“Eep!” Ash said almost choking himself with his tie. It was the day of the dance and Gary, Lewis, and Pikachu were with him in his room trying to calm him.

“Don’t worry Ash. It will be over soon enough. And at least it’s with your love!” Gary said smirking.

“She’s not my girlfriend!” Ash shouted but not loud enough to carry downstairs to where Misty and Delia where.

“Don’t worry I’ll be there in case anything goes wrong,” Lewis who had just some nice shirts and pants on.

“I thought only couples could get in though,” Ash finally getting his tie on right.

“Let’s just say being physic has its advantages.

“Ok. Just one question though,” Ash said trying to tame his hair.

“Which is?” Gary asked.

“Why is Pikachu wearing a tie?!” Ash asked pointing t his furry friend.

“Errr, big date?” Lewis said skeptically. {In case you don’t know read A Pikachu’s Love!}

After about half an hour Ash and Misty left both blushing. They were accompanied by Pikachu and Thundy. Lewis was about to leave after him when Gary stopped him.

“What do you think the chances are that something bad is going to happen?” Gary asked Lewis.

“A good chance. That’s why I am going too,” Lewis said turning around and leaving while Gary left to go back to the lab.

“Thank you for coming! I’m glad you could come!” A man at the front door greeted everyone as they came in showing they were participants. Lewis thought he saw someone familiar but it was probably his imagination. Charmander was positioned outside in case someone uninvited popped in. Not including Lewis that is! Lewis teleported to what he hoped what was an empty boy’s bathroom and saw to his relief it was. He stepped out and saw Ash and Misty dancing. Apparently Gary taught Ash well. Lewis slided over to the refreshment table and got some punch. He eyed everyone around him and staying away from any females he didn’t notice any one suspicious. Lewis was about to settle down when he heard a motto he knew not to well.

“Prepare for trouble.”

“Make that double.”

“To protect the world from devastation.”

“To unite the people with in our nation.”

“To denouce the evils of truth and love.”

“To set our reach to the stars above.”



“Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light.”

“Surrender now or prepare to fight.”

“Meowth, that’s right!”


Lewis heard Ash hiss Team Rocket when he remembered that motto from the cave only about a month ago. He contacted Charmander only to find that he was battling some other members outside. His hand went to his pocket which contained only two Pokeballs, Warturtle, and Pidgeot.

“PIKACHU!” Ash’s Pikachu screamed ready to fry Team Rocket.

“Yeh what he said!” Thundy also said agreeing with Pikachu. {Did I forget something here?}

“Go Weezing! Smokescreen!” James yelled throwing the Pokeball out and a Weezing starting to spray smoke everywhere.

“Pidgeot use your Gust Attack blow away the smoke!” Lewis yelled throwing out his Pidgeot who blew all the toxic gas away.

“Use Poison Sting Arbok!” Jesse yelled and Arbok appeared from his Pokeball showering Pidgeot with a shower of small, white sticks and it hit Pidgeot dead on with seemingly no effect.

“It didn’t even phase him!” Meowth yelled surprised.

“My Pidgeot is to strong. Those Poison Stings couldn’t even hurt a Caterpie!” Lewis said. Next he commanded Pidgeot to Quick Attack them to next Tuesday which he gladly did.

“Looks like Team Rocket is blasting off again!” they yelled smashing through the roof. Suddenly Lewis got an urgent message from Charmander.

“Lewis! I need help! there is six of Rocket members outside! They each have sx Pokemon but I need a little help!” Charmander pleaded to Lewis.

Lewis jumped through the hole that Team Rocket had made and vringing out Warturtle he had three powerful Pokemon ready to fight.

“Don’t forget about us!” Thundy yelled with Pikachu, Ash, and Misty following.

“Right!” Lewis said nodding.

“Pikachu! Bayleef! Go!” Ash said with Pikachu sparking his cheeks and Bayleef appearing from her Pokeball.

“Thundy! Staryu! Go!” Misty yelled bringing out Staryu from his/her Pokeball.

“Charmander! Thundy! Do the move!” Lewis told Thundy, and Charmander.

Thundy jumped unto Charmander’s head a sparks began to erupt from her cheeks. Charmander’s fire was glowing very hot in his mouth.

“NOW!” Lewis yelled. Charmander unleashed a powerful Flame Thrower the same time Thundy did a Thunderbolt. They combined the attacks and it hit three of the Rocket Pokemon and knocked them out.

“Use Mega Blizzard! Warturtle and Pidgeot!” Lewis yelled. Warturtle unleashed a Blizzard attack which was increased in power when Pidgeot started to use Gust. It increased the speed of the shards of ice that took out more of the Rocket Pokemon.

