Crew member: Land ho!

Me: We made it.

Misty: Alright! I almost had cabin fever.

On the island

Villager's Chief: Welcome Misty. I'm Mycol. Ash told me about you.

Misty: Great!

Mycol: I will take you to him.

Me: We will be leaving now.

Misty: Where?

Me: Anywhere the is blowing.

Crew member: Here (Giving Misty a map of the island)

Mycol: It will help you if you and your friends get lost like you did before.

Me: That map is farewell gift to you Misty.

Misty: Thanks

Me: One more thing. Next week we will come back to pick you and your friends up.

Misty: OK! Bye Captain Bones!

Me: Bye Misty!

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By Captain Bones



Last time Misty successfully found the stone that will turn her into a mermaid, so she can find Captain Blue Beard Smith's treasure.

Misty went to sleep so she can be full of energy to find the sunken treasure.

Captain: We'll almost there. Eric go wake up Misty.

Eric: Yes sir.

Jill: I can't wait to see Misty as a mermaid.

Somewhere below the ship's deck

Eric: Misty time to wake up.

Misty: (Yawning) Ok

As Misty came on deck she heard Captain Blue Beard Smith giving his the orders.

Captain: Drop the anchor!

Misty: Did we sail 1and1/2 miles while I was asleep?

Jill: Yes we did.

Eric: Hey Captain! There's a string tied on it.

Misty: I can wear it like a necklace or a amulet.

Brian: Accounting to the book putting on the Aqua stone necklace and say," THE SEA IS THE HOME OF ME!" will make you transform into a mermaid.

Jill: How about having something to eat first Misty?

Misty: Sure.

Captain: Give Misty a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

Eric: Aye I sir!

Misty: Thanks Captain.

After Misty finish eating her sandwiches she came back to put on necklace.

Misty: Ok. I'm ready.

Jill: Here is the stone necklace.

Captain:(Putting the necklace on Misty) Just say the magic words.

Misty: The sea is the home of me!

A blue light shined all around Misty's body. Everyone watched he she begin to transform. As the light faded she became a mermaid with a pink bra made with shells and aqua blue fin.

Misty: WOW.

Jill: Cool.

Eric: Awesome.

Jill: WOW Misty. You look so beautiful.

Misty: Thanks Jill.

Captain: Since you are a mermaid, you are able to breathe underwater for a unlimited time.

Captain Blue Beard Smith picked up Misty and was ready to throw her overboard.

Captain: Are you ready Misty?

Misty: Yeah!

Jill: Go for the gold!

Misty: (Going overboard) Banzai!

Eric: Be careful Misty.

Misty swam to the spot where the treasure landed. Before she got there she saw the pirates water pokemon looking and smiling at her.

Misty: Hi. The pirates sent me to return there treasure to them.

A Golduck swam to her and took her to follow it.

Misty agreed and followed it. They swam deeper and deeper until Misty saw the sunken pirate ship.

Misty: Now to find that treasure chest.

Misty swam through a hole on the ship's bottom to get inside.

Misty: Oh my god.

Misty saw the skeletons of the pirates and the treasure chest in the arms of the skeleton of Captain Blue Beard Smith.

Misty: I found it! Now I must pull it out to bring it back to the surface.

Misty successfully pulled the treasure chest out of the skeleton's arm and swam upwards with the treasure chest.

When she returned to the ship she changed back into her true human form.

Captain: You did it Misty!

Jill: Yippee!

Eric: Thank You.

Misty: This means you are now free.

Captain: Yes. But before we go we must take you home.

Misty: OK!

While the ghost ship sailed through the night sky, Misty was asleep.

Misty was in her bed asleep when the ship arrived at the gym.

Jill: Goodbye Misty. Thank you for setting us free.

Eric: We will miss you.

Captain: Remember us Misty. Remember everything.

After saying there goodbyes to Misty, Jill and the ghost pirates flew up and entered heaven.

The next morning

Misty woke up and found herself in her swimsuit. She remembered everything about Jill and the ghost pirates.

After she got dressed she looked out the window at the clear blue sky.

Misty: Goodbye Jill, Ryan and crew. I'll never forget you.

As she came downstairs her sisters found her.

Daisy: Misty!

Violet: (Pointing at Misty) Look it's Misty!

Lily: Hey Misty!

Misty: Hi! Did you miss me?

Misty's sisters ran to her and hugged her.

Daisy: Misty your back!

Violet: Welcome home sis!

Lily: Where have you been, we were so worried about you?

Misty: You won't believe me if I tell you.

Lily: Well, tell us anyway.

Violet: Oh please do.

Daisy: Ladies let her tell her story while we eat breakfast ok?

Misty: That sounds like a good idea to me.

Violet & Lily: OK.

After Misty finish telling her story and about Jill, Violet and Lily had questionable looks on their faces.

Violet: Why didn't you tell us about her Daisy?

Daisy: I never heard about her until now.

Lily: Why?

Daisy: Gosh I don't know.

All of a sudden they heard the gym doors open.

Misty: Welcome to the Cerulean City Gym. I'm Misty Waterflower the gym leader.

Trainer: Hi Misty. I'm Scotty Jones from Saffron City and I came to battle you for the Cascade badge.

Daisy: Finally. We haven't had a challengers since Misty went to the Hoenn region.

Violet: Good luck Misty.

Misty: Thanks.

Scotty: Oh by the way you can call me scott.

A/N: I will cut this short because I couldn't wait to finish it.

Misty's Starime knocked out Scott's Charmander. Misty's Corsola took down Scott's Ekans and Misty's Gyarados used flamethrower to beat Scott's Venusaur.

Daisy: The victory goes to Misty and her Gyarados!

Misty: Alright!

Scott: I don't believe it.

Violet: Maybe your pokemon need more training.

Lily: Or maybe Misty like trained her pokemon a lot.

Scott: Well I guess I better go and train my pokemon so I can beat you the next time we battle.

Misty: I will be a lot stronger next time.

Scott: Bye girls until we meet again.

Misty: Bye.

Daisy: Good job Misty!

Misty: Thanks sis. Hmm?

Violet: What's wrong?

Lily: What's up?

Misty: I wonder how Ash is doing?

Somewhere in Hoenn


Team Rocket: Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off againnnnnnnnn! Wobbuffet! ...Ding

May and Max: Bye bye now.

Brock: So much for them.

Ash: Let's go we gotta get to next town so I can win my next badge!

Pikiachu: Piki! (Yeah)

Brock, May & Max: OK

May: (Whispering) Do you think Ash loves Misty Max?

Max: (Whispering) I think so.

Brock: Huh?

Ash: What did you two say?

May&Max: Nothing!


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