Ahoy there! Welcome aboard me pirate ship. This is a fanfic about other trainers, so I have Ash, Misty and Brock on board as guest. How was your vacation on the island? It was great! It was a blast! We might want to go back someday. Well I hope you will enjoy this story.

Disclaimer: Owning pokemon is not easy. So the truth is that I don't own pokemon. But believe this I do watch it on TV. And I hope the Hoso episodes will be on TV and DVD in the USA.

Authors note: Other trainers stories means no Ash, Misty, Brock and Team Rocket. It all about other pokemon trainers.

Cast: Tony 12, Lisa 12, Jason 13, Rain 16, Zero 15


By Captain Bones

It was a dark and stormy night at Viridian City. A young trainer from Pallet Town and his four friends were asleep in the pokemon center after he won his eighth badge. With all eight badges he can now enter the pokemon league.

The next morning

Nurse Joy: How are you all doing?

Tony: Were fine.

Nurse Joy: I'm glad to hear that.

Tony: By the way my name is Tony from Pallet Town, and I plan to do what no other trainer from Pallet ever did.

Nurse Joy: Oh and what is that?

Tony: Win the Pokemon Indigo league!

Lisa: I'm Lisa from Cerulean City, and I left home to find a Golduck and a Tentacruel to give to a old friend of mine.

Jason: I am Jason from Saffron City, and I plan to be a psychic pokemon trainer just like my home town's gym leader Sabrina.

Rain: I am Rain from New Bark Town in Jotho, and I'm traveling with them to learn more about pokemon battling.

Zero: And I'm Zero from Celadon City, and I want to be the greatest grass pokemon trainer ever.

Nurse Joy: Well good luck to all of you.

All Trainers: Thanks

At Viridian Forest

Jason: When did you learn how to cook Rain?

Rain: Two years ago.

Zero: Who taught you how to cook?

Tony: Yeah. This stuff is good.

Rain: Flint Slate.

Zero: What? That's Brock's father and Pewter City's Gym leader!

Rain: He had to teach me, due to the fact that Brock was traveling to become the greatest pokemon breeder.

Lisa: Why don't we camp out near a lake tomorrow night?

Jason: We can do that.

Tony: And we will don't worry Lisa.

Rain: If I didn't learn how to cook we all would starve to death.

Zero: You mean we will.

Jason: What?

Zero: If you didn't know how to cook.

Tony: Zero is right.

Lisa: He has a point.

Jason: I agree.

Zero: Thanks guys.

Jason: Hey Tony. Why don't we have a battle to help you train your pokemon.

Tony: OK.

Lisa: You might learn something if you watch them battle Rain.

Rain: Your right Lisa.

Tony and Jason were getting ready to battle each other.

Zero: This is a official pokemon battle!

Lisa: Wow! Zero is a good referee.

Rain: Yeah he is amazing.

Zero: It will be Tony from Pallet Town against Jason from Saffron City. It will be a 3 on 3 battle! Who ever defeats the other trainer's pokemon is the winner!

Tony: Arbok I choose you!

Arbok: Cccrrrr (Ready)

Jason: Go Kadabra! (Let's go!)

Zero: Round 1 will be Tony's Arbok taking on Jason Kadabra! Let the battle begin!

Tony: Arbok poison sting!

Arbok was shooting needles at Kadabra.

Jason: Kadabra reflect!

After using reflect Kadabra started to glow white.

Rain: What's happening?

Lisa: It's evolving!

Jason's Kadabra evolved into Alakazam.

Jason: All right Alakazam!

Tony: Oh no!

Jason: Alakazam Psybeam!

Alakazam's psybeam hit Tony's Arbok and Arbok fainted.

Tony: Arbok!

Zero: Arbok is unable to battle, Alakazam is the winner!

Tony: Arbok return!

Arbok returned to it's pokeball.

Tony: You did your best Arbok.

Jason: Can you beat my Alakazam?

Tony: Ivysaur Go!

Zero: The second round is Tony's Ivysaur against Jason's Alakazam. Let the battle begin!

Tony: Ivysaur Leech Seed!

A seed hit Alakazam and vines grow from the seed to whap round and drain Alakazam's energy.

Jason: Alakazam!

Tony: Ivysaur tackle attack!

Ivysaur ran at full speed and Knocked out Alakazam.

Zero: Alakazam is defeated, The round goes to Ivysaur!

Jason: Alakazam return!

Alakazam was back in it's pokeball.

Jason: You did great Alakazam, I'm proud of you.

Rain: That was cool.

Jason: Well then, I choose Beedrill!

Zero: In round 3 Tony's Ivysaur will battle Jason's Beedrill!

Tony: Ok Ivysaur let do this.

Jason: Get ready to win Beedrill.

Zero: Let the battle begin!

Jason: Beedrill use your poison sting!

Tony: Ivysaur sleep powder now!

Jason's Beedrill feel asleep before it could use it's poison sting.

Zero: Beedrill is out of the match, Ivysaur wins!

Jason: Beedrill return!

Tony: Just one more battle, and I win.

Rain: Aren't bug-type pokemon strong against grass type?

Lisa: You can't win just by type.

Rain: You can't?

Lisa: It's by level.

Jason: You may have beaten my Alakzam and Beedrill. But this one will rock you!

Jason throw a pokemon and a Onix came out.

Tony: No not the Onix!

Zero: It is now Tony's Ivysaur against Jason's Onix!

Tony: Be careful Ivysaur.

Zero: Let the battle begin!

Tony: Ivysaur vine whip!

Jason: Dodge it Onix!

Onix dodge Ivysaur's vine whip attack.

Jason: Onix tackle attack now!

Tony: Look out!

Onix tackled Ivysaur and Ivysaur fainted.

Zero: Ivysaur is beaten, Onix wins the round!

Tony: Ivysaur return!

Jason: Good job Onix.

Onix: Rrrrrrrrr(Thanks)

Tony: Time to use my very first pokemon!

Jason: What?!

Tony: Go Blastolse!

Blastolse: Blastolse! (I'm ready)

Jason: Blastolse?!

Tony: I got it from Professor Oak when it was a Squirtle.

Lisa: He got that in his very first day of his pokemon adventure.

Zero: This is the final round! It's between Tony's Blastolse and Jason's Onix!

Rain: He must be smart to choose Blastolse.

Lisa To win a pokemon battle you need to use strategy.

Zero: Let the battle begin!

Tony: Blastolse Hydro Pump!

The water from Blastolse's cannons hit Onix and knocked it out.

Zero: Onix is eliminated! Blastolse wins! The winner of the battle is Tony!

Tony: Yippee!

Lisa: Good job Tony.

Jason: That was a good battle we had.

