Me: I wish I did this earlier mates.

Misty: Why Captain Bones?

Me: Something scary will happen.

Misty: Really?

Me: Yes. And the best time to write something scary is on Halloween day, or night.

Misty: I'm not afraid of Ghost am I?

Me: No. You will prove it in this story.

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By Captain Bones

Chapter 3


Misty dived in the pool and made a big splash. As started the underwater freestyle her sisters watched her happily. When she saw her Dewgong swim with her Corsola behind it Misty realized that they were playing follow the leader. Misty started to swim around doing all kinds of swimming techniques that her sisters enjoyed watching. Lily was also happy, but she was also worried. She still wonder why no pokemon trainer came to battle Misty for a Cascade badge.

5:00 P.M.

Misty got out of the pool and put on a towel to dry off. While she was in her room getting dress in her pj's, Daisy was cooking while Violet and Lily was setting the table. When Misty finish dressing she laid down on her bed to rest.

Violet and Lily: Table is set.

Daisy: Good. Violet went dinner is ready, tell Lily so she could like call Misty ok?

Violet: Got it!

Violet sat near the entrance of the kitchen while Lily was standing at the door to Misty's room waiting for dinner to be ready.

1 hour later

Daisy: Violet tell Lily to call Misty down for dinner.

Violet: Lily time to call Misty to dinner.

When Lily heard Violet's call she knocked on Misty's door.

Misty: (opening the door) Yes?

Lily: Dinner is ready.

Misty: Yeah!

Lily: Like it's roast beef tonight.

Misty: Yummy.

After dinner the 4 sensational sisters put the dishes in the dish washer. After that they sat down to have pumpkin pie for dessert.

All of a sudden heard a strange and unknown sound from outside.

Violet: Like what was that sound?

Misty: I'll go see.

Daisy: Please like be careful.

Misty looked outside and saw nothing but the ground in the moonlight.

Misty: (returning to the kitchen) I didn't see anything.

Daisy: Perhaps it was the GHOST of Captain Blue Beard Smith.

Violet: A G-G-G-G-Ghost!?

Lily: Like who is this Captain?

Daisy: Long ago about like 30 years ago. A good hearted pirate named Ryan Smith sailed the 7 seas to find a treasure of gold and anything that would benefit mankind. It was found on a island far from Kanto. Inside was also a strange stone, a stone that can turn a certain female water pokemon trainer into a mermaid. He wanted to know who is that certain person, but that person wasn't born yet. So he sailed to find a scientist that might find out who she is by looking in the stone to see the face and the name of the trainer. However he lost it when a storm came.

Begin Flashback

Crewman1: Captain we are caught in a storm!

Captain: There is a terrible one! Quick we must get out of it!

Crewman 2: But sir the only way to do is the fight it and its too strong!

Captain: Maybe so but it might be our only chance to survive!

First mate: What should we do, use our pokemon?

Captain: Everyone call your pokemon and prepare to fight for survival!

The other men: Aye Captain!

The strong waves rocked the ship a lot and it made them all unable to call their pokemon.

Crewman 3: It's useless we can't open the pokeballs!

Captain: Keep trying men!

First mate: We are Captain Blue Beard Smith!

Suddenly the stone slid down when a wave hit the ship hard

Captain: The stone! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

End Flashback

Daisy: The stone fell overboard and the ship was push farther away from where it landed.

Violet: Oh that terrible.

Lily: Like totally.

Misty: What's the rest of the story Daisy?

Daisy: Well some part of it might like shock you Misty. So get ready for a big surprise.

Misty: Ok

Daisy: When they were 1and1/2 miles away from where the stone landed, a giant wave appear and broke the ship almost completely in half. The ship bottom had been broken apart and it cause the ship to sink. Sadly the treasure and everyone on board also sank. They train water pokemon like we do. When all the pokemon were released the pirates drowned. It was too late to be saved. And before the captain drowned he saw a vision of the certain person.

Violet: Gosh what a sad story.

Misty: (Crying) Yeah very sad.

Lily: (Looking sad) Like totally.

Daisy: Oh and according to the legend the person is you Misty.

