The Endgame Paradox

by CJetstar14
Part One
Rated: PG-13 (violence, language)

Note: Mario, Zelda and Metroid characters and related material is copyright of Nintendo Company Ltd. Chrono Trigger material is copyright of Squaresoft. Pokemon and it's characters are copyright of GameFreak and Nintendo. I don't own Outlaw Star and it's characters, either. Cell belongs to DBZ and Funimation. Everything else is mine, so ask my permission before using them.

Date: 410,092 A.D.
Place: Planet Cyteronia, Regulas System

"Are you sure this will be harmless?"
"Yes. There will be several timeline unit spaces to spare, Unit 46615."
"But Unit 50001, how will this game effect these people?"
"Since they're mostly human, as our ancestors were, our program will have no long-term physical effects on them once we are finished."
"Yes, but Unit 5000..."
"Call me by my game name, Relatron!!! I'm KAOS!!!"
"Yes..., KAOS. Now... what shall we call our scenario?"

KAOS thought for about five seconds, then memmed Relatron,"Scenario name is: Endgame Paradox."

Program File: Endgame Paradox.

Locating Subjects. Location Alpha: Outlaw Star / Subjects: Gene Starwind and Melfina.
Location Beta: Galactic Federation Dock 021 / Subject: Samus Aran.
Location Delta: Planet Guardia / Subjects: Crono and Marle(Princess Nadia).
Location Epsilon: Planet Hyrule / Subjects: Link and Princess Zelda.
Location Gamma: Mushroom Kingdom / Subjects: Mario Mario and Princess Peach.
Location Omega: Planet 00002 / Subjects:...

Subjects of Planet 00002 Not Found. SEARCHING...

Ash was tried after a long day of Pokemon training. He and Pikachu went back to the Pokemon Center they were staying at. Misty was there when Ash got back, feeding Togepi some food in their room.

"How's your Pokemon training coming, Ash?" Misty asked.

"Fine. Pikachu used his Thunder attack to vaporize a rock(COOL)!" Ash said excitingly. "What time is it, anyway?"

"Well...," Misty turned her head to the clock. "It's 11:15!"

"WAAAA!?" Ash said surprisingly. "11:15! Man, I've been staying up too... late." Ash's eyes began to droop down, but he was still awake.

"Ash you've been working too hard," Misty said passionally while putting Togepi down. "You deserve a rest." She embraced Ash and kissed him on the lips. Ash gladly returned the kiss to Misty. The two teens have been an official couple(not MARRIED, not making love, just steady, moronic humans!) now for about four months. Misty always had feelings for Ash, as Ash too had feelings for Misty, ever since they met each other. That was around four years ago(Ash had already been in the Kanto and Orange League championships, and is now in Johto. Brock is not with them at this time.), when Ash started his Pokemon journey.

"Misty..." Ash said. "You're beautiful..." Ash then continued to kiss Misty(if it sounds corny, to Bad! It's my first fan-fic!).

"Pika..." Pikachu said as he watched the couple kiss each other. So, he decided to leave them to their business. He got a bottle of ketchup(I don't know how he got it or what brand it is, do you care?), an went into another room.

Soon, after around twenty minutes of passionate kissing, Ash and Misty fell asleep in each other's arms. Misty somehow managed to get Ash's shirt off(don't ask me how), but nothing else was out off place. Togepi was on Misty's stomach, also sleeping, when...

Subjects of Planet 00002 / Pokemon World Found.
Subjects: Ash Ketchum, Misty Waterflower, Pikachu, and Togepi.
Program Units received... beginning...
Location OmegaB: Planet 00002 Star System / Subjects...

"Well, it looks like we can begin, Relatron. The main component of this game is Ash."
"Fine, KAOS. I'll take the hero side, you take the villains. Ash will help the other heroes complete their tasks before he can finish his."
"Remember, Relatron. If I win, I get control of them from now on. If you win... I will stand down my position as Master Gamer. May the best Cybernoid win." "Ash is very resourceful for a human. Believe me, your title is as good as mine. Let us begin."


Program start in Fenta..., Cuentos..., Trenias..., Tanto..., Unis...,
Endgame Paradox File, BEGIN.