The Rockets had only thirty left. That was still enough to worry about about.

“Keep doing it guys!” Lewis yelled as they continued to do the super moves.

“Razor Leaf!” Ash commanded Bayleef.

“Ice Beam!” Misty commanded Staryu.

The two attacks went headed straight for them and they contacted. Knocking two more Rocket Pokemon out.

“Pikachu! Time to take a chunk out! Thunder!” Ash yelled with Pikachu easily getting into the middle with sparks erupting from his cheeks.

“CHUUUUU!” Pikachu yelled and took almost all of them out except the rock, ground, and the strongest ones out. In short their were about ten left.

“NOW! Combine your attacks!” Lewis told his Pokemon. They came together, side by side and unleash their most powerful attacks. Pidgeot used Areo Blast. Warturtle used his Hydro Pump. Thundy used Zap Cannon. Charmander used an attack that no one besides Lewis, and his Pokemon had seen. Misty’s Staryu joined in and used a powerful Surf attack. Pikachu, and Bayleef joined in with Pikachu using Zap Cannon, and Bayleed using Razor Leaf. That finished it.

“Look’s like we got them!” Lewis yelled with only a few people coming from the building from where the wreckage was taking place.

“Charmander! Get us out of here!” Lewis said quickly.

“Char!” (Right!) Charmander agreed and teleported them back in front of Ash’s house.

“Return!” They all said and brought back Warturtle, Bayleef, Pidgeot, and Staryu.

“I hope Togepi is ok,” Misty said walking up to the door.

“SSHHH!” Lewis suddenly shushed. He looked about and seeing nothing he just muttered, “Thought I heard something.”

“I didn’t,” Ash said and walked inside only to find a very disturbed Ms. Ketchum standing there.

“YOU’RE OK!” she screamed and embraced Ash in a hug.

“Choking, can’t breathe,” Ash muttered and was let go.

“Why? Did something bad happen?” Misty asked.

“Something bad! The building where you people were got a hole in it! Plus o top of that someone or someones were battling Rocket Agents!” Delia yelled pushing them to the TV.

“This is some video taken only minutes before this actually happened. It shows a snipet of the battle where Rocket Agents were met by, witnesses say three Pokemon Trainers. A description has yet to be found,” the news reporter said. The screen was filled and you saw Charmander and Thundy on top of him unleashing their attacks at the members. Zooming in you saw Pikachu rushing in and using Thunder attack. And at the last part you saw all the Pokemon about to unleash the moves. Then the camera went blurry and dead.

The screen shifted to the anchor man again. “When asked what she thought of these heroes Officer Jenny had this to say.”

You then saw outside where paramedics were rushing around seeing if everyone was ok. Then it swung over to Officer Jenny.

“I am glad these kids went and tried to help everyone but it should have been left to proper authorities. I want these kids in my custody. They may have had something to do with it,” Officer Jenny said sternly with a Growlithe by her side.

“Proper Authorities my foot! When I went to the Viridian Police station saying I knew exactly where the leader of Team Rocket was they just brushed me off and went to go see something about a robbery that didn’t succeed with or without help from them,” Lewis complained.

“Should we go through and say it was us?” Ash asked with Delia on the couch watching them talk.

“No way! For one thing they have to dig records out and when they find I have no records except my Pokedex they are going to go weird. They will want to see my parents well. My mom died when I was very little, and my dad was the used to be leader of Team Rocket, which by the way should have been disbanded a few days ago!” Lewis shouted letting his rage get the best of him.

“How would you know this?” Misty asked.

“Char,” (Oh oh) Charmander said.

“Well,” Lewis started and basically told them part three of this story.

“Oh! So you have a sister?” Ash asked.

“I don’t know. She seems familiar but I don’t who she is. But she is physic so she is going to cause some trouble,” Lewis answered.

“Well I agree that you shouldn’t go to the police. They never do anything!” Delia said getting up. Lewis slowly moved away and told everyone he needed to hit the hay.

“Charmander, Charmander, Char?” (Hey Lewis, are you ok?) Charmander asked as he got a blanket out and laid on the couch with everyone leaving to their bed rooms.

“Hey. Just thinking,” Lewis said and fell asleep almost immediately.

“Charmander, der man, char,” (If you say so) Charmander said and curled up on the floor. Not needing a blanket cause he was a fire type.


A.N. EEE! This one was longer then most of the stuff I have written so far. Hopefully nxt part will be funnier. For a hint of what will happen here is what I plan for the title to be.

Down With Physics! I hope you people enjoy it.