Rain: Yeah. I learned a lot.

Tony: Thanks guys.

Before Zero can say anything they heard a sound in the bush.

Zero: What was that?

They saw the bush move until they saw a Bellsprout appear.

Zero: A Bellsprout! I always want one of these!

Rain: I'll help you catch it.

Jason: How?

Rain: (holding a pokeball) With this.

Rain throws his pokeball.

Rain: Go Cyndaquil!

Cyndaquil came out of his pokeball.

Rain: Cyndaquil flamethrower!

Cyndaquil used it's flamethrower on Bellsprout and Bellsprout fainted.

Rain: Zero this is your chance to catch it.!

Zero: (throwing a pokeball) Pokeball Go!

The pokeball hit Bellsprout and it was captured.

Zero: Alright! I caught a Bellsprout!

Jason: With Rain's help.

Rain: That's what friends do.

Jason: You mean help each other?

Rain: Yes.

Tony: Come on guys!

Lisa: We gotta go!

Jason, Rain and Zero: OK!

They walked through the forest until they found a clearing.

Tony: This looks like a good camping spot.

Jason: It sure does.

Rain: We could set up camp here.

Lisa: Yeah.

Zero: Let's do it.

Rain finished cooking dinner went it was sunset.

Rain: Dinner is ready!

While they were eating dinner Tony looked at Lisa.

Tony: Do you like Water Pokemon Lisa?

Lisa: Yeah. I have a Starmine, a Marill and a Corsola.

Jason: That's a good team.

Rain: We'll help you find a Golduck and a Tentacruel.

Zero: We promise.

Lisa: But when I do, I will go back to Cerulean.

Jason: Why?

Lisa: To give them to my friend.

Tony: Will you travel with us again, after you do?

Lisa: I will.

When they finish eating, they went in their tents to sleep.

Tony: Good night.

The next morning

The group finished eating their breakfast and started walking out of the forest.

Rain: We made it.

Zero: So where are we going?

Jason: Good question.

Tony: Let's just keep going.

Lisa: We might find a city.

The group continued walking until they found a big lake ahead.

Lisa: Alright!

Tony: This is a nice place.

Zero: I say we set up camp here.

Rain: Sounds good to me.

Jason: I agree with you two.

Tony: Me too.

Lisa: Me three.

While they set up Lisa finished setting up her tent and she began to take her shoes off.

Tony: What are you doing Lisa?

Lisa: I'm going to go for a swim.

Jason: That's great!

Zero: Will it be ok if we watch?

Lisa: Of course.

Tony: Yeah!

Rain: I'll stay here to do the cooking.

Lisa went in her tent to change.

Tony: I can't wait to see Lisa in her swimsuit.

Jason: Yeah. I like to see this.

Zero: So do I.

Rain: I also want to see this.

Lisa came out of her tent wearing a pink swimsuit.

Tony: Wow. You look beautiful Lisa.

Lisa: (Giggling) Thank You Tony.

Lisa ran to the lake and then she stopped went she saw something.

Lisa: Guys! Come Quick!

The boys stopped what ever they were doing and ran to the lake.

Tony: What is it Lisa?

Lisa: (Pointing at the center of the lake) It's a Golduck!

Tony: Your right!

Jason: It is a Golduck.

Rain: And it looks sad.

Zero: I wonder why.

Lisa: Hey Golduck!

Golduck: Golduck (Huh)

Lisa: Please come here.

Golduck swam all the way to where Lisa was standing.

When it did it looked at Lisa.

Lisa: What's wrong?

Golduck: Golduck (I'm alone)

Lisa: You mean you live here all by yourself?

Golduck nodded.

Tony: It's bad living with no friends and no family.

Lisa: Hey Golduck. I have a friend in Cerulean who love water pokemon.

Tony: Yeah. A great water pokemon trainer.

Rain: And you are one of her favorites.

Lisa: So why not come with us and let me be your trainer?

Zero: It will be great.

Jason: And if you do she will take you to her friend.

Golduck looked at them and became happy.

Lisa: Just let me capture you and your all set.

Golduck crawled out of the lake and it was captured by Lisa

Lisa: (Picking up her pokeball) Alright I got a Golduck.

Rain: We better go back to camp to finish setting it up.

Jason: I good idea.

Zero: Agreed

Lisa: You do that while I swim.

While the boys went to camp Lisa dived in the lake.

Lisa: (gasping for air) All I need now is a Tentacruel.

Lisa did the freestyle while thinking how to catch a Tentacruel.

Meanwhile back at camp

Tony: We are done.

Jason: Thank god.

Rain: Who want to help me build a camp fire?

Zero: I'll help.

Jason: I need to rest.

Tony: I going to check on Lisa.

When Tony reach the lake Lisa emerge.

Lisa: Hi Tony.

Tony: Were finished setting up camp.

Lisa: That's great.

Tony: Dinner will be ready at sunset.

Lisa: Ok.

Tony went back to camp when Lisa took a deep breath and dove underwater.

Tony: (Thinking) I wonder where the next town is.

Lisa emerged went she thought of something.

Lisa: I wish a strong Tentacruel was nearby.

When Lisa went back underwater she was doing the underwater freestyle.

Back at camp

Rain: I heard that we are not far from the nearest town.

Zero: And there is a pokemon trading machine.

Jason: I could give Jake his Beedrill back and get a Hypno in return.

Tony: Who is Jake.

Jason: A friend of mine, who caught a Hypno last night.

Zero: He called you didn't he?

Jason: Yes. And his girlfriend Sue has a Tentacruel that she wants to give to Lisa.

6:00 P.M.

Tony and Jason walked to lake while they carried there dinner.

Tony: There it is!

When they got there, Lisa resurfaced and swam to shore.

Jason: We brought your dinner here.

Lisa: Thanks. I love hamburgers.

Tony: Jason told me about Sue.

Lisa: I remember her!

Jason: How long?

Lisa: Since we first met at the Cerulean City Gym.

Tony: Was that a long time ago?

Lisa: Yeah. I also met Jake.

Jason: You're a friend of Jake's?

Lisa: Of course. Any friend of you, Tony, Rain, and Zero is a friend of mine.

Tony: What happen there.

Lisa: We met one day when we went to the Gym to see a mermaid show.

A/N: That show happen in the pokemon episode THE MISTY MERMAID.

Lisa: The star of the show was the youngest of the 4 sensational sisters.

Jason: Oh.

Lisa: Except the villains wasn't actors.

Tony: They were real villains?

Lisa It was Team Rocket's Jessie & James.

Jason: Those losers.

Lisa: They tried the steal the goldeens. But the seel evolved into Dewgong and used Tail Whip to send Team Rocket flying.