Misty: WHAT!? It can't be!

Daisy: There are some rumors that like you are the chosen one.

Misty: But how can he know.

Daisy: Some people say that they saw his ghost.

Violet: And like they been watching you, even while you were like traveling with your friends.

Misty: I do believe in ghost pokemon, but I don't believe in ghost pirates.

Lily: Maybe this news report on the TV will change your mind.


Reporter: We take you live to the Hoenn region Harbor with David Robinson.

David: Thanks Tony I'm standing here with Steven the captain of the cargo ship that arrived an hour ago. So tell me what happen last night?

Steven: Well we were on our ship carrying pokemon medicine to the pokemon center in the nearest town. And 3 minutes before midnight we were in a fog and then the ghost ship of Blue Beard Smith the pirate appeared. When I saw him on his ship he just stood there and talked to me and my crew.

Begin flashback ...again

Ghost pirate: Greeting living humans, This is the ghost of Captain Blue Beard Smith!

Sailor: AHH! Ghost pirates!

Ghost pirate: Don't fear me I here to speak with your captain!

First mate: Sir the ghost of Ryan Blue Beard Smith wants to talk to you.

Steven: (on the bridge) I'm here! You may now speak to me!

Ghost pirate: This is where my ship sank 30 years ago.

Steven: Forgive me I didn't mean to be here!

Ghost pirate: Don't worry I just want you to know that in 2 minutes you will be out of this fog!

Steven: I thank you for the advice Ryan.

Ghost pirate: I am searching of the girl that can find our treasure so our spirts can be free and go to heaven!

Steven: Just Yesterday she went on a blimp to return to her home.

Ghost pirate: Thanks for your help, I will meet her on the night of the next full moon.

Steven: Anything else I can do for you?

Ghost pirate: No Steven. I must sail to Kanto now.

Steven: Ok good luck.

Ghost pirate: Let the other living people know that you saw me, so they can believe in me.

Steven: I will.

Ghost pirate: Thank you friend and good night.

End flashback

on TV

Steven: He smiled and waved goodbye at me, then his ghost ship disappeared.

David: Do you know who the girl is?

Steven: Yes. It's Misty Waterflower. I saw her in kanto before sailing. Oh and the full moon is tomorrow.

David: Well it looks like Misty's reunite with Ash was short and she has returned to the Gym.

David: This is David Robinson at the Hoenn region harbor, back to you Tony in the studio.

Daisy turned off the TV and looked at Misty.

Daisy: Misty are you ok.

Violet: You look like you seen a ghost. Oops!

Misty: I'm fine just a little surprised.

Lily: Now do you like believe in ghost?

Misty: Yeah. I don't know what to say. Well I going to sleep now. I need some rest so I can battle a trainer.

Daisy: But Misty like the Gym is closed tomorrow.

Misty: I think every time I dream about Ash and Brock I will feel much better in the morning.

Violet: Your right. Good night.

Daisy: (Whispering) I think she loves Ash.

Violet: She does.

Lily: Like totally.

At night

Misty was asleep. She was dreaming about the time Ash and Brock helped her win the pokemon doll set.

A/N: That happen in the pokemon episode PRINCESS VERSUS PRINCESS.

While she was asleep one of Ryan's ghost pirate crewman came though the window certain. It flew under Misty's bed sheets until his head was right next to Misty. (A/N: If you watch or seen the movie THE HAUNTING, your see what I mean.)

The ghost: Misty. Misty.

Misty: (Opening her eyes) Huh?

The ghost: Please clam down water girl.

Misty: Do you think I afraid?

The ghost: No. But you look frighten, I see it in your aqua blue eyes.

Misty: Who are you?

The ghost: I'm Zak one of Captain Blue Beard's ghost pirates. I sorry for frightening you.

Misty: It's ok. I not afraid of ghost.

Zak: The captain will see you tomorrow and he will take you to the ship. He needs your help. You must help us.

Misty: You mean help him find the stone and the treasure right?

Zak: Yes. Misty help us.

After saying help us the ghost disappear and Misty fell asleep.

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Captain Bones