Ash was starting to wake up, expecting to find Misty in his arms. "Good morning, Mist...," he started to say, but as he opened his eyes, he saw grass and a forest. "WAAAA!?" Ash jumped up in surprise. He remembered falling asleep with Misty, so he knew something was wrong.

As he got up, he saw his hat, his shirt with vest(Misty took it off, remember?), his Poke belt with all his Poke balls, and to his relief, Pikachu sleeping with a bottle of ketchup. He looked around his surroundings and saw forest, grass, blue skies; but no Misty.

"MISTY!!" Ash called out. There was no response. Ash was starting to worry greatly. "Where are you!? MISTY!!!"

No response still came, so Ash decided that he had to find her. He got his shirt, hat, and his Poke belt on, then he went over to Pikachu who had just started to wake up.

"Pika...chu?" Pikachu asked Ash. Pikachu saw the worried expression on his trainer's face.

"Pikachu, I don't know what's going on, but now we're in a forest... AND MISTY IS GONE!!!!" Ash freaked. "We have to find...WAAA!?"

Ash was looking at a sign by a nearby tree. He went up to it and began to read the sign. It said:

"Welcome, Ash Ketchum, to the Cybernoidian game of 'Alien Civilizations'! In this scenario, you will have to help five other heroes get through numerous tricks, traps, and puzzles to get to the 'Prize Room'. While they get their prizes, you and your Master Opponent will race to the Grand Prize! Who ever gets tot he grand prize first, wins! You must fight your opponent throughout the game, but BEWARE! Enemies lurk around were you least expect them to be! Are you ready? We will begin... NOW!"

SLASH!A sharp blade barely missed Ash's head by inches. Ash quickly turned around to see a figure in a black cloak, with a death's-head mask with crimson red eyes.

"Pika..." Pikachu began to charge up his Thunderbolt to save Ash. "CCCHHHUUU!!!!"

A Thunderbolt hit Ash's assailant, knocking him done. As he tried to get up, the mask of the attacker was taken off by Ash. Ash and Pikachu were surprised to see who it was.

"GARY!?" Ash yelled(surprised, human?). 'What are you doing here??"

"Well, well. If it isn't Mr. Junior. I'm your opponent, you moron!" Gary mocked.

"WAAAA!??" Ash said. "well, you're not going to win... Uh, what is the grand prizes?"

Gary fell over in stupidity. "You're even stupider in this game! Hahaha!!" Gary started to laugh maniacally.

"Well, what's the prize!? A legendary Pokemon!?" Ash demanded.

"No, you moron! I can't believe you're friends with that scrawny red head!" Gary said annoyingly. He seemed to stretch out his last words.

"Don't call Misty that, you..." Ash started to say, but he then stopped. Pikachu tugged at Ash's leg, but Ash still had a horrified look on his face. "No... not her. Anything but ...her."

"Yeah," Gary said. "And when I win, you know what I'm going to do you your girlfriend?" Gary said evilly. He then charged at Ash, and prepared to impale him(Gary still has his blade). He was on his mark till...

"YOU STAY AWAY FROM HER, YOU BASTARD!" Ash ducked aside, tackled Gary, lifted him over his head, and sent Gary flying head first into a tree. Gary's head made contact with the tree trunk, and his unconscious body fell to the ground. Lines of blood came down his face, but he was still alive.

"Come on Pikachu, NOW!" Ash yelled angrily. "We got to get ahead before Gary wakes up!" Ash and Pikachu ran away from Gary as fast as they could.

"Well, I'm off to a good start. KAOS, are you worried?"
"No, Relatron, I'm a better gamer than you. Gary will win, and the girl will be his."
"But Misty will not allow him to rape her. You have a flaw in your game plan."
"No, I don't. If Gary gets to Misty first, she will obey him... and ALLOW him to do what he pleases."

Relatron was shocked at what KAOS said. He can't win now. The effect will be permanent! What's wrong with him? Relatron ran a systems check, and found something strange: A foreign program that was controlled from a different source. It allowed new enemies in the programs, and I allowed Ash to have abilities that he could not normally do.
Relatron then memmed KAOS, "Well, shall we continue? Believe me, Ash will succeed."
"Well shall see, Relatron. We shall see."


