“So how does it feel to be part of the top four in the Johto League?” Misty asked Ash. Both Lewis and Ash had made it to the last three matches of the League. Ash would be facing Harrison next battle. Lewis was facing Ash’s rival, Gary. Ash’s Abra that had been given to him by Lewis during his birthday had evolved into a Kadabra and was a good Pokemon. Ash planned to use him during the next battle.

“Pretty good,” Ash said.

Ash and Misty were walking down a park by the Silver Conference. Pikachu, and Thundy were a couple steps behind them. Lewis was with Charmander training, Karen was out somewhere, and Brock was trying to get a date.

“How do you think Brock is doing?” Misty asked.

“Knowing him. Probably not good,” Ash laughed. As soon as he said this they saw Brock cross their path about ten yards ahead of them with a girl and chatting with her as well.

“Well I’ll be darned,” Ash said as they saw Brock and this new girl walk down the path.

“Should we follow them?” Misty asked.

“Naw. We’ll let him be,” Ash replied and they continued to walk down the path.

“You guys can hold hands if you want, no one but us is looking,” Thundy laughed as she and Pikachu ran ahead of them a bit and walked backwards, facing Ash and Misty.

Ash and Misty just sort of gave a muffled reply.

“(I wonder what will happen if we win this Ash),” Pikachu said to his good friend.

“You face the Indigo Champion and then if you win that you go to fight the Elite Four all in a row. Once you defeat them you are declared a Pokemon master,” Lewis said suddenly popping out from behind them, Charmander in front.

“Where’d you come from?” Misty asked surprised.

“Training. So when’s the next match again?” Lewis asked.

“Three days. They’re giving us some time to decide our teams. So do you know who you’re going to use against Gary?” Ash asked, fuming a little. He had wanted to fight Gary.

“The same I always use,” Lewis answered, motioning down to the five Pokeballs around his belt. {Charmander is outside the Pokeball and his Pokeball is elsewhere!}

“I’m going out and around to do some training. You four make sure nothing goes horribly wrong,” Lewis said. He flashed a smile and he and Charmander teleported somewhere.

With Lewis.

“Hey a Larvitar!” Lewis said walking through the woods. The Larvitar was munching on an apple.

“Go Umbreon!” Lewis shouted and his Dark Pokemon appeared.

“Use Extreme Speed!” Lewis shouted and Umbreon hit Larvitar with the attack.

Larvitar got up from the hit and hit Umbreon with a Take Down Attack. Umbreon retaliated with a Faint Attack. Larvitar punched Umbreon with a Mega Punch. Umbreon and Larvitar battled it out for nearly fifteen minutes till Larvitar fainted.

“Pokeball go!” Lewis shouted and it hit the still Larvitar and shook back and forth, back and forth. It stopped and then the beeping stopped. Lewis brought the Pokeball back to him with his psychic powers. The Pokeball turned white in his hands and then teleported somewhere.

“Good job Umbreon. Are you hurt?” Lewis asked his Pokemon.

“(Some, but I can still battle fine)!” Umbreon shouted. Suddenly a large cage fell from the sky and trapped Umbreon. Lewis looked up and saw Jessie and James.

“Sorry new twerp but we’re taking this Umbreon!” Jessie shouted from the Meowth balloon they were in.

“I don’t think so. Pidgeot get Umbreon!” Lewis shouted and he threw the Pokeball for Pidgeot up into the air and revealed the bird Pokemon. Pidgeot easily cut the cord from the cage to the balloon and Charmander stopped the cage from falling into the ground. Charmander also freed Umbreon with a Rock Smash attack.

“Weezing use Sludge!” James yelled and Weezing spit a glob of poison. Umbreon dodged the glob except for her back leg. She went down suddenly.

“Umbreon!” Lewis shouted and fell down next to his Pokemon. He checked her leg and found a cut. The Sludge attack had gotten partly in the cut and into her bloodstream.

