy & Violet: Go ahead.

Misty: The thing that was on my mind was my fear of bug pokemon.

Violet: Oh I like understand.

Misty: I can get that off my mind by taking a swim.

Daisy: Great! We'll watch you.

Lily: At least we will have something to do since no one like came to battle for the badge.

Violet: Like how strange.

Well this is the end of this chapter. The next one might be normal in the beginning, but later on it will be scary.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Captain Bones