Tony: So Team Rocket was blasting off again.

Lisa: As usual.

They laughed.

Jason: Sue has a Tentacruel to give to you.

Lisa: Really?

Jason: That what Jake told me on the phone.

Lisa: I made a mistake.

Tony: What mistake?

Lisa: I caught a Butterfree.

Jason: You can trade it to Sue for the Tentacruel.

Tony: Yeah. They will be in the town we will be going to.

Jason: And there is a pokemon trading machine.

A/N: A pokemon trading machine is a machine with two trainer trade 1 pokemon at a time.

It was seen in the Pokemon Indigo episode BATTLE ABOARD THE ST.ANNE & the Jotho episode THE THICK OF THE TRADE.

Before any one can say another word Rain and Zero arrived at their location.

Rain: Hey guys, did I interrupt something?

Tony: No.

Zero: We just came to pick up the plates.

Jason: That fine.

Rain: Did anything happen?

Lisa: We were just talking.

Zero: About what Lisa?

Lisa: Misty Waterflower the Cerulean City's Gym leader and my old friend.

Tony: So that who you plan the give the Golduck and Tentacruel to!

Lisa: Yes. Those two pokemon are her favorite.

Zero: Unbelievable!

Lisa: She, Sue and I compete in a swim race and Misty won.

Rain: Sorry to hear that.

Lisa: She always wins. I always come in 2nd place.

Tony: Sorry about that.

Lisa: But it ok with us, because it a lot of fun swimming with her.

Jason: She must be fast.

Lisa: Misty is a excellent swimmer.

Zero: WOW!

Lisa: In fact she is the greatest swimmer in Cerulean.

Tony: Where do Sue live.

Jason: In Petalburg City in Hoenn.

Lisa: Misty went to Hoenn one time.

Rain: She did?

Lisa: When her sisters came back from their trip around the world she went to Hoenn to find her friend Ash.

Zero: Ash?

Tony: She means Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town.

Zero: Oh him.

Jason: Let's all go back to camp so we can get some sleep.

Lisa: Yeah I am getting tried.

Rain: Then let's go.

The gang returned to their tents and went to sleep.

The next morning

The gang woke up to eat breakfast.

Zero: So did you see anything down there Lisa?

Lisa: Just some plants and rocks.

Rain: No other water pokemon?

Tony: The Golduck was lonely.

Jason: It said it lived in the lake alone remember?

Rain: Oh yeah, I forgot!

Zero: I thought you wouldn't forget.

After they finish eating breakfast the cleaned up the area and started walking to the nearest town.

Tony: There it is!

Jason: Let's go!

When they entered the city they ran to where the pokemon trading machine was at.

Zero: We made it.

Rain: The machine is right here.

All of a sudden they heard two voices calling them.

Male voice: Hey!

Jason: Jake!

Female voice: Hi.

Lisa: Sue!

Jake: Good to see you again.

Sue: (Hugging Lisa) It's been a long time.

Lisa: Too long.

Tony: Hi there.

Jason: These are our friends.

Jake and Sue: Hi

Tony: My name is Tony from Pallet town.

Rain: I'm Rain from New Bark town.

Zero: And I am Zero from Celadon City.

Jake: Nice to meet you I'm Jake from Goldenrod City.

Jason: I told them where you live Sue.

Sue: Thanks Jason.

Rain: Alright let's do what we came for.

Jake and Jason traded their pokemon.

Jason: My own Hypno.

Jake: Thanks for the Beedrill.

Tony: Ladies Jason and Jake are done.

Lisa and Sue: Ok!

Lisa traded her Butterfree for Sue's Tentacruel.

Lisa: A Golduck and a Tentacruel at last.

Sue: I like Buttlefree's! Thank You Lisa.

Lisa: Your welcome.

Jake: We are going to leave here now.

Jason: Now?

Jake: Don't worry we'll see you all at the pokemon league.

Tony: Ok Bye!

Sue: Lisa, when you go back to Cerulean tell Misty I said hi.

Lisa: I will bye!

Jake And Sue: Bye.

Jake and Sue left the city while the group when to the Pokemon Center.

Tony: Whew. We made it.

Jason: Let's go in.

In the Pokemon Center

Nurse Joy: Welcome to the Pokemon Center, what can I do for you?

Tony: Can you check on our pokemon?

Nurse Joy: Sure.

Lisa: We also like to stay here tonight.

Nurse Joy: I have enough rooms for all of you.

All trainers: Thank you.

Nurse Joy gave their pokemon a check up while they had lunch.

Rain: Do you think your ready for the pokemon league Tony?

Tony: Yeah.

Zero: You better be right.

Jason: Because if your not you will lose.

Tony: Hey where's Lisa?

Zero: Good question.

Rain:(Sees Lisa coming back) Here she comes.

Lisa: (Sitting down) Hi guys.

Jason: Where were you?

Lisa: I was just calling Misty.

Zero: Why?

Lisa: To see how she was doing.

Rain: Oh.

Lisa: And to tell her I have the pokemon she wanted.

Tony: What did she say.

Lisa: She told me something about being with ghost pirates.

A/N: That ghost pirates thing came from my first fanfic MISTY'S SUNKEN TREASURE HUNT.

Tony: Really?

Lisa: Yeah.

All of a sudden Nurse Joy came to them with there pokeballs.

Nurse Joy: All of your pokemon are ok.

Tony: Great.

Jason: So what should we do tomorrow?

Tony: We should go to the pokemon league.

Rain: But it begin's in 3 days.

Tony: I don't want to be late.

Zero: He's right.

Lisa: If Tony doesn't show up he will lose by Default.

Jason: You mean disqualification?

Lisa: Yeah.

Rain: But how are we going to get there?

Just then a large man came to there table.

Man: You guys want to go to the pokemon league?

Zero: Yes.

Tony: I'm competing in it.

Man: So you are one of the trainer that are entering.

Tony: Right. I'm Tony from Pallet town.

Brian: My name is Brian and I am a referee.

Lisa: You must one of the referees in the pokemon league.

Brian: That's right and if you want I can take you there in my car.

All five trainers: Yeah!

Brian: Ok then! I see you tomorrow! Bye!

All trainers: Bye!

That night

Tony: Well it's time to turn in.

Zero: We'll see you tomorrow Lisa.

Lisa: Good night boys.

As Lisa went in her room the boys went in their room.

Jason: Good night guys.

Rain: Yeah good night.

The next morning

Tony: Now that we had our breakfast let's find Brian.

As the trainer left the pokemon center they found Brian in his car.

Brian: All aboard.

As Tony and his friends got in the car Brian drove off to the pokemon league stadium.

They arrived at the stadium just before sunset.

