Me: Ah good morning Misty

Misty: Good morning

Me: Ready for the next chapter?

Misty: Oh yes.

Me All men, Let's sail!

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By Captain Bones



Misty looked at the night sky wondering if what Zak said was true.

Misty: (thinking) What if I'm not home before sunrise? What would my sister do? And will they believe me when I tell them?

Daisy: It's like dinner time Misty.

Misty: Coming.

Violet: Like tonight it's fried chicken.

Misty: Alright my favorite!

While eating Misty still wonder about last night.

Lily: What wrong Misty? Do something bad like happen to Ash?

Misty: I don't know, but there is something I need to tell you.

Daisy: Go ahead.

Misty: I did see a ghost pirate last night

Violet: Oh I see.

Misty: Last night he said the captain will take me to his ship.

Lily: No! It's can't happen to you!

Daisy: Don't worry we'll make sure that no ghost will kidnap you.

Misty: Thanks.

After having dinner Misty went in the bathroom to take a shower.

Misty: I wonder how I became the chosen one.

Daisy: Remember when Misty like comes out of there and in her room. Guard the door.

Lily & Violet: OK.

Misty left the bathroom and went in her room to change. When she closed the door, her sisters stand in front of it to protect her from a ghost. But they forget about Misty's window.

Daisy: With us here Misty will like be safe.

Violet: She sure will.

Lily: Like Totally.

In Misty's room

Misty was sitting on her bed with a towel wrapped around her. Before she can unwrap herself, she heard a strange voice.

The voice: Misty.

Misty: (Turning around) Who's there?

The voice: Misty.

Misty: (Scared) Ah.

The voice: Don't be afraid.

Misty: Captain Blue Bread Smith?

Captain: Yes It's me.

Misty: I met the ghost of one of your crew members last night.

Captain: It was my third mate Zak.

Misty: It's nice to meet you Captain.

Captain: Come Misty. Onboard me ghost pirate ship.

Misty: But Captain I not wearing any clothes.

Captain: So you are covering your body with that towel right?

Misty: Yeah. You don't want your crew to see me naked do you.

Captain: (Laughing pirate style) Of course not, put on your swimsuit.

Misty: OK.

Captain: It doesn't matter which color it is.

Misty: I'll wear my aqua blue one.

Captain: Perfect choice water girl.

Misty's sisters didn't hear a word at all. So they think Misty is asleep.

Daisy: (Whispering) Let's like sleep here tonight.

Violet: (Whispering) Good idea.

Lily: (Whispering) Like totally. Misty is safe in bed.

After Misty put on her swimsuit Captain Blue Beard Smith took her by the hand and flew out the window with her.

Captain: Before we get onboard the ship let check on Ash.

Misty: Great! I hope he's alright.

As they reach a pokemon center in Hoenn they looked through a window and saw Ash, Pikichu, Brock, May and Max asleep in bed and they were all ok.

In the Pokemon Center

Brock: (Dreaming) Nurse Joy I love you so much

Outside the Pokemon Center

Misty: Un Still the same old Brock, always in love with lots of girls.

Captain: By the way Max was doing what you did to Brock when he act nuts over girls.

Misty: Gosh I wonder if he is doing it, as good as I did.

They flew across Hoenn until they found the sea.

1 hour later

Captain: There it is Misty near that orange league island.

Misty: Wow! It's looks great, and near the island where Ash and I met Tracey.

Captain: All aboard Misty Waterflower!

Well it's time to eat. Drop Anchor! This is the end of this chapter. HAPPY NEW YEAR! from Captain Bones