Ahoy! Bones the friendly pirate captain is here! Since I finished my general Pokemon fanfic and my AAMRN this will a JAJRN fanfic. In other words a romance novel between Jessie and James of Team Rocket.

Disclaimer: You already know I don't own Pokemon. Some people think that Jessie and James are not in love with each other. But the truth is they are.


By Captain Bones

It was a beautiful sunny day at a park where Ash, Misty and Brock were relaxing. Little did they know Team Rocket was spying on them. As they got closer they had a confessed look on their faces when they saw Ash and Misty looking at each other smiling.

Jessie: Hmm that's strange.

James: Your right Jessie, Just look at them.

Meowth: Why are dey staring at each other like dat?

Jessie: It's because they love each other.

James: Yeah! I remember now.

Meowth: It's when we's captured dem without the big twoerp.

A/N: It happen in the episode named "THE POKEBALL PERIL".

Begin Flashback

Meowth: We caught our self's a couple of love boirds.

Ash: You must be crazy! We not in love.

Misty: Not even in a million years!

Ash and Misty looked away from each other and blushed.

Meowth: But your blushing.

Jessie: Kissy Kissy Kissy.

End Flashback

Meowth: Dat was a long time ago.

Jessie: They do love each other. But their afraid to admit it.

James: Example please.

Jessie: The red head is afraid that if she told the twerp, he will reject her.

James: That means they are both afraid of rejection.

Jessie: That why they won't admit that they love each other.

Meowth: Yea just like you's and James.

Jessie and James: (With angry faces) You must be crazy!

Misty: Hey! Was that Team Rocket, we just heard?

Ash: It's them alright.

Jessie: They heard us

James: We better hide.

Before they could Meowth stepped on a rock.

Meowth: Meouch!

Misty: Their over there.

Ash: Pikachu Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pikachuuuuuuu!

Pikachu's thunderbolt attack made Team Rocket scream in pain. Then there was an explosion.

Team Rocket: Look's like Team Rocket's blasting off again!

Wobbuffet:Wobba Wobba ***ding***

Brock: Hey what happen?

Ash: Pikachu just got rid of Team Rocket.

Brock: Oh.

Somewhere in the forest

Jessie: That was a mistake.

James: We didn't do our motto.

Meowth: I shouldn't have opened by big meowth.

Jessie's Wobbuffet popped out of it's pokeball

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Jessie: (Angry) Get back in your ball!

James: What do we do now Jessie?

Jessie: Good question.

Meowth: I tink we must find another way to capture dat Pikachu.

James: How?

Jessie: I'm not sure.

James: I think we will never be successful on catching Pikachu.

Jessie: What are talking about James?

Meowth: Yeah. Team Rocket never gives up!

James: We tried and tried and tried again. But we failed every time.

Meowth: Dat's true.

James: And we keep on blasting off again.

Jessie: That's true too.

Meowth: Dat doesn't mean we can just gives up.

Jessie: And beside if we keep trying, we will win.

James: But that will take a long time Jessie.

Jessie: I don't care how long it takes. We will catch that Pikachu and give it to the Boss!

James: Then let's find the twerps and try again.

Meowth: Dat's right.

Team Rocket: Team Rocket's dashing off again.

They laughed after saying that sentence.

3 hours later

Jessie: This can't be right.

James: We been walking to where we blasted off for hours.

Meowth: Ya. And no sign of da twerp trio, and neither Pikachu.

Jessie: Where can they be at this very second?

James: Maybe they left after we blasted off.

Meowth: But which way?

James: I don't have a clue.

Jessie: Come on! Let's get in our meowth balloon to find them.

James & Meowth: Aye. Aye Jessie.

Team Rocket flew above the area and didn't have any luck.

Jessie: Any sign of them yet?

James: Nothing

Meowth looked around and saw a town.

Meowth: (turned to Jessie and James) Hey look yous guys a town.

Jessie: Your right Meowth!

James: It is a town!

Meowth: Wes might find dem twoerps in dere.

As Team Rocket flew above the town in their balloon they found Ash and co. entering the pokemon center.

Jessie: I have an idea.

James: What is it Jessie?

Meowth: Ya. Lets hear it.

Jessie: Hears the plan while there asleep we'll sneak in their room and grab pikachu with rubber gloves.

James: But Jessie we won't know what room there in.

Meowth: Unless we look through da windows.

Jessie: That's a brilliant idea Meowth.

James: Your idea is brilliant too Jessie.

Meowth: So what do we's do now?

Jessie: We must find out which window to look through, open it and grab Pikachu.

James: Okay

Meowth: Got it.

Jessie: And it must be done tonight.

That night

Team Rocket found the window which leads to Ash's, Misty's and Brock's room.

Jessie: It's this one.

James: We'll wait until their asleep.

Meowth: And we'll capture Pikachu.

As they looked through the window they saw Ash and Misty looking and smiling at each other again. While Brock was not in the room.

Jessie: Look they doing it again.

James: Your right. They might tell each other there felling at any moment!

Meowth: But where is dat big Twerp?

Jessie: You mean Brock.

