A flurry of ice rushed past as Gary dodged and threw a Pokeball containing his Arcanine. A brief struggled ensued with Gary the victor. It marked the beginning of the battle. Pokemon after pokemon of the Rockets came and Gary, Brock, Ritchie, Daisy, Lily, Violet, Duplica, Lance, and some other volunteers held them back. The newbies fell behind and were left to defend for themselves. Not because no one cared but because chaos ruled. After an intense thirty minutes of the battle the Rockets did something the want to be Pokemon Masters were not expecting. The Rockets pulled out guns and pointed them into the crowd. One shot was fired. It hit Gary.

“My leg!” Gary cried and fell into the forest path from which he had been in. He fell on his knees and then lied on his back. After his cry the forest became still, the battle at a momentary cease fire.

Coming through the group of the Rocket Grunts came a leader of them. Dress in a Rocket business suit he called out Lance. Lance stepped forward. One Grunt raised his gun but was motioned to put it down. Lance’s most powerful Dragonite came forth from the growth of trees to help Lance. The Rocket Executive just sighed and began his talk.

“Give us control of the city and we will not hurt any of you any more. Plus give us all of your Pokemon. Unless of course you want this crowd dead,” the Executive sneered.

“Why should we give up? Besides I’m not in overall command,” Lance answered his eyes searching the tree tops.

“Well you are now. Now give us your Pokemon!” the Rocket yelled, tired from the walk to Pallet.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to ask him,” Lance said pointing upward in the trees.

Suddenly gas bombs came from the right and left of the Rocket Grunts enveloping them and knocking them out. Lance grabbed the Rocket Executive and put a small gun to his head. After the smoke cleared only a few Rocket Grunts were barely conscience. They were taken care of.

“Thank you Lance and the rest of you. We were able to get a good chunk of the Rocket Army,” a man in military uniform said as he stepped out from the trees. Then almost as an afterthought, “Were their any causlitys?”

“One sir, but he’s just wounded,” a young trainer said motioning to Gary who had managed to sit up to a tree.

A medical examiner ran up and inspected the wounded knee. “He’s got nerve damage I think. Plus I think his bone cracked. It’s amazing he’s still awake. We better get him some medical assistance and pronto!” the medical examiner said and ran to get some help. With a little difficulty they got Gary on a stretcher and hurried away. Gary’s pokemon were close to follow.




“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” was the sound of three Pikachus falling into who knew what. As they descended they saw a blue surface and crashed into water. Thankfully these daredevils were saved by a Tentacool who was able to retrieve them leisurely in the water.

Upon closer examination of the island they saw a large tree with a single berry on it. A grassy plain hid the rest of their vision. Oh plus about fifty or so Wobefet’s and Wynaut’s.

“Who are you?” an older Wobefet said as he walked up to the strange group. It contained three Pikachus, a Sentret, a Tentacool, and three Swellows hovering overhead.

“I’m Ash,” one of the Pikachus said and stepped forward, “This is Misty,” he siad motioning to a Pikachu with a small ponytail on top of her head. “This is Pikachu,” he said motioning to the last Pikachu.

“I’m Senny,” the Sentret said pointing to himself.

“And call me James!” the Tentacool said.

“And we’re gone!” cried the group of Swellows. They all left except for one who looked down for a second and followed his companions.

“Welcome to Mirage Island Ash and Co.!” the older Wobefet yelled with enthusiasm. “What is your business here?”

“Well you see…” Ash began.



A.N. One cliffhanger and one not so cliffhanger! I s the story was seeming to come to an end but I added the new twist! Review and tell me if you like it! I have no knowledge of medicine with the gunshots and such like that. Gary will live for you Gary fans out there.

Charmander and Pichu