Brian: Would you like me to take you out to dinner?

The five trainers: Sure.

They went to the nearest pokemon center to have dinner.

Brian: (Holding a guide) This is a guide book of the league. It will be helpful to you.

Tony: Thanks.

The next morning

Announcer: Welcome to the pokemon league competition!

The crowd cheered very loud.

Lisa: This is great.

Jason: Yeah.

Zero: Hey Rain you can learn more about pokemon battling if you watch the whole competition.

Rain: Your right Zero. Thanks.

As they looked at the field they saw Tony walked to the field with the other trainers with smiles on their faces.

Jason: There he is!

Lisa: Yeah Tony.

A couple minutes later

Rain: (Reading the guide book) The guide book says a trainer's first battle is in four field types.

Nurse Joy: When you press the button the white square will slow down then stop at one of the chosen fields.

Tony press the button and the square stopped at the ice picture.

Nurse Joy: It looks like your first match will take place at the ice field.

Tony: Wow the ice field.

Rain: According to the guide book it a 3 on 3 pokemon battle on the four fields.

Zero: That might not be easy.

Jason: You must choose your 3 best pokemon.

Lisa: Like I said strategy.

Nurse Joy used the computer the show the faces of the 2 trainers on the ice field.

Zero: Just watch what happens next.

They looked at the screen and saw a picture of Tony and lady with brown hair.

Tony: She is my first opponent.

Before they started to go to their room they heard a voice behind them.

Voice: Hello my name is Trixie.

Tony: I'm Tony your first and last opponent.

Jason: What do you mean last?

Tony: I mean I will beat her.

Trixie: Oh really? We will see about that.

Tony heard the crowd cheer when a trainer won a battle to move on to the next round.

Referee: Ekans is unable to battle! Vulpix is the winner!

Tony: I'm up next.

Announcer: Our next battle will take place on the Ice Field!

As Tony entered the field he saw Jake and Sue in the crowd.

Jake: You can do it Tony!

Sue: You're the one!

Announcer: Introducing the green trainer from Pallet Town Tony!

The crowd cheered

Announcer: Tony has came here with his 4 coaches.

Lisa: Hey! (Waving at Jake and Sue)

Announcer: And now the red trainer from Violet City Trixie!

The crowd cheered again

Referee: This is a 3 on 3 pokemon battle on the Ice field!

Jason: Good luck Tony.

Tony: I'll start with Cloyser!

Trixie: I'll choose Venomoth!

Referee: Let the battle begin

Trixie: Venomoth stun spore!

Tony: Quick Cloyser Ice Beam!

Cloyster used it's Ice Beam before the stun spore was used.

Announcer: Cloyser's Ice Beam hits Venomoth and it is frozen solid!

Trixie: Venomoth!

Referee: Venomoth is unable to battle! Cloyser is the winner!

Tony: One down and two to go.

Trixie: Venomoth return!

Trixie's Venomoth return's to it's pokeball.

Trixie: I choose you Exeggutor!

Tony: Get ready Cloyster.

Referee: Begin the battle!

Tony: Cloyser Withdraw!

Trixie: Exeggutor egg bomb now!

Announcer: Exeggutor is using egg bomb.

Smoke covered Cloyser.

Tony: Cloyser are you ok?

When the smoke cleared Cloyser opened his shell and was still standing.

Tony: Cloyser tackle attack!

Trixie: Exeggutor use hypnotic now!

Announcer: And Exeggutor's hypnotic effect is making Cloyser go wild.

Cloyser crashed into a ice rock and fainted.

Referee: Cloyser is unable to battle Exeggutor wins!

Tony: Cloyser return!

Trixie: Good job Exeggutor.

Tony: Ok. You asked for it.

Trixie: What do you mean?

Tony: I choose Growlithe!

Referee: Begin the battle!

Tony: Growlithe flame thrower!

Announcer: And Growlithe's flame thrower gives Exeggutor a hot time.

Trixie: Exeggutor NO!

Referee: Exeggutor is unable to battle! Growlithe wins!

Just then Growlithe evolved into Arcanine.

Tony: Wow Arcanine.

Jason: This is going to be good.

Trixie: Go Pikachu!

Referee: Begin the battle!

Trixie: Pikachu thunder shock!

Pikachu's thunder shock cause the icy ground under Arcanine's feet to break apart, then suddenly Arcanine fell into the water.

Tony: Arcanine!

When Arcanine returned to the surface, it was out cold.

Referee: Arcanine is unable to battle! Pikachu is the winner!

Announcer: Both trainers are down to their last pokemon.

Tony: This is it.

Trixie: Show me what you got!

Tony: Ivysaur I choose you!

Announcer: Tony has chosen Ivysaur a grass type pokemon.

Referee: Let the battle begin!

Trixie: Be careful Pikachu.

Tony: Ivysaur Tackle now!

Ivysaur ran to Pikachu at full speed and hit it hard.

Announcer: And Ivysaur hammers Pikachu head on!

Trixie: Pikachu try to get up!

Tony: Ivysaur tackle again!

Announcer: Ivysaur used it's tackle attack again!

Trixie: Don't give up.

Trixie's Pikachu tried to get up, but it was too hard.

Tony: Ivysaur one more tackle!

Trixie: Pikachu look out!

After Ivysaur's tackle attack, Pikachu was knocked out.

Referee: Pikachu is unable to battle! The victory goes to Tony and his Ivysaur!

The crowd cheered.

Tony: We did it Ivysaur!

Lisa, Jason, Rain and Zero: Yeah Tony.

One hour later

Lisa: You did it Tony!

Jason: She's right.

Rain: That was great.

Zero: Your pokemon did well too.

Tony: Thanks guys.

Trixie came in the waiting room.

Trixie: That was a good battle we had.

Tony: Yeah. I bet the crowd loved it too.

Trixie: I guess I made a mistake.

Lisa: What mistake?

Trixie: Using Pikachu.

Jason: You need to think twice before you make your choice.

Zero: And if you can't think twice, you must think fast.

Trixie: I should be leaving now.

Tony: OK.

Trixie: I wish you good luck in your next battle, you'll need it.

The next day

Tony: We did it!

David: You did you best Vuplix.

Jason: That was a smart move choosing Blastolse.

The group were having some refreshments when another trainer came in.

Trainer: You must be Tony.

Tony: That's me.

Joe: My name is Joe, and I am your next opponent.

Tony: So it's you and me tomorrow right?

Joe: Yes. Well I gotta go.

Tony: OK. See you on the water field.

Joe: Just remember I won't go easy on you.

Tony: I know.

The next day

Announcer: Introducing the green trainer from Pallet town Tony!

Jake: You can do it Tony!

Sue: Your number one!