"Pika, Pika pi chu!" Pikachu was tired from running for an hour. He tried to slow Ash done, but he was deep in thought.

"Misty, I'm coming," Ash thought. "I'll save you from Gary. Who ever started this 'game' will pay for this. I'll..."

SMASH! Ash ran right into another sign. "Oww..." Ash said painfully. "Uh... Huh? Hey, it's another sign, Pikachu!" Ash ran over to the sign and read it. It was as same as the sign from before, but is started with: "Welcome, Gene Starwind."

"Gene Starwind?" Ash said confusedly. "Hey, he must be one of the people I'm suppose to help! I wonder where he is?"

BAMM! A gunshot was heard from Ash's right, so he and Pikachu ran toward the sound to see who had fired it.

"WHOA!!" Ash nearly got hit by a clawed hand. When he recovered, Ash saw a young adult(Gene Starwind) being attacked ny warriors in weird masks(Kay Pirates). Their bodies were skinny and their backs were hunched. Gene was shooting at them them with a strange looking gun(Caster Gun), but he was terribly outnumbered. "Pikachu, we have to help that guy!" Ash pleaded to his friend.

"Pika!" Pikachu said in agreement. Both Ash and Pikachu ran toward Gene, while Pikachu charged up for a Thunderbolt. Ash helped by pulling off one of Gene's attackers and punched him in the face, really hard(he was imagining punching Gary with rage).

"Pikaaa...CHUUUU!!!!" Pikachu let out a massive Thunderbolt attack, eliminating the remaining attackers. They all laid still on the ground, and then flashed white and mysteriously vanished.

"Thanks, kid!" Gene said. "I owe you one! By the way, what's your name?"

Ash responded by saying, "I'm Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, and if I'm right... you're Gene Starwind, right?"

"The one and only!" Gene confirmed. "You must have read the sign I woke up next to." Gene decided to put his caster gun away, which Ash was looking at eagerly(he can use the gun against Gary, yah FOOL!). "Before that, I was sleeping on my ship, the Outlaw Star. Now, how the hell did I end up here?"

"Well..." Ash said. "I think we're here as part of a game. There's four other people we need to find, I think."

"A game? Well, I don't like losing games. Let's go!" Gene said enthusiastically.

One hour later...

"Pika!" Pikachu saw a large fortress ahead of them, still several miles away.

"Whoa! Is that where we need to go?" Gene said, pointing to the fortress.

"I guess we have no choice, right Pikachu?" Ash said nervously.

Ash, Gene and Pikachu then started walking toward the fortress, until...

"KIII!!!!" A horrible insect leaped out of the bushes and bit into Ash's arm. Several more of the green monsters came up behind Gene and Pikachu. There were two dozen of them in all.

"AHHH!!!!" Ash screamed as the insect bit into his arm, drooling an acidic substance in the process. Gene pulled out his caster gun and shot at the green insects, but they're wings made them extremely agile. Pikachu couldn't hold off the attackers for long, and four more of the monsters attacked Ash. They heroes all seemed dead till...

"Kii, ki iii ro hun!" (I'll start translating: "Oh no, it's the bounty hunter!)

TWSEE! A ball of energy hit a monster one Ash's head, blasting it's lower torso off. It fell along with several frightened beasts.

"Let's get out of here!" one of the large insects said in it's native language. After about half of the attackers were blown away, the rest flew toward the fortress in retreat.

"Pika...chu?" Pikachu was okay, but when he went over to Ash, he saw that Ash's arm was a bloody mess, with acid eating away at what was left of his skin.

"Pikachu..." Ash responded weakly. "I... need help." As Ash stopped talking, a person in a large suit of space armor(guess who it is) came out of the bushes. The person was the same one who had shot at the alien insects. The person came over to Ash, and took a med-kit from the cyber-suit. The armored person then clean up Ash's arm, and healed the wounds with an energy sphere.

"Thank you," Ash said to the person. "Thanks, Mr..."

"Aran," a feminine voice said from inside the suit. "MS. Samus Aran."(Metroid fans, rejoice!)

"You mean, your a LADY?" Gene said, while recovering from the attack.

