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By Captain Bones

Narrator: While traveling in Jotho, our heroes are heading for the next town, but there not sure where they are.

Misty: Oh no we're lost again!

Brock: Like the time we were in Kanto right?

Misty: Yea and it's all because of you Ash!

Ash: Me? Brock is the one who has the map!

Brock: Oh yea. I forgot to check the map.

Pikachu: Pika (Why?)

Brock: I wasn't thinking about checking the map. I was thinking of something else.

Ash: You were thinking of something else?

Brock: Yeah. When I saw you two looking at each other.

Misty: What!?

Brock: I did, and I wonder why.

Ash: It's none of your business Brock.

Brock: It's not my business?

Ash: It's not. So stay out of it!

Misty started to hate the chit chat between Ash and Brock.

Misty: Ash why can't you stop, so Brock can check the map?

Ash: Why should I tell you?

Misty: Because I want to -!

Misty was interrupted when she felt her bag nudging. And then she saw Togepi appear from inside.

Misty: Oh hi Togepi.

Togepi: Toge toge pri. (Hi Mommy.)

Brock: Hey guys looked at this.

Ash: What is it Brock?

Brock: The map says if we turn right at Twin Trees we'll find a pokemon center.

Ash: Then let's go!

Misty: And which way is Twin Trees?

Brock: (checking the map) Straight ahead.

They walked for 2 minutes till they found Twin Trees.

Ash: This is it!

Misty: Let's hurry it's almost sunset!

Brock: I agree.

Ash: Then let's go!

Pikachu: Pika (yeah!)

At the pokemon center

Nurse Joy: Welcome to the pokemon center. May I help you?

Ash: We would like something to eat.

Misty: We like to spent the night here.

Brock: And you can go out with me on a da-oww!

Misty: (pulling Brock by the ear.) Come on Romeo.

Brock: No not the ear not the ear!

While they were having dinner somewhere outside Team Rocket was (as usual) nearby.

Jessie: I'm tried.

James: Me too.

Meowth: Me three.

Jesse's wabbafet popped out of it's pokeball.


Jessie: Wabbafet! Back in your ball!

Jessie called her wabbafet back in it's pokeball.

Meowth: Look you guys, it's a pokemon center!

Jessie: Great! We can spent the night there!

James: And tomorrow we can get that Pikachu!

Ash, Misty and Brock were asleep in their room when Team Rocket came in.

Nurse Joy: Hi. What can I do for you?

Jessie: We like a room please?

Nurse Joy: here's the key to your room.

James: You started to sound like a nice woman Jessie.

Jessie: Well if I didn't she would know who we are.

When Team Rocket entered their room they fell asleep.

Meanwhile back in Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu's room

Ash woke up from a nightmare of losing Misty.

Ash: Wow. What a bad dream.

Ash looked at Misty who was still asleep.

Ash: (Thinking) What will I do if I lose her forever? I love her.

Ash walked quietly to Misty's bed and leaned close to her.

Ash: (Whispering in Misty's ear.) Misty I love you.

Misty didn't reply. Ash walked quietly back to his bed and went to sleep.

The next morning

Misty: (waking up) what a beautiful morning.

Ash: Yeah. Just like before.

Pikachu and Togepi woke up

Misty: Good morning Togepi.

Togepi: Prii. (Mommy)

Ash: Good morning Pikachu.

Pikachu: Pi Pi Pi. (Ash)

Brock: (yawning) Good morning guys.

Ash looked back to see Misty.

Misty had a sad look on her face.

Ash: Why are you sad Misty?

Pikachu: Pi (Huh?)

Misty: (With tears in her eyes) Ash I I I um.

Misty was unable to finish her sentence.

Ash: Misty was wrong?

Misty: (Smiling) Nothing I'm fine.

Ash: OK.

Misty: (Thinking) How can I tell him that I love him? What if he didn't feel the same way? He might reject me?

Brock: Hey. How about some breakfast guys?

Ash: OK

Misty: Sounds good to me.

Nurse Joy: Excuse me, are you Misty Waterflower?

Misty: Yeah the Cerulean City's Gym Leader!

Nurse Joy: I receive a call from Cerulean City. Your sister's wanted you to call them.

Misty: Call my sisters?

On the telephone

Daisy: Hi Misty! We wanted to check on you.

Misty: What do you mean?

Daisy: To see if you're ok, like hope nothing bad happen to you.

Misty: Oh I see. Is everything ok?

Daisy: Yeah! Your Horsea and Starmie are fine!

Misty: Good.

Daisy: That's all.

Misty: OK bye.

Misty hangs up the phone.

Ash: Nurse Joy can you tell us how to get to the next town?

Nurse Joy: Well if you go through twin trees your find a path.

Misty: That path leads to the town right?

Nurse Joy: Yes. Just follow the path and your be there.

Ash: Thanks Nurse Joy.

Ash, Misty and Brock went through Twin Trees and found the path to the next town.

Ash: We found it!

Misty: All right!

Brock: Let's go!

Pikachu: Pika! (Yeah)

Meanwhile back at the pokemon center

Jessie: Excuse me I need to ask you something.

Nurse Joy: Sure miss.