Announcer: And his opponent from Pewter City Joe!

Jason: Joe lives in Pewter?

Tony: I start with Scyther!

Joe: I choose Weezing!

Referee: Let the battle begin!

Joe: Weezing use tackle attack!

Tony: Scyther double team!

Scyther: Scyther (You got it!)

Announcer: Tony's Scyther is using double team to confess Weezing!

Joe: Weezing keep using using tackle till you find the real one!

Tony: Scyther stand in a triangle!

One Scyther was standing in front of Weezing while the other two were standing on Weezing sides.

Joe: Huh?

Jason: What is Scyther doing?

Tony: Scyther use slash attack from all directions!

Announcer: It looks like Weezing is about to be defeated.

Joe: Weezing use Sludge attack on all three!

Weezing's Sludge attack hit the real Scyther in the chest.

Zero: I wonder what they will do next.

Joe: Weezing Smoke screen!

The smoke was spreading all around Scyther.

Tony: Scyther blow the smoke away used swords dance.

Scyther: Scyther! (Yes sir!)

Announcer: Wise move by Tony's Scyther by using Swords dance to increase it's defense!

Scyther's swords dance blew the smoke right back at Weezing.

Joe: Oh no! Weezing can't see!

Tony: Scyther use slash attack now!

Scyther flew through the smoke and directly at Weezing.

Announcer: A direct hit by Scyther's slash attack has knockout Weezing!

Referee: Weezing is unable to battle! Scyther is the winner!

Joe: Weezing return!

Tony: Good job Scyther!

Announcer: What pokemon will Joe pick next?

Joe: Venonat I choose you!

Announcer: Joe has chosen Venonat! This will be a bug versus bug battle!

Jake: What does Joe have up his sleeve?

Referee: Begin the battle!

Joe: Venonat Sleep powder!

Tony: Scyther use swords dance!

Announcer: Unbelievable! Scyther's Swords dance is blowing the sleep powder back at Venonat!

Referee: Venonat is unable to battle! Scyther is the winner!

Joe: Venonat return!

Tony: My Scyther is unbeatable.

Joe: I choose you Charizard!

Tony: Charizard?

Announcer: Joe has chosen Charizard a fire type pokemon!

Referee: Let the battle begin!

Joe: Charizard flamethrower!

Tony: Scyther swords dance now!

Announcer: Scyther's swords dance blocks Charizard's flamethrower!

Joe: What!?

Jason: Alright!

Lisa: That will stop him!

Rain & Zero: Yeah!

Joe: I have a plan.

Tony: Get ready to attack it.

Jake: (Thinking) You can do it Tony.

Joe: Let's try again Charizard!

Tony: Big mistake.

Joe: Ready!

Sue: Joe thinks Scyther is going to attack.

Joe: Aim!

Tony: Scyther Swords dance!

Joe: And fly!

Tony: Ahhh!

Zero: What is it doing?

Announcer: Joe's Charizard is flying right above Scyther!

Joe: Charizard flamethrower straight down!

Announcer: And Charizard's flamethrower is giving Scyther a hot time.

After using flamethrower Tony's Scyther fainted.

Tony: Scyther!

Referee: Scyther is unable to battle! Charizard is the winner!

Rain: Scyther.

Tony: Scyther return!

Joe: That was great Charizard.

Tony: You fought well Scyther. I'm proud of you.

Lisa: Tony use Blastolse!

Tony: You got it Lisa!

Joe: Too bad your Scyther got burned.

Tony: Let's go Blastolse!

Blastolse: Blastolse! (Yeah!)

Joe: Oh no! Not that!

Announcer: Wise choice by Tony, by choosing Blastolse a water type pokemon!

Zero: This will beat Joe.

Referee: Let the battle begin!

Joe: Charizard fly!

Announcer: Charizard flew up in the sky!

Tony: Blastolse aim your Hydro Pump straight up!

Announcer: And Blastolse's Hydro Pump knocked Charizard right out of the sky.

Charizard fell into the water.

Joe: Charizard!

Tony: Blastolse go help Charizard!

Blastolse: Blastolse. (Right Tony)

Blastolse grab Charizard and brought it back to the surface.

Joe: Charizard are you ok?

Charizard was knocked out.

Referee: Charizard is unable to battle! The victory goes to Tony and his Blastolse!

Announcer: Tony has defeated Joe in a great battle!

Rain: He did it!

Jason: Tony won!

Joe: Hey Tony!

Tony: Yeah?

Joe: Thanks for saving my Charizard.

A hour later

Zero: You know Tony, you haven't chosen Muk or Arbok yet.

Tony: I know.

Jason: Do you think you will use them on the rock field?

Tony: I might.

Lisa: Good luck Tony.

Tony: Thanks Lisa.

The next day

Announcer: Both trainers are down to their last pokemon.

Sally: Bellspout razor leaf!

Tony: Muk body slam!

Muk got on top of Bellspout.

Jake: Look at that.

Sue: Tony made a smart move.

Bellspout tried to kick Muk off, but no avail. Then it stopped.

Tony: Muk you can get off of it now.

When it got off Bellspout was on the ground, not moving.

Referee: Bellspout is defeated! The winner is Tony!

Announcer: Tony has ranked in the top 16!

In the waiting room

Rain: (Reading the guide book) The guide book says the trainers that ranked in the top 16 will battle on the plateau.

Lisa: If it wasn't for Muk you would be out of luck.

Tony: (Fishing in a tank) I got a bite.

A/N: This fishing in the tank happen the pokemon episode A FRIEND IN DEED.

Tony successfully pulled the Magickarp out of the tank.

Nurse Joy: B7.

The screen above shown a picture of Tony and his next opponent.

Tony: So I will battle her next.

Then they heard the voice of the female.

The voice: That's right young man.

Tony: HI. I'm Tony from Pallet Town.

Alice: My name is Alice from Azalea City.

Zero: Wow! Azalea City.

Alice: If you want to meet me, you better give it all you got, because I won't go easy on you.

Tony: I don't want you to.

Alice: See you at the plateau Tony.

Tony: OK bye.

The next morning

Lisa: In your next battle you still have to use only 3 pokemon.

Tony: Thanks for the advise Lisa.

Later that day

Alice: Raticate use bite!

Raticate ran at Arbok to use it's bite attack.

Tony: Arbok use poison sting!

Arbok was using poison sting to stop Raticate.

Announcer: And Arbok had use poison sting to stop Raticate dead in its tracks!

Alice: Raticate No!

Referee: Raticate is unable to battle! Arbok wins!

Jake: Tony won!

Sue: All right!

Tony: You did it Arbok. I'm proud of you.