"Got a problem with that?" Samus said annoyed. "If it wasn't for me, you guys would have been Kihunter fodder by now!"(If you don't know, a Kihunter is an insectoid enemy that appeared in Super Metroid; the alien insects that attacked Ash were Kihunters)

"Kihunters?" Ash stated. "So, those were those weird insect monsters. Well, thanks again, Samus." "Two down, three more to go." Ash thought. "So, Samus, can you help us get to that fortress?" Ash asked as he pointed toward the structure.

"Sure. I don't know what's going on, but..." Samus trailed off.

"Ash will explain on the way, I guess," Gene said quickly.

Meanwhile, back at the fortress...

(Translated alien language, Kihunters only) "They're coming! Now Ash and Gene are working with Samus Aran!" the lead Kihunter said to a mysterious creature.

"Hmm... Unfortunenant. Looks like we have little little problem. Of course, Ash is a fool to keep on going. Our Master will not be defeated by such an inferior creature!" The mysterious creature, stepping out of the shadows, turn out to be...

Cell???(who did you expect, James Bond?)

"But Cell... will we be detected by the program?" one of the Kihunters said.

Cell began to laugh. "No. The program won't know we are present here till we control it, which is only a matter of time." Cell then was being communicated to by another creature.

"Are the traps and enemies in the lower caverns ready?" The new creature demanded.

"Yes," Cell informed. "We can proceed as planned."

"Good. Misty is as good as mine... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

"Well," Ash informed the group. "Here we are."

Everyone looked up at the enormous structure towering above them. It had to be at least one hundred stories tall. Samus used her scanner in her suit to look inside the fortress.

"Well, the only data I have is that there are large tunnels coming from under this tower," Samus explained. "There doesn't seem to be any direct doors into the tower, except from below."

"Maybe we better check around; we may find a secret passage!" Gene encouraged. During the walk to the fortress, the heroes and heroine learned about each other: Samus is the brave bounty hunter, Gene is an outlaw who travels the galaxy for adventure, and Ash is the Pokemon trainer trying to become a Pokemon Master with his companion, Pikachu.

"I second that choice!" Ash exclaimed. Since he knew what was going on the most, he was the uniaminous "leader". He did not tell Gene or Samus anything about Gary and what he would do if he got to Misty first; He did not even tell them about Misty.

As Ash, Gene, Samus and Pikachu walked around the wall of the tower, they began to hear new voices.

" Hey-a, I think I hear-a people!" an italian voice said(Guess who it is? Not George Coolney!).

"IT could be a trap: Let's sneak up on whoever's there!" It was the voice of a teenager, a little older than Ash.

"Fine. Let's get ready to fight if we have to," a final voice said. It sounded like it belonged to a young adult, but younger than Gene.

There was silence till our first group of heroes(the people, not the sandwich!) came to a vertical wall. "They're on the other sid of this wall," Samus stated. "On the count of three, let's see who they are."

The Voices on the other side said the same thing. Both groups started to count to three. "One... Two..."

"THREE!" everyone said simultaneously and went to see the other people, who did the same exact thing. When Ash saw the other gang, he saw a short, mustached man in red overalls(That would be Mario Mario), a teenager in a green tunis with a sword and a shield(the great Link), and a young adult around 18 years of age with red tinted spiky hair, and a Katakana in his hands(that would be Crono, and a Katakana is a Japanese sword). Ash stared up and down, up and... up?

"LOOK OUT!" Ash yelled at the top off his lungs. Everyone moved out of the way, just as a ball of energy hit the ground where they all were. Ash looked up again to see a tall, green creature with a needle like tail. That creature was Cell.

"Darn, I missed!" Cell cursed.

"Who the hell are you?" Gene demanded. Samus had her arm gun pointed at Cell, while everyone else except Ash were prepared to fight if needed.

"Who am I!?" Cell said angrily. "I AM CELL, THE MOST POWERFUL CREATURE IN THE UNIVERSE!!!(actually, gohan is, but it's my fan-fic and gohan is not in this story.)"

Everyone just stared like morons. Cell then spoke up again. "I'm one of the protectors of this fortress, ASH." Cell narrowed his eyes at Ash, still recovering from the attack.

"WAAA!" Ash freaked. "How do you know my name?"