“Charmander! Use Fire Blast and send these guys away!” Lewis shouted with rage. Charmander was one step ahead of Lewis and already charging for a powerful Fire Blast.

“Arbok use Poison Sting and stop that Charmander!” Jessie yelled and Arbok spat dozen of white needles at Charmander. They hit but Charmander ignored them like they were butterflies trying to blow him away. Charmander fired the Fire Blast attack and the Rockets went flying away so fast they didn’t have time to say, “We’re blasting off again!”

“Umbreon don’t worry. I’ll get you to a Pokemon Center!” Lewis said and picked up Umbreon.

Charmander, Lewis, and Umbreon teleported to the Pokemon Center. There Nurse Joy brought Umbreon into intensive care. Lewis sat down and Charmander joined him.

“Do you think this is the ‘Don’t worry’ message?” Lewis asked Charmander after half an hour.

“(Yes I do. I don’t think it would be for anything else),” Charmander answered. {Confused? Don’t worry. I have a plan for another fic and all this will make sense then.}

“Still, I’m going to stay here. Go tell the others please,” Lewis said. Charmander nodded and teleported away.

Back with Ash and Misty.

“Mom got hurt! Oh no! I need to find her and talk to her! I need to-,” Thundy began to rant after getting the news about Umbreon from Charmander.

“(Don’t worry. Nurse Joy said she’ll be okay),” Charmander lied, just to get Thundy to clam down.

“You sure?” Thundy asked sniffing.

“(Positive),” Charmander said holding up his hands, or claws, or whatever they are called.

“From what I got from Thundy’s side Umbreon is hurt,” Ash said thinking over what had been said.

“If Umbreon is hurt then what Pokemon is Lewis going to replace her with in the next fight?” Misty asked.

“Well, the only other Pokemon I know he has is Beedril. But he gave me that Abra so he probably has plenty of other Pokemon to use,” Ash reassured Misty.

“And besides you wouldn’t want to face him when you have an advantage. You want to beat him fair and square,” Misty said, remembering the last battle Ash had with Lewis, a month before the league. Ash had been creamed. This of coursed sparked Ash to win and he really trained his Pokemon.

“I can beat him. But I am worried about Charmander though…” Ash said trailing off. Charmander appeared unreal, moving at speeds normal Charmanders couldn’t, using a wide variety of moves thought impossible to learn, and finishing some Pokemon with a single hit. Of course Ash’s Pikachu began to show signs of this as well, but it wasn’t as good as Lewis’s Charmander.

Charmander had teleported back to Lewis when they saw two people, one of which they knew. It was Karen talking to some boy. He was just a little taller then Karen, had short red hair, a blue green bandana around his forehead, blue eyes, and was wearing khaki shorts and red shirt. Karen and this boy seemed to be in deep conversation.

“Who. It seems Karen and Brock have found a date,” Misty said as they passed them.

“So do Pikachu and Thundy,” Ash said cocking a thumb to the two Pikachus right behind him. Pikachu just mumbled something and Thundy smiled.

“Well you two should get together. I mean everyone else knows you like each other! Misty told me! And Ash told Pikachu!” Thundy said. Both Ash and Misty turned fire engine red.

Pikachu and Thundy began to sing. Pikachu sang in his language since he couldn’t speak English.

“Ash and Misty sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage!” Thundy and Pikachu snag but were cut short by the still beet red Ash and Misty kicking them into a tree.

“I always did like the name Jill,” Misty mumbled under her breath so ash wouldn’t hear.


O.T.N.E. Lewis fights Gary! Lewis shows the new Pokemon he’s going to use besides Umbreon. Charmander takes on Blastiose! And who are these mystery people Brock and Karen are with? Find out possibly next!

A.N. Ahhhh, the inklings of A New Generation are beginning to appear. Don’t get caught up with the person Brock is dating though. She’s not going to be what you expected. The person Karen is dating however will be more important, much more important. I do not own Pokemon, but the characters Lewis and Karen are of my creation.