Arbok smiled

In the Waiting Room

Tony and company were having some refreshments and everything was quiet until Rain spoke.

Rain: (Reading the guide book) The guide book says the top 8 trainers, battle while using all 6 of your pokemon.

Tony: All of them?

Zero: That could be difficult.

Lisa: You are on a roll.

Jason: The others should be strong to make it this far.

Tony: I made it this far too.

Jason: Just go out there tomorrow and win.

Tony: (Right thumb up) I will.

The next day

Announcer: Both trainers are down to their last pokemon!

Tony: Ivysaur tackle now!

Zak: Oh god. Marill's water gun doesn't work against Ivysaur.

Announcer: A direct hit by Ivysaur's tackle attack takes Marill down!

Zak: Sorry Marill.

Referee: Marill is unable to battle! Ivysaur is the winner!

Announcer: Tony is in the semi-finals!

Tony: We did it!

Just before he could return Ivysaur to it's pokeball it evolved into Venusaur.

Tony: All right! Venusaur!

Jake: Tony trained that thing very well.

Sue: He sure did.

Later that day

Lisa: Your almost there Tony.

Tony: Just 2 more victories and I will win the pokemon Indigo league.

Then another trainer appeared.

Trainer: I don't think so.

Tony and company: Huh?

Tony: Who are you?

Trainer: My name is Carlos from Cinnabar Island.

Tony: You must be my opponent in the semi-finals.

Carlos: If you want to make it to the finals, you must defeat me.

Zero: That means he is your next opponent.

Tony: Your right Zero.

Carlos: You better be ready because I won't go easy on you.

Tony: Neither will I!

Carlos: Smart boy.

The next day

Announcer: Carlos is down to his last pokemon, while Tony has 3 left!

Carlos: Go Tyranitar!

Announcer: Carlos last pokemon is Tyranitar!

Referee: Let the battle begin!

Tony: Venusaur tackle attack!

Announcer: Amazing! Venusar's tackle attack knocked Tyranitar off his feet!

Tony: Venusaur Solar Beam!

While Venusar was getting ready to use Solar Beam while Tyranitar was getting up.

Carlos: Tyranitar slash attack!

Tyranitar ran to Venusaur at full speed.

Tony: Fire Solar Beam now!

Announcer: Venusaur launches it's Solar Beam and scores a direct hit!

Carlos: Tyranitar!

Tyranitar tried to get up, but no avail.

Referee: Tyranitar is unable to battle! The victory goes to Tony and his Venusaur!

Tony: We did it!

Carlos: Tyranitar return!

Tony: ( With tears of joy in his eyes) We're in the finals!

Carlos: (Down on his knees) I can't believe that I lost after I made it this far.

Later that day

Tony: I can feel the championship trophy waiting to be in my hands!

Jason: He sure is happy.

Zero: He just excited to be in the finals.

Rain: A bit too excited.

Lisa: He wants that trophy so bad, he could taste it.

Tony: And I'll be the first ever pokemon trainer from Pallet Town that wins the pokemon Indigo league.

Just then another trainer that heard them appeared.

Trainer: Not if I do something about that.

They turned and saw a blond haired female trainer wearing a yellow skirt and a orange shirt.

Tony: My name is Tony from Pallet Town.

Trainer: I see.

Lisa: What's your name?

Trainer: It's Michelle, and I'm from Viridian City.

Jason: Did you meet Chin, Rin and San?

Michelle: Yeah.

A/N: Chin, Rin and San are the guys who appeared in the pokemon Jotho episode GOTTA CATCH YA LATER.

Zero: Why ask?

Jason: I wonder where they are.

Rain: I don't have a clue.

Tony: Not me.

Zero: Me neither.

Lisa: They were last seen in Cerulean City.

Tony: That's where you live.

All of a sudden Brian came to the sense.

Brian: Hello there!

Tony: Brian!

Brian: So you meet your final opponent.

Michelle: I'm Michelle.

Brian: My name is Brian, and I am the Referee for this battle.

Michelle: I'll see you there tomorrow. Bye.

6:00 P.M.

Tony: Ok guys. We made it to the finals so don't blow it.

Lisa came in the waiting room.

Lisa: What are you doing?

Tony: Talking to my pokemon.

Lisa: Dinner is almost ready.

Tony: I'll be there in a moment.

Lisa: OK.

Lisa left the room.

Tony: So lets do our best Scyther, Cloyster, Arcanine, Arbok, Venusar, Muk and Blastole.

Tony's pokemon: ( In there languages) Ok master Tony.

Tony return his pokemon in their pokeballs and left the room to have dinner.

The next morning

As Tony and Michelle enter the battle field they saw Brian appear with a referee's shirt.

Announcer: This is the pokemon league's final battle!

Jake: Come on Tony!

Sue: You can do it!

Announcer: Who ever wins this match will be pokemon Indigo league champion!

The crowd cheered really loud.

Announcer: Here is the green trainer from Pallet town Tony!

The crowd started to scream.

Jake: Go Tony!

Lisa: Those two are kinda like Tony's fans.

Jason: Yea.

Rain: They sound like it.

Zero: Judging from the response I believe he has a lot of fans.

Announcer: And here is the red trainer from Viridian City Michelle!

The crowd cheered again.

Jason: The crowd is so executed.

Zero and Rain: (nodding) Hmm mmm.

Lisa: You can win Tony!

Tony: I started with Scyter!

Shyther came out of it's pokemon.

Michelle: Then I'll choose Eevee!

Brian: Let the battle begin!

Michelle : Eevee tackle!

Tony: Scyther use slash!

Announcer: Scyther stopped Eevee's tackle attack with one swing, and it's down!

Brian: Eevee is unable to battle! Scyther wins!

Michelle returned Eevee to it's pokeball.

Tony: One down, and five to go.

Michelle: Don't get to executed, it was the easy one!

Tony: Ha! It was too easy!

Michelle: True! But this one will rock you!

Announcer: Michelle's second pokemon is Onix a rock type pokemon!

Tony: Scyther return!

Announcer: Tony decided to use a another pokemon!

Lisa: That's right!

Jason: Tony made a smart move.

Tony: I choose you Blastole!

Michelle: Un oh.

Announcer: Tony has chosen Blastole, a water type pokemon!

Brian: Begin the battle!

Michelle: Onix Tail Whip!

Tony: Dodge it Blastole!

Announcer: Blastole has dodged Onix's Tail Whip!

Rain: That was close.

Zero: It sure was.

Tony: Blastole Hydro Pump now!

Announcer: And Blastole used Hydro Pump to nail Onix!

Michelle: Onix!

Brian: Onix is unable to battle! Blastole wins!

Tony: Yes!

Michelle: You might of beaten two of my pokemon, but now you don't stand a ghost of a chance!

