“You what?” Ash and Misty yelled at the poor Lewis who was already sore from Misty’s mallet which Ash and Misty used in turns against him.

“I signed you two up for the Christmas Dance at the mall,” Lewis said backing into a corner.

“WHY!” Ash and Misty screamed.

“Cause I thought you two would like it!” Lewis said looking for a way to escape. “Aren’t you already boyfriend and girlfriend. You act like it sometimes.”

“We are not boyfriend and girlfriend!” Ash and Misty yelled for as of now, the fourth or fifth time.

Pikachu seeing them argue, shocked them all to quiet them up.

“Pika,” (good) he said and walked away.

“Well why didn’t you sign yourself up Lewis?” Ash asked.

“Cause I’m scared of almost all females!” Lewis said to Ash.

“Oh yeh. Forgot about that,” Ash said calming down.

“Any how I can’t see a way to get out of this,” Misty said sighing.

“Probably right,” Ash said. “At least it’s not with someone I don’t know.”

“Well you see I left something out. Names are chosen randomly. It’s a concept I saw on the rules. But don’t worry! I can sneak in and change the results for you guys!” Lewis said explaining.

“Change what?” a voice behind Ash and Misty said. He stepped from the shadows and revealed himself to be Gary.

“Hi Gary!” Ash said with a false smile.

“Hi Ashy-boy. What are you three doing here anyways?” Gary said taunting Ash and wondering.

“I signed Ash and Misty in a the Christmas Dance and I’m going to rig the results so they go together,” Lewis said in one breath.

‘Why’d ya tell him?” Misty said rendering Lewis unconscious with her mallet. And in the Pallet residence Charmander, Thundy and Pikachu were playing poker with cookies and Charmander also went suddenly unconscious.

“Hmp. So somebody else saw it,” Gary said smirking.

“Saw what melon head?” Ash said angrily.

“That you two like each other of course!” Gary said triumphantly.

“We do not!” Misty yelled and rendered Gary unconscious too.

“Well lets go lich a salt lick and do absolutely nothing till monkeys fly with ray guns,” Lewis said disoriented.

“Yes let’s” Ash said sarcastically.

“When is this choosing anyway Lewis?” Misty asked.

“Nineteen days after two weeks and five days ago,” Lewis said falling to the floor.

“In English?” Ash asked.

“Pretty colors!” Lewis said spinning.

“Misty you hit him too hard!” Ash said to Misty.

“It’s today Ash. I did the math,” Misty said back.

“Well lets get him home,” Ash said sighing.

“I can’t believe we’re going through with Ash’s plan,” Misty said helping Ash drag the barely conscience Lewis.

After about thirty minutes Lewis was revived to his normal status and gave Ash and Misty more information.

“The choosings at six. The dance is a two days layer in case of a complaint,” Lewis said to them.

“Six? That’s five minutes from now!” Misty said dragging Ash and Lewis to the building where the choosing was being taken place.

“Okay I’ll stay in the lobby and when one of your names comes up I’ll change the next one for the other,” Lewis said sitting down.

“How will you know?” Ash asked.

“I’m physic. Remember?” Lewis said reminding Ash.

“Will all male participants please step into the right room. All female participants please step into the left room,” a man said standing between the two doors.

After everyone who was participating the lobby was empty except for Lewis, and one girl.

Thirty minutes and some physic adjusting later everyone came out. The couples went to find who they were paired and left. After this the lobby was empty except for Ash, Misty, Lewis, and the girl from earlier.

“Sooo?” Lewis asked.

“You did do it,” Ash said having a faint smile on his face.

“Ash didn’t think you would go all this way,” Misty said also with a faint smile on her lips.

“Well, lets go,” Lewis said ignoring the fact Ash and Misty were holding hands after Ash’s first comment.

When they left the girl that was also in the lobby with them got up and followed them.


A.N. Updated. You may think this is taking a AAMRN path but it will differ. Just wanted to start off with something somewhat small. Then the Pokemon League after Christmas! So many ideas… After I finish An Unexpected Change I have a new fic planned for those Sonic, Animorph, DBZ, and of course, Pokemon fans. Till next update!

Charmander and Pichu