Lewis shifted uneasily. During the trip back to Ash’s house he kept noticing someone following them. He told Ash and Misty that he was going somewhere and went the opposite way they were going. Sure enough the person followed him. He fingered his only two Pokeballs he had with him, Ivysaur and Pidgeot. He turned down a dark alley and get going and heard a crash. The chase was on! Lewis ducked passed low hanging laundry lines and jumped over trash cans hearing his pursuer run after him. He spotted the mall and made a bee line for it. Everywhere he noticed people talking in their walkie talkies and he saw a group of three head to cut him off from safety. He knew he had no choice. He needed to battle.

“So you finally decided to get some sense and stop Lewis. Well you ain’t going nowhere. You crippled Team Rocket and killed my dad,” a female voice said from the shadows.

“Who are you? The only person who I ever meant to kill was my own father. And only that because he was bent beyond repair,” Lewis said holding a Pokeball ready for use.

“Exactly. He was my father too,” the voice said, this time in another direction.

“I’d think I would know if I had a sibling,” Lewis said his eyes darting back and forth.

“Well why don’t I show myself then,” the voice said stepping out of the shadows a little bit to Lewis’s right. She was four foot six and had black hair to her shoulders. She was wearing a black shirt which had a faded R on it. She also had fairly normal khaki pants on.

“So you want to battle? Is that it?” Lewis asked.

“Yes. Because of Team Rocket rules only a family member of our dad can control Team Rocket, and you are the closes relative. You have been in charge of Team Rocket for over a month now without knowing it,” she smiled evilly, “and I wan control. But I must battle you for the rights.”

“Fine but if I win you must go a disband Team Rocket forever,” Lewis said holding his Pokeball.

“Okay, bring your Charmander to the cemetery tomorrow at 3:00 P.M. Don’t bring any other Pokemon or people. It will be one on one. You and your Charmander against my Pikachu,” she said with a Pikachu coming out from the shadows. This Pikachu had black stripes instead of the usual brown.

“Fine, but you must come alone too with only your Pikachu. If that is agreed then we have a deal,” Lewis said holding out his hand, his usual scaredness of girls gone for the time because of the seriousness of the issue.

“Deal,” she said shaking his hand. They then departed and Lewis returned to the Ketchum residense where he sat down with Ash, Misty, and Delia watching the newest movie Delia had rented.

The next day at 2:30 P.M. Lewis was gathering up his things in preparing to meet this supposed sister of his at the cemetery to fight her Pikachu. Charmander stood by the door with a gleam in his eye. He hoped it would be a good match because he hadn’t had to really try since Mendcross. He wanted a challenge.

“Let’s go Charmander,” Lewis said leaving. He knew he wouldn’t be missed until at least 4:00. Misty was at the mall and Gary was over trying to give Ash dancing lessons. It was really funny watching and he could still hear laughter from Pikachu. Thundy was with Misty.

Lewis took the path to the cemetery and waited only ten minutes when the Rocket arrived.

“Before we begin I would like to know you name,” Lewis said with Charmande by his side.

“The names Karen,” she said holding her Pikachu.

“My mom’s name,” Lewis said.

“Our mom’s name you mean” she said evilly.

“Let’s just fight! Charmander go!” Lewis cried and Charmander leapt up and readied himself.

“Go Pikachu,” Karen said evilly and her Pikachu jumped down, sparks erupting from his cheeks.

“Flamethrower!” Lewis yelled.

“Thunderbolt!” Karen yelled.

They met in the middle and caused both Pikachu and Charmander to slide backward a little. The battle kept comensing where both sides matched head to head. Then Lewis got an idea.

“Charmander Double Team!” Lewis yelled and Charmander made it seem as if there where many of him.

“No problem, Thundershock each one till you have him!” Karen yelled.

Pikachu was about to Thundershock the first one when Lewis commanded Charmander to use Agility. Charmander’s were everywhere. Now while Pikachu was confused Charmander took the opportunity and used Mach Punch. Pikachu was hit thirty times and fainted.

“Since I won Team Rocket is now disbanded,” Lewis said with Charmander teleporting by his side.

“True, which means that I have more work to do. And remember that you aren’t the only physic person around,” Karen grinned and teleported to who knows where.

“I wonder? No she can’t be,” Lewis said out loud and walked back to the Ketchum residence with Charmander unmissed by anyone.


A.N. No this is not to important. She may or may not be Lewis’s sister. I know but I won’t tell you that yet. Technically she will be a rival to Lewis. She will make appearances and I have an idea of incorporating her more in the story. At least one more part till the dance. Hope you people like it.