"Well... I'm the one who will now DESTROY YOU!" Cell then speeded toward Ash and gave an uppercut to Ash's chin. It only took three seconds.

"AHH!" Ash screamed in pain. "That's not fair! I'm not a fighter, just a Pokemon trainer!"

"I don't play fair!" Cell exclaimed as he kneed Ash in he stomach. Ash curled up in pain, while Gene, Samus, Pikachu and the other heroes ran in and tried to attack Cell. That was a bad mistake.

"WHOAAA!!" Mario yelled ad he was flung toward the wall by a kick from Cell.

Link and Crono jumped toward Cell's back and managed to cut his deadly tail off before he could impale Gene.

"All right!" Crono said with victory. He soon realized it was only a minor setback for Cell, when...

SPLOSH! Cell regenerated his tail(this Imperfect Cell one, Cell's first form in his first appearance with Piccolo on DBZ)! Cell then punched LInk and Crono in the stomach. "Ha! You cannot defeat me; I'M INVINCIBLE!"

Within ten minutes, Cell had incapacitated everyone except Ash. "Well, Ash... are you ready to die?" Cell said evilly.

Ash was wincing in pain, and said,"No... I.. will... never... give... UP!" Ash was back on his feet and headed really fats toward Cell, and punched him in the chest. Soon, Ash and Cell were locked in a fight combat frenzy(translation: Ah is fighting Cell like the Z fighters in DBZ).

Eventually, Cell pulled away from the fighting with an angry expression on his face. "NO! It's impossible!" Cell yelled angrily. "You're not able to have these powers, but you do! Next time we fight, you will be DEAD!" Cell then did his Solar Flare attack and then flew away toward the west. Only Ash was able to see where Cell went.

"Well, looks like we can...???" Ash paused as everyone, including Pikachu, stared at Ash. "What? Do I have something on me??"

"Ash," Gene said nervously. "We have a lot of catching up to do."

"Well, KAOS, it looks like we have some company," Relatron memmed his opponent. There was no response. "KAOS?"
"Wrong person, Unit 46615. I'm in control of this scenario now."
"Who are you? What are your intentions?"
"MY name is irrelevant. I'm here to claim my prize, and have some evil fun in the process. Let us take our sides, shall we?" The other creature was the same one that was talking to Cell before. "Are you ready?"
Relatron then memmed, "I will not let you win. Let us continue."

"Charizard, can you turn up the heat on the fire?" Ash asked his Pokemon. The day had become nigh tin the artificial landscape, and Ash and his friends Pikachu, Gene, Samus, Mario, Link and Crono had made camp west of the fortress. Samus had taken off her armor and was examining it; it had taken much damage during the fight with Cell. They people were now talking about their adventures and their enemies the had encountered.

"...So, Bowser is-a this giant turtle guy who can breath fire and use-a black magic." Mario was talking at the time, telling about his adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom and fighting Bowser. "Of course, he lacks brains with-a all that muscle!" Everybody just laughed, except Samus.

"Well, I can top that," Link exclaimed. "IN my homeland, Hyrule, I had to protect the inhabitants from monsters and their leader, the evil Ganon! And... He's a giant pig!"

"You battled a giant PIG!?" Crono said surprisingly. " had to travel through time to save my world!"

"So did I!" Link stated. "I also fought ghosts and dragons! Volvagia was the toughest dragon I ever fought!"

"I bet he wasn't as tough as Ridley," Samus said while examining her arm gum. "We fought each other in the hottest area of Zebes: Lower Norfair. It was near the core of the planet!"

"Zebez?" Gene asked. "Where is that place?"

"Well..." Samus explained. "Now, it's just space debris, because the planet self-destructed after I defeated Mother Brain. She was the leader of the Zebesian Pirates, and she... was a giant brain!"

Everyone just stared at Samus, till Crono spoke up. "Well, my enemy, Lavos, fed on my worlds energy with a giant creature. I saw his true form when me and my friends went inside the shell. He had a bio-engineered body, with a dome covering where the mouth is, and lizard like eyes..."

"Just like Cell?" Ash asked.

"Yeah, like Cell!" Crono answered back. "When I saw Cell, I thought he was Lavos, till he said who he was." Meanwhile, Samus was getting her armor back on.