Michelle threw her pokeball, and out came a Genger.

Tony: Genger?!

Sue: I wonder what Tony is going to do.

Tony: Blastole return!

Announcer: Tony has returned Blastole!

Michelle: (Thinking) This kid is tougher than I thought.

Announcer: What pokemon will Tony choose to battle Genger?

Lisa: Tony to defeat a ghost pokemon you must make it freeze.

Tony: Thanks Lisa!

Michelle: Too bad you don't have a Ice type pokemon!

Tony: I choose you Cloyster!

Michelle: A wise decision Tony.

Tony: You thought you said I don't have a Ice type pokemon!

Michelle: I was wrong you know!

Brian: Let the battle begin!

Michelle: Genger Dark ball!

Tony: Cloyster Dodge and use Ice beam!

Michelle: Genger Confess Ray!

Announcer: Both attacks as collide!

All of a sudden there was a big explosion.

Everyone waited for the smoke to clear to find out which pokemon will stand victorious.

Tony: Cloyster.

Michelle: Genger.

As the smoke cleared they saw both pokemon down and out.

Brian: Cloyster and Genger are unable to battle! This round is a draw!

Announcer: Both trainers lost one pokemon, but Michelle has only half of her team left.

Jake: Tony is only half way to becoming the champion.

Sue: He sure is.

Tony: Go Muk!

Michelle: I choose Raichu!

Brian: Let the battle begin!

Tony: Muk Body Slam

Michelle: Raichu thunderbolt!

Announcer: And Raichu use thunder bolt to make things shocking for Muk!

Raichu stopped shocking Muk and Muk fainted.

Brian: Muk is unable to battle! Raichu is the winner!

Announcer: A nice comeback by Michelle!

Lisa: Tony better think of somethimg.

Announcer: What pokemon will Tony choose next?

Tony: OK. Scyther I choose you!

Announcer: Tony chosen Scyther!

Zero: What is Tony thinking?

Brian: Begin the battle!

Michelle: Raichu thunder bolt!

Tony: Scyther dodge and use double team!

Scyther dodge the thunder bolt and used it's double team.

Michelle: I can't tell which is which.

Lisa: Looks like Michelle sees triple vision.

Michelle: Which one is the real one?

Tony: Scyther slash attack now!

Scyther and it's two fakes hit Raichu with their slash attack.

Michelle: Raichu use thunder bolt on all three!

Announcer: Raichu using thunder bolt to end Scyther's double team!

Scyther fell to the ground then started to glow.

Tony: Huh?

Michelle: What?!

Jason: It's evolving?

Scyther evolved into Scizor.

Rain: Tony Scyther is now Scizor!

Tony: Scizor.

Announcer: Tony's Scyther has evolved into a Scizor!

Michelle: How can it be?

Zero: I didn't know Scyther can evolve.

Rain: Scizor is from Jotho.

Zero: Oh.

Tony: Scizor use Metal Claw!

Announcer: Scizor's Metal Claw has knockout Raichu!

Brian: Raichu is unable to battle! Scizor is the winner!

Announcer: With two pokemon left what will Michelle do to make a comeback?

Michelle: I'll show you.

Tony: (Thinking) Almost there.

Michelle: GO Electabuzz!

Tony: Be careful of this one Scizor!

Brian: Let the battle begin!

Tony: Scizor Swift attack!

Michelle: Electabuzz tackle attack!

Scizor stopped Electabuzz with it's Swift attack.

Michelle: Electabuzz thunder shock now!

Announcer: And Electabuzz battles back with thunder shock!

Tony: Scizor use your Steel Wing!

Announcer: Scizor use Steel Wing to damage Electabuzz!

Michelle: You haven't won yet!

Tony: Scizor Quick attack!

Scizor flew to Electabuzz at full speed.

Michelle: Electabuzz Thunder Punch now!

Announcer: And Electabuzz counters with a Thunder Punch!

Tony: Scizor No!

Brian: Scizor is unable to battle! Electabuzz wins.

Announcer: It's look Michelle made a amazing comeback!

Michelle: My Electabuzz is too strong for you!

Announcer: Does Tony has what it takes to turn this battle around?

Lisa: I'm sure he can turn the tables on her.

Rain: Me too.

Tony: I choose you Arcanine!

Announcer: Tony chosen Arcanine!

Brian: Let the battle begin!

Tony: Aranine Fire Spin!

Announcer: Aranine starts with Fire Spin, and it looks like Electabuzz can't beat the heat!

Jake: Electabuzz can't escape from a tornado of fire.

Sue: The Electabuzz is all burned up.

When the Fire Spin stopped Electabuzz fainted.

Brian: Electabuzz is unable to battle! Arcanine is the winner!

Announcer: Just one more win and Tony will win the championship, but we seen her to this before!

Tony: I have four pokemon left and you have one, so I have a better chance to win!

Michelle: I saved my best one for last, and it will make me the champion!

Rain: Michelle can't beat Tony now.

Jason: I don't know.

Zero: Why?

Jason: Michelle made it this far with strong pokemon, she will use her strongest one.

Rain: You really think so?

Jason: If could more four pokemon to defeat this one.

Michelle: Dragonite let's do this!

Tony: Oh no not Dragonite!

Michelle: With my Dragonite I will win the champioship!

Brian: Begin the battle!

Michelle: Dragonite watergun!

Tony: Arcanine dodge it, and use flamethrower!

Announcer: And Aranine has used flamethrower to damage Dragonite! But is it enough to defeat it?

Michelle: Dragonite try watergun again!

Arcanine was hit by Dragonite's watergun and fainted.

Michelle: Great shot!

Brian: Arcanine is unable to battle! Dragonite wins!

Announcer: What a great comeback by Michelle! Can the other half of Tony pokemon team defeat her Dragonite?

Michelle: It's obvious my Dragonite is too strong for his three remaining pokemon.

Lisa:(In a sad voice) Oh Tony.

Rain: You can do it Tony!

Zero: Don't give up!

Jason: Dragonite is very strong. Tony needs a miracle to win.

Announcer: What pokemon will Tony choose next?

Tony: Go Arbok!

Sue: Why is he using Arbok?

Jake: To weaken it. If Arbok won't defeat it then Venusar or Blastole will.

Michelle: Arbok? What a waste!

Tony: We'll see about that!

Brian: Let the battle begin!

Tony: Arbok bin attack!

Announcer: Arbok is using bin attack! What a great strategy!

Michelle: Dragonite Fly high and use Seismic Toss.

Dragonite flew up in the sky.

Tony: Arbok use Bite!

Arbok bite attack cause Dragonite to fall.

Michelle: Dragonite!