Jessie Did you see three kids with a pikachu here?

James: (Picking up Meowth) Our Meowth like to speak to it.

Nurse Joy: Yeah. There left a5 minutes ago to go to the next town.

Jessie and James: Thank You.

Team Rocket left the pokemon center.

Back to Ash and Co.

Brock: (Looking at Ash and Misty) This is interesting.

Ash: What is it Brock?

Brock: Oh Umm never mind.

Misty: What's him problem Ash?

Ash: I'm not sure Misty.

Brock: (Thinking) Their looking at each other again, I knew they love each other from the very beginning.

5 minutes later

Misty: Look Ash the city!

Ash: All right!

Pikachu Pi Pikachu! (We made it)

Brock: Let's go!

They ran to the city until white smoke appeared.

Ash: What going on?

Ash, Misty and Brock looked up when they heard laugher and saw Team Rocket in there Meowth balloon.

Jessie: Prepare for Trouble!

James: Make it double!

Jessie: The protect the world from devastation!

James: To unite all people with in our nation!

Jessie: To denounce to the evils of true and love!

James: To extend our reach to the stars above!

Jessie: Jessie!

James: James!

Jessie: Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!

James: surrender now or prepare to fight!

Meowth: Meowth that's right!

Wabbafet: Wabbafet (That's right)

Ash, Misty and Brock: TEAM ROCKET!

Jessie: (laugh) That's us twerp.

James: So we're give you a big hand for remembering us.

A big hand from the balloon came down and grab Pikachu.

Ash: Pikachu!

Meowth: (Laughing) One pikachu prize coming up.

Ash: Oh no you don't! Bayleef I choose you!

Bayleef: Bayleef! (Let's go)

Jessie: So you want to battle huh? Go Arbok!

Jessie's Arbok came out of it's pokeball

Jessie: Arbok bin attack!

Arbok missed Bayleef, but it got Ash.

Ash: Ahhhh!

Misty: ASH!

Jessie: Arbok grab Bayleef not the twerp!

Misty: I'll save you! Go Staryu!

Misty's orange star pokemon came out.

Misty: Staryu use swift attack to save Ash!

Staryu's swift attack hit Arbok and Arbok let go of Ash.

Misty: Ash are you ok?

Ash: Yeah.

Misty: Staryu water gun!

Staryu launch it's water gun and Arbok fainted.

Ash: Bayleef use vine whip to grab pikachu!

James: Not so fast! Go Weezing!

James's Weezing came to battle.

James: Weezing tackle attack!

Bayleef dodge Weezing tackle attack, but Weezing hit Misty.

Misty: Ahhhhhhh!

Ash: Misty No!

Misty fell and blacked out.

Ash saw Pikachu rescued by Bayleef.

Ash: Pikachu! Hi buddy.

Pikachu: Pika (Ash)

Brock: Vurpix flamethrower

Vurpix's flamethrower hit Weezing and Weezing fainted.

Jessie and James returned their pokemon into their pokeballs.

Ash: Ok Pikachu, Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pikaaaacccchhhhhuuuuuu! (Thunderbolt)

Pikachu's thunderbolt made the Meowth balloon blow up.

Team Rocket: Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again! *ding* Wabbafet

Ash: Misty woke up! Are you okay?

Misty: (waking up) Yeah. I was just knocked out by Weezing.

Brock: We'll glad that your alright.

Misty was staring at Ash again.

Ash: (Thinking) Why is staring at me?

Misty: (Thinking) Why am I staring at him? Why can't I look away? Maybe it's how I feeling about.

Ash: Misty is there something wrong?

Misty: Ash there something I need to tell you.

Ash: Tell me.

Brock: (Thinking) Could this be it? Will Misty tell Ash how she feels abot him?

Misty: Ash I I I.

Brock: Misty tell him. Try to face your fears.

Misty: Ash I I I I love you!

Ash was shocked he can't believe that Misty said that she loved him.

Misty (With tears in her eyes) Please Ash don't leave me, please don't reject me!

Pikachu: Pika Pi (Misty)

Misty: Please Ash I beg you.

Ash looked in Misty ocean blue eyes.

Togepi: Toge Prrii? (Mommy)

Ash: Don't cry Misty, because I love you too.

Misty face changed from sadness to happiness.

Brock watched Ash and Misty hug each other and kiss each other on the lips.

Brock: Well it's about time. I knew you two fell in love when you first met.

Ash and Misty: What did you say?

Brock: Let's go to the city, so we can have lunch.

Misty: OK!

Ash: Great idea Brock!

Pikachu: Pkiachu (Yeah)

Togepi: Toge Toge prri! (Yippee)

Narrator: Well now that their secret is reveled our heros continued on their way to the city and their next adventure.

At a river

Jessie: (In a sad voice) We failed again.

James: I can't believe that Bayleef took Pikachu from us.

Meowth: At least we can enjoy this ride on the river.

Wabbafet: Wabbafet. (Yeah)

Suddenly they heard a sound of a roar

Jessie: Do you heard something?

James: Yeah. It sound like a.

Meowth: Waterfall!

Team Rocket: Team Rocket's drifting off again! Wabbafet

The End


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