Suddenly, there was a sound coming from the bushes. Everyone turned toward the bushes, while Ash and Pikachu Walked toward the Sound. Then, a small egg shaped creature came out of the bushes.

"Toke, Toke!" It was Togepi!

"Togepi!" Ash said happily. "It's nice to see a familiar face here!"

"You know this little guy?" Link asked Ash.

"Yeah, he's a Pokemon that belongs to my friend, Mi..." Ash paused before he could say Misty's name.

"Who? Why-a can't you finish?" Mario asked questionably. Everyone was now looking at Ash.

"I... well, I... just can't" Ash said nervously. "Well, she's just... a..."

"SHE?" Link stated. "Hey, is she your GIRLFRIEND???" Everyone was still staring at Ash.

"WAAA, no, she isn't!" Ash said while blushing beet red(I hate beets!). Pikachu sighed a little anime sigh cloud.

"You know, we can tell you're lying," Samus said, now back in all her armor. "I'll go take the first watch shift." Samus went over to a tree and waited against it, in case any enemies showed up.

"Ok... I admit it," Ash confessed. "SHe's my girlfriend... and I miss her so much." Ash started to get very upset.

"Enough," Samus said emotionlessly. "can can stop, we're not forcing you to go on. You need rest, that's all."

"Ok. Thanks, Samus," Ash said. He gave her his trademark peace sign, and went to sleep. along with everyone else. Togepi slept next to Pikachu, while Samus stayed up for night watch.

Sleeping did not help Ash's thoughts. It only made them worst.

"Ohhh..." Ash was starting to hear feminine noises, after he came to a dark hallway(this is a dream sequence, people).

"What's that?" Ash thought.

"Go and find out," an alien voice said. "Find out the truth... coward."

Ash angrily and nervously went down the hallway, hearing the sounds and moans get loader and loader.

"Do you hear it?" the alien voice taunted. "The moans are not of pain, but of... PLEASURE."

"No, it can't be!!" Ash ran faster as the alien voice laughed maniacally( the alien is the same one Cell was talking to and who is controlling the scenario of the game.).

"Oh... yeah..." The feminine sounds got louder as Ash came to a door at the end of the hallway.

"Open it, and see. Open. It," the alien voice taunted. "You know you must."

Ash quickly opened the door, and saw a large bed with two people under the covers. "No... it can't be..." It was two people he knew well.

"You see... you have nothing else to live for now." the alien voice mocked das Ash watched hurt in disbelief. "So now..."

Ash turned around to see a blood red creature in a mask. "YOU WILL DIE!!!!"

"NOOOOO!!!" Ash screamed at the top of his lungs. Everyone else had woken up at the sound of Ash's scream. "It was... a nightmare..." Ash said to himself.

"What the heck is wrong?" Gene demanded. It was already morning in the artificial forest, and Samus was already up(She was guarding the group during the night). Everyone else, including PIkachu and Togepi, had been woken up, and are now very cranky.

"I had a ba... terri... horri..." Ash stumbled on his words to describe his dream he had woken up from. He then answered, "INHUMAN nightmare."(Spooky, huh? Just in time for halloween 2001!)

Everyone suddenly got a ominous shiver down their spines. "Let's get going before I get creeped out anymore," Samus suggested. The group of heroes walked off, while staring at Ash nervously.

"What did you do!?" Relatron demanded. He had gotten a telepathic link going with his evil opponent, which was more efficient than memming.
"I gave him... a glimpse through time if Gary won." the alien thought back. "I gave it to him very graphically. Oh, torturing your enemies is so fun!"
"Why, why are you doing this? ANSWER ME!!" Relatron demanded angrily.
"Why, you ask?" the alien said. "Because I hate him! I hate Ash and his kind! I am only interested in Misty, nothing more!"
"What do you mean? You mean, you're are her!?"
"Yes, you pathetic fool!" the alien mocked. "She will soon be mine, and Ash... will finally be destroyed by ME..."

"THE INTRUDER!!!!!!!!!!"

Who is this Intruder? Why does he want Misty? Wait for Part II and FInd out more from THE ENDGAME PARADOX. Send your e-mails to