Announcer: Arbok's used bite and Dragonite crashes on the ground!

Tony: Yes!

Announcer: Dragonite maybe down, but it not out yet!

Michelle: My Dragonite can still win!

Tony: Arbok poison sting now!

Announcer: And Tony;s Arbok attacks with posion sting!

Michelle: This will stop you. Dragonite use Hyperbeam now!

Announcer: Dragonite fight back with Hyperbeam, and Arbok is down!

Brian: Arbok is unable to battle! Dragonite is the winner!

Tony: Arbok return!

Arbok returned to it's pokeball.

Michelle: Give up Tony! You don't have a chance!

Tony: I still have two pokemon left!

Zero: Dragonite look a bit weaken.

Rain: Do you think Tony can still win?

Jason: Let's hope so.

Tony: Venusaur I choose you!

Michelle: (Thinking) He must be saving Blastole for last.

Announcer: Tony is now using Venusaur, which is other pokemon he didn't use eailer in this battle!

Sue: I hope he knows what he's doing.

Jake: I do too sweety.

Brian: Let the battle begin!

Tony: Venusaur tackle attack!

Announcer: Venusaur's tackle attack nail Dragonite in the face!

Michelle: His Venusaur is stronger than I thought.

Tony: Venusaur use vine whip!

Announcer: And Venusaur tied up Dragonite by using vine whip!

Tony: Venusaur use solar beam!

Announcer: Venusaur is about to use solar beam, and while being tied up Dragonite has nowhere to go!

Michelle: Dragonite use Dragon Rage!

Announcer: Dragonite used Dragon Rage to free itself from Venusaur's vines!

Tony: Venusaur!

Brian: Venusaur is unable to battle! Dragonite wins the round!

Announcer: Both trainers are now down to there last pokemon!

Lisa: I hope Tony could win this one.

Jason: Dragonite took a lot of damage. Tony does have a chance.

Michelle: Just one win, and I become the champion!

Tony: Blastole I choose you!

Lisa, Jason, Rain and Zero: Let's go Blastole!

Announcer: This is the last battle folks! Who will win the pokemon Indigo championship?

Tony: Blastole you are my last hope. You must win this.

Brian: Let the battle begin!

Michelle: Ok Dragonite Let's win this. Use thunderbolt!

Tony Blastole Withdraw!

Announcer: Wise move by Tony! Blastole used withdraw to protected itself from Dragonite's thunderbolt!

Tony: Blastole use your Skull Bash!

Announcer: And Blastole attacks by using Skull Bash!

Michelle: (Thinking) His Blastole is stronger than I excepted.

Lisa: You can do it Tony!

Michelle: Dragonite! Are you ok?

Tony: Blastole use Hydro Pump now!

Announcer: Blastole used Hydro Pump! How much more can Dragonite take?

Michelle: I won't lose!

All of a sudden Dragonite fainted.

Michelle: NO!

Brian: Dragonite is unable to battle! The winner of the pokemon Indigo League competition is Tony from Pallet Town!

The whole crowd cheered as loud as they can.

Announcer: Tony has done it! Tony is the first trainer from Pallet Town that won the Indigo League championship!

Tony: We did it!

Lisa: Yippee!

Jason: Hooray!

Rain: Yeah!

Zero: You did it.

Jake: He did it!

Sue: All right!

Michelle: Dragonite return!

Tony: Great Job Blastole!

Blastole: Blastole (Thanks Master)

Michelle: We did lose, but you did well.

Jake and Sue went down to greet them.

Lisa: Great Job Tony!

Tony: Thanks.

Later that night

Tony:(With tears in his eyes) I finally did it.

Tony and his friends were having dinner.

Jason: The closing ceremony will begin in two hours.

Tony: And tomorrow were going home to Pallet Town.

Lisa: I will go back to Cerulean City to give these two pokemon to Misty.

All of a sudden Brian appeared.

Brian: I'll take you there.

Lisa: Really?

Brian: If you like.

Lisa: I do. I do.

Rain: What will you do then?

Lisa: Come over to Tony's house.

Before Zero said a word Michelle come in the room.

Michelle: Hi there.

Tony: Michelle!

Michelle: There was a unbelievable battle we had. I underestimated you.

Tony: Is your Dragonite in the pokemon center?

Michelle: Yeah. It will be fine in the morning.

The next morning

Tony: What a lovely morning.

Lisa: Yeah. Nice sunshine.

Jason: Warm weather.

Rain: White clouds

Zero: And clean air.

Tony: Zero.

Zero: Yes?

Tony: I like you to have my Venusaur.

Zero: Thank you Tony!

Tony let out his Venusaur.

Rain: I learned a lot, and I decided to be a pokemon trainer myself.

Lisa: We'll be waiting for you at the table.

Zero: OK.

Tony: Venusaur Zero will be your trainer now.

Zero: He is not abandoning you, its just that I am a grass pokemon trainer.

Tony: He wants to become the best one ever.

Zero: If its ok with you I would like you to help me make my dream come true.

Venusaur looked at them and smiled.

Venusaur: Venusaur (OK)

After finishing their breakfast the group went outside and saw Brian in his car.

Brian: Are you ready Lisa?

Lisa: (Running to the car) Yeah!

Tony: Goodbye Lisa!

Jason: See you later!

Rain: Have a safe trip!

Zero: We'll see you in Pallet Town.

Lisa: (Waving at her friends) Ok bye!

As Brian drove off with Lisa, the others went straight over the Pallet Town.

In Pallet Town

Tony: Look!

Lisa arrived to greet her friends.

Jason: How did it go?

Lisa: It went great, Misty was so happy!

Rain: What else happen?

Lisa: I watched her swim.

Zero: Did you see her battle another challenger?

Lisa: I did.

Tony: How did she do.

Lisa: She won!

As the group entered the house they were welcomed by Tony's parents.

Halley: Hi Tony!

Tony: Hi Mom.

Alan: Welcome home son!

Tony: Thanks Dad.

After Tony's parents meet his friends, Professor Oak came in the room.

Oak: I see that you won the pokemon league.

Tony: I sure did.

Oak: Would you like to become a pokemon master?

Tony: A pokemon master?

Tony was thinking while the other waited for an answer.

Tony: Yes!

After that answer Professor Oak told the group about the Jotho league.

Rain: You will like Jotho.

Zero You live in Jotho.

Rain: If you go you can all visit my house.

Jason: What do you think Tony?

Tony: That's a great idea!

Lisa: Yeah!

The next day

Halley: Goodbye son!

Alan: Be careful and good luck.

Tony and his friends: Bye!

After saying goodbye Tony and his friends head out to Jotho and a quest so Tony can become a pokemon master.

The End


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