Me: Ahoy mates its time to start another chapter!

Misty: Hey Captain Bones! How long as it been since we sailed?

Me: Only 3 days.

Misty: Okay.

Me: If we don't get to the island in 4 days we will have cabin fever.

Misty: Oh dear, I hate cabin fever!

Me: (To the crew) Build the main sail!

Crew: Aye I Captain!

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By Captain Bones



Misty woke up a little confused. She wondered if was happen last night was real.

Misty: Did I really see a ghost pirate, or was it a dream?

Misty went downstairs to eat breakfast with her sisters. When they saw her, they wondered if she was ok.

Daisy: Are you ok Misty?

Violet: You look like your worried.

Lily: Is there something wrong?

Misty: No I'm fine. It's just that I think I saw one of the ghost pirates.

Daisy: Do you like really saw one?

Misty: Either that or it was a dream.

Lily: Maybe breakfast will help you feel better.

Violet: By the way what did the ghost looked like?

Misty: Well it was wearing a bandana, a striped T-shirt and torn pants.

Lily: You mean he was like one of these crewmen right?

Misty: Yeah.

Daisy: If you eat breakfast the feeling will like go away.

Misty: (Happiness) Yeah lets eat!

They had pancakes, bacon and eggs for breakfast. Misty's feeling of seeing a ghost pirate did go away. When they finish eating, Misty decide to train her water pokemon, so they can become stronger than any pokemon a challenger would use to battle.

Misty: I gonna train my pokemon for a while.

Daisy: Good idea.

Violet: Yeah if a challenger like comes to battle you tomorrow, you will be a winner no matter what.

Misty: Thanks.

Misty trained her pokemon for hours and they did become stronger. Lily watched her train and she was impress.

Lily: Wow your pokemon are better than I though.

Misty: Thanks Lily.

Lily: Hey Misty. Why don't you and me like have a battle to test your skills?

Misty: OK.

As Misty and Lily were ready to battle Violet went in the stands to watch while Daisy went to the pool to referee the match.

Daisy: Like this a official water pokemon battle. This will be a 3 on 3 battle between 2 of the 4 sensational sisters Misty and Lily!

Violet: This will be a good battle.

Lily: Ok I choose Shellder!

Misty: Ok then. Misty calls Staryu!

Daisy: Round 1 is Misty's Staryu vs Lily's Shellder. Let the battle begin!

Lily: Shellder tackle attack!

Lily's Shellder hit Misty's Staryu hard, but it wasn't defeated yet.

Misty: Staryu swift attack now!

Staryu's Swift attack did heavy damage on Shellder. Violet looked surprised, but also amazed.

Violet: Both pokemon are tried already? Wow!

Misty: Staryu spin attack!

In no time Staryu defeated Shellder with it's spin attack.

Daisy: Shellder is defeated Misty wins the first round!

Lily: Shellder return! You did your best Shellder. You better rest now.

Misty: You did great Staryu. I might need you later, so you better rest in your pokeball.

Violet: (Thinking) Misty is calling her Staryu back. She is smart.

Lily: Go Goldeen!

The orange fish pokemon came out of his pokeball in the water.

Misty: A underwater battle huh? Well then, Misty calls Corsola!

Corsola: Corsola (I'm ready!)

Daisy: It's Misty's Corsola Versus Lily's Goldeen. Let the battle begin!

Lily: Goldeen horn drill!

Misty: Corsola spike cannons!

Misty's Colsola stopped Goodeen with his attack and Goldeen was down and out with one hit.

Lily: (Surprised) What?

Daisy: Goldeen is out of the match Misty win the round!

Lily's Goldeen returned to it pokeball while Misty's Colsola stayed.

Lily: You trained your pokemon well Misty. But I still have a chance.

Misty: I can't disagree with that, or can I?

Lily: I choose you Seaking!

Misty: Are you ready Colsola?

Colsola: Colsola (Yes Misty)

Violet: I never thought Misty could be that strong.

Daisy: It's now Colsola against Seaking! Let the battle begin!

Lily: Seaking use horn drill!

Seaking's horn drill did a good amount of damage to Colsola, but it still some energy left.

Misty: Colsola recover!

Lily: Oh no not recover!

Misty's Colsola was back to normal.

Misty: Ok. Colsola tackle attack!

Lily: Seaking use your tackle!

Violet: It look even.

Lily"s Seaking moved backwards until it gently hit the wall.

Misty: Colsola tackle attack!

Lily: Dodge it Seaking!

Seaking moved out of the way in time. Colsola crushed in the edge of the pool.

Lily: Quick! Seaking use horn drill before it use recover!

Misty: Colsola look out!

Seaking hit Colsola hard and Colsola fainted.

Daisy: Colsola is unable to battle the round goes to Lily!

Lily: Alright!

Misty: Colsola return! It's alright Colsola, you fought well.

Violet: Hey girls it's like almost sunset please finish!

Lily: It might talk a while.

Misty: I hate to do this, but I can't wait to eat.

Lily: What do you like mean Misty ?

Misty: It's means Misty calls Gyarados!

Lily: Oh no not that!

Daisy: It's now a battle between Misty's Gyarados and Lily's Seaking. Let the begin!

Misty: Gyarados Hyper Beam now!

Misty's Gyarados knocked out Lily's Seaking with it's hyper beam.

Daisy: Seaking is eliminated the winner of the match is Misty!

Misty: Yippee! Yea! I won! I won! I won!

Lily: (Looking sad) She beat me.

Violet: amazing.

Lily: Thanks Seaking, You did your best.

Daisy: Now that the battle is over I go cook dinner.

Speaking about IS OVER. The chapter is over. But the story is not. It took me a long time to finish this one. I hope you like it so far. Since it was raining this morning I don't have to go to work because it's a outside job. So I am finished with this chapter. Wait until you read the next one. I gotta go now dinner is ready. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.

Captain Bones