James: How did you know his name?

Jessie: When we stolen a ditto they told us their names by imitating us.

James: I remember that now.

Meowth: Meowth too.

A/N: That was in the episode DITTO'S MYSTERIOUS MANSION.

Begin Flashback ...Again

Team Rocket sees Ash, Misty, Brock and Duplica wearing the same Team Rocket uniforms.

Ash: Prepare for trouble!

Brock: And make it double double!

James: (Angry) Grrr Quit imitating us.

Misty: To protect to the world from devastation!

Duplica: To ignite our people within our nation!

Jessie (Angry) This is insulating.

Ash: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

Misty: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Ash: Ash!

Misty: Misty!

Brock: And Brock.

Duplica: Duplica that right.

Brock: Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!

Duplica: Surrender now or prepare to fight all of us!

Pikachu: Pika Pika (That right).

End Flashback

James: I remember now.

Meowth: Hey. I's can hear dem talking.

Jessie: Let's listen.

Inside the room

Misty: Ash.

Ash: Yes?

Misty: There's something I need to tell you.

Ash: All right.

Misty: I..I love you.

Ash: Misty I love you too.

They move closer to each other.

Meanwhile outside

James: Look at this.

Meowth: I tink dey are going to kiss.

Jessie: This we gotta see.

Back inside the room

Ash and Misty kiss until Brock came in and saw them.

Brock: Well it's about time, I knew you were in love from the start.

Ash and Misty: How?

Brock: Never mind. It's getting late.

Ash: I guess your right.

Misty: Good night Ash.

Ash: Good night Misty.

Ash, Misty and Brock went to sleep.

Back outside

Jessie: Good their asleep.

James: Finally they know their secrets.

Meowth: Now is our chance to steal Pikachu.

Team Rocket discovered that the window was unlocked.

Jessie: When we open the window be very quiet.

James: OK

Meowth: Right.

After the window was opened Team Rocket went thought the open window to get inside the room.

Jessie: Be careful, we must not wake up da twerps.

James: (Putting rubber gloves) Right, and Pikachu neither.

Meowth: (Quietly) Dat's right.

James carefully grabbed Pikachu and went through the open window again.

Jessie: Great work, now let get out of here.

Before Team Rocket started to run Jessie's Wobbuffet came out of it's pokeball.

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet

Jessie: Wobbuffet! Back in your ball!

The noise woke Ash, Misty and Brock up.

Ash: (Yawning) What was that?

Ash looks on the other side and discovered that Pikachu was gone.

Ash: Ahh! Pikachu!

Meowth: Dem twerps heard us!

James: Run!

Brock: What's wrong Ash?

Ash: Pikachu is gone!

Brock: Gone?

Misty: Hey Ash, look out there.

Ash, Misty and Brock looked out the window and saw Team Rocket.

Ash: Team Rocket!

The trio grab their stuff and left the pokemon center to go after Team Rocket.

Meowth: Hey yous guys lets climb dat hill.

They climbed the hill until they reached the edge of a cliff.

Jessie: A dead end!

James: It's a long way down.

Meowth: At least we still have Pikachu.

James: Meowth! How are we going give it to the boss?

Pikachu woke up.

Pikachu: Pi? Pika Pi!

Jessie: Well. It look like Pikachu finally woke up.

Meowth: Did you's sleep well?

James: With those rubber gloves on, your thunderbolt attack are useless.

After saying that Ash and co. found Team Rocket.

Ash: Pikachu!

Meowth: It's dem twerps again.

Ash: Give me back my pikachu!

Jessie: Prepare for trouble you loss track.

James: Make it double your never getting it back.

Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!

James: To unite all peoples within our nation!

Jessie: To denounce the evil of truth and love!

James: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie: Jessie.

James: James

Jessie: Team Rocket blasting off at the speed of light.

James: Surrender now or prepare to fight.

Meowth: Meowth dat's right.

All of a sudden the ground below James's feet began to break apart.

James: What's happening?

Suddenly the ground broke and James began to fall.

James: Ahhhh!

Meowth: James!

Before James can fall even father Jessie grabbed his hand and Pikachu broke free James's other hand.

Meowth: Pikachu is getting away!

Jessie: Forget Pikachu help me save James.

Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu and Meowth watches as Jessie pulls James to safety.

James: (surprised) You saved me Jessie.

Jessie: That's what best friends are for.

Meowth: Ya even team members.

James: But Jessie.

Jessie: James I never thought I would say this, but I love you.

James: Jessie, I love you too, Meowth was right.

When Jessie and James got closer to each other they quickly kissed.

Ash: It looks like Team Rocket had the same secret you and me had Misty.

Misty: Yeah.

Jessie and James broke the kiss when there was a flash.

Jessie and James: Huh?

Meowth: (Holding a camera) Dis picture is perfect for da Team Rocket picture book.

Jessie and James: (Angry) Meowth!

Meowth quickly ran off.

Jessie and James: (Chasing Meowth) Come back here!

Meowth: Were dashing off again!

Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu laughed as they watch Team Rocket running away.

The End

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