Me: Ahoy mates! Bones the good hearted pirate is here!

Misty: Look Captain Bones a tentacurel!

Me: You might one day catch one.

Misty: I wish I did.

Me: Wishes can come true.

Misty: I can't wait to see Ash again.

Disclaimer: #1.I don't own pokemon and #2. Welcome to the year 2005!

Authors notes: There is something in this story that Daisy didn't tell Misty, Violet and Lily about. It might or might not surprise you. But why didn't she tell them? You find out in this chapter. Enjoy


by Captain Bones



On a cold night Misty was looking at the bright stars while siting on the deck of the pirate ghost ship. The crew got everything ready to sail off. Everyone was waiting of Captain Blue Beard Smith to give the orders.

Captain: Misty what's wrong?

Misty: Nothing. I am just looking the beautiful stars.

Captain: Yeah. I used to do that when was a lad.

Misty: Hey who is that big guy?

Captain: Misty this is me first mate Eric.

Eric: Nice to meet you Misty Waterflower.

Misty: Thanks.

Captain: Alright men let's set sail!

Misty was standing next to Captain Blue Bread Smith as the started to sail, while she was spotted by a guy who was in the crow nest.

The guy: Ahoy down there!

Misty: (Looking up) Huh?

The guy: You must be Misty!

Misty: Yeah!

Captain: (Pointing to the guy) He is my lookout Brian.

Misty: (Waving at Brian) Hi!

Captain: He is the guy who saw the clouds getting dark.

A few minutes later

Misty fell asleep and the captain took her to bed.

Later that night Misty woke up and the captain gave her 3 slices of pizza.

When she came to the deck she found a little ghost girl standing in front of her.

Girl: Hi Misty Waterflower.

Misty: Who are you?

Girl: I'm Jill Smith.

Misty: You mean the captain's daughter?

Jill: Yeah. I so happy to meet you.

Captain: Well you meet my daughter.

Misty: Daisy never told me about you.

Jill: why not?

Captain: Maybe your sisters never heard the whole story.

Misty: There's more?

Captain: Come in my cabin and I'll tell you my side of the story.

In Ryan's Smith's cabin

Captain: About 2 month before the storm, Jill learned how to swim at my friend's house. He is rich.

Misty: So he has a swimming pool.

Captain: Yes and she loved it.

Jill: I wanted to be a water pokemon trainer just like him.(pointing to her dad.)

Misty: I do too. I wanted to be the best water pokemon trainer in the world.

Captain: But a month later she caught a deadly disease and I tried to find a cure to save her, but I failed. She met everything to me, and before she died she told me what I have left to live for. My crew, my ship, my treasure and the things we find to help all men, women and children around the world. So instead of killing myself I decided to go on with my life. The next day I found Jill as a ghost sitting in a chair. When the storm that killed us passed we sailed in this fog to find a way to go to heaven togther. We were unsuccessful until 1 night we heard about you Misty.

Misty: Did you hear a lot about me?

Jill: Yeah. About how good you are in swimming and water pokemon training.

Misty: WOW!

Captain: Then the next night we find you when you were 10 years old.

Misty: Really?

Captain: Yeah and we flew around Cerulean City each night.

Misty: Oh my god.

Captain: But we mostly followed you even before you first met Ash.

Jill: We were surprised when we heard that You, Ash, Brock and Team Rocket survived in the sunken cruise ship.

Misty: When did you stop following me?

Captain: We stopped and return to the ship when Ash went to the Hoenn region without you and Brock.

Misty: I return home because Daisy won tickets for a trip around the world.

Jill: She did?

Misty: And since she was able to bring Violet and Lily with her they decide to have me stay at home while they see the world.

Captain: What about Brock?

Misty: He had to go back to Pewter to run some errands and stuff.

Jill: I almost forgot we found you at home before you told your sisters about the togepi.

Misty: Then you heard about me overcoming my fear of Gyarados.

Captain: Actually we saw what happen between you, the Gyarados and those 3 guys.

Meanwhile back at the gym

Lily: Misty! Oh Misty!

Violet: She isn't in there.

Daisy: It's dinner time!

Lily: Like come out come out where ever you are!

Daisy: I can't find her anywhere.

Violet: Neither can I.

Lily: Me neither.

Daisy: Where can she be?

Daisy, Violet & Lily: Misty! Where are you? Please come back!

Back on the pirate ghost ship

Jill: So when Brock was finish with those stuff he went to Hoenn to find Ash.

Misty: Yeah I do too.

Captain: I guess some thing never change.

Misty: When I arrived at Hoenn I was hoping to find Ash, Brock and his new friends May and Max.

Jill: And you did.

Misty: I wonder how May heard a lot about me. Maybe Ash or Brock told them.

Captain: I believe they did. A hour or less before Brock found Ash, he told May and Max about him.

Jill: My favorite part of your journey is when you pull Brock away by the ear.

Captain: My favorite part is when I hear the sentence.

Misty: What sentence?

Captain: Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!

Misty: Oh that.

Jill: Team Rocket is so weak.

Misty: And so is there great of success.

Captain: They won't give up right?

Misty: They won't leave Ash alone until they are successful which they will never be.

Jill: Sometimes I wonder if Jessie and James love each other.

Captain: The question is, do they?

Misty: Hmm that's a good question. I believe they do.

Captain: I hate it when Team Rocket keep showing up.

Jill: I hate it when they wear those silly costumes.

Misty: And I hate their motto.

Before they can say more a crew member came in.

Crewman: Captain! We are at the spot where the stone fell.

Captain: Good. Drop the Anchor!

Crewman: Aye I Captain!

Captain: You can search for in the morning Misty.

Misty: Your right.

Captain: You better go to sleep to so you can restore your energy.

Misty: OK.

Jill: Good night Misty Waterflower.

Well it's time for me and my crew to eat. The next chapter is coming soon. How would Misty find the stone that lies at the bottom of the deep blue sea? That question will be answered in the next chapter. Until then bye for now

Captain bones