Misty: WOW! Six chapters done!

Me: That's right Misty we are getting closer to the island.

Misty: I can't wait.

Me: I hate to say this, but you have to wait.

Misty: I know. But I'll be happy to see Ash again.

Me: It's the table clean yet mates?

Crew: Yes Captain!

Me: Good. Let the Disclaimer begin!

Misty: Yeah!

Disclaimer: You already know that I don't own pokemon and the characters either. So I asked myself. Why am I telling you that again and again? I will try to find the answer.

Authors Notes: This is not the last chapter. But it's getting close to the last chapter. This is where the real fun begins. Enjoy


by Captain Bones

Chapter 7


Misty woke up to find herself in a fog that blocked to sunlight to keep to ghost ship from disappearing.

Misty: That was a good sleep.

Captain: So you had a nice nap.

Misty: Yeah. I ready to eat breakfast.

Jill: For you Misty, since you are still alive, WAFFLES.

Misty: MMM Yummy!

After they finish eating breakfast Misty went to the deck.

Jill: I wish you good luck Misty.

Misty: Thanks Jill. Ok I'm ready.

Captain: Before you go I must tell you something important.

Misty: Tell me now.

Captain: It's very deep, so it will take 3 hours to grab the stone and 3 more to swim back to the surface.

Misty: Oh my goodness! I forget to bring my undersea thing. (A/N:) That's what the characters had in there mouth to talk while underwater.

Captain: You didn't need it because I created AQUA PILLS to make living humans breathe underwater for a 6 :00:10 time limit in case they can't hold their breath for long and in case their scuba tanks are empty.

Misty was surprised when the captain give have a aqua pill and a glass of fresh orange juice.

Jill: When it's in your mouth drink the juice to shallow it.

Captain: Once your below the ocean surface the countdown of the pills power begins.

Misty: (putting the pill in her mouth) WOW.

Jill: Oh it stops when either time is up or while your over the water surface.

Misty: (Drinking the orange juice) I understand.

Captain: Ready?

Misty: (Right thumb up) Ready!

Jill: Ok. Good luck Misty.

Misty: (Diving in the ocean) Look out below!

Eric: Do you think she'll be ok Captain?

Captain: Of course she will.

Jill: Daddy is right. Misty is a excellent swimmer.

Zak: She will be successful.

In the deep ocean

Misty was doing the underwater freestyle while she spotted a lot of water pokemon. But she didn't have her pokeballs with her. So she decided to catch them some other time.

Misty: Wow it's beautiful.

As she reached the bottom she the found the stone as it shined a bright blue light.

Misty: All right! Now to swim back to the ghost ship and fast!

It a little longer to swim back up because a couple of magickarps swam in front of her.

Misty: Oh no my time is almost up!

When the time limit of the aqua pill reached zero Misty quickly began to hold her breath and kept swimming to the surface.

Back on the ship

Jill: (With a sad voice) Oh Misty.

Captain: Don't worry Jill she'll be fine I promise.

All of a sudden they saw Misty appear above the water

Misty: (Gasping for air) Phew I made it.

Jill: Misty! Your ALIVE!

Captain: Where's the stone?

Misty: (While holding the stone in her hand) It right here!

The crew let down a rope while Misty swam to the ship

Captain: Now men! Pull her up!

Crew: Aye I Captain!

When Misty was onboard the ship she shown them the stone.

Jill: Oh it's so pretty!

Captain: Yes. It's magic.

Misty: Is there other stones like this?

Captain: No.

Misty: I mean one that glows red, green, and brown.

Jill: You mean like they hold the power of fire, wind, and earth?

Misty: Yea

Captain: There isn't any other stones.

Zak: This is only one.

Misty: Oh sorry.

Captain: Alright crew lift the anchor we'll casting off!

Misty: Where are we sailing?

Jill: To where this ship sank 30 years ago.

Captain: Set the sails!

Misty: (Thinking) Soon you, Jill and your crew will be free.

Well mates. This is the end of this chapter. Hope you liked it. The next chapter, or should I say the last chapter is coming up next. How will Misty use the power of the magic stone to turned into a mermaid? Find out next time. Until then good bye.

Captain Bones