An Unexpected Change

Part 12. Only One Will…


“We heard of a berry here that could restore someone back to their natural form,” Ash said determined to be cured.

“Yes we have that sort of berry. May I ask why you want it?” the elder Wobefett said to Ash.

“Well…” Ash began and told the story.

“Interesting. You can have the berry. But only if you take the test. You and two of your friends must pass a battle to a right for the berry. Understand?” the Elder said.

“Like a pokemon battle right?” Ash asked confused.

“Pretty much,” came his answer.

“I’ll help you Ash,” Pikachu said and stepped forward.

“I’d help but I ain’t much of a battler,” James said from the water.

At that everyone stared at Senny.

“All, all right I’ll help,” Senny said giving in.

“Right, it will start in one hour. I suggest you prepare,” the Elder Wobefett said and walk away.

One hour later!!!!!!!!!!!!

“The first skill will be a digging skill. One of you must dig to the end of the track before our’s do,” a Wynaut with a head band around his head said. “So who will go first?”

“I’ll go,” Senny said. “I know how to dig better then any Pikachu any day.”

“You wanna dig in stitches?” Ash said angrily.

“So who’s my opponent?” Senny asked ignoring Ash.

“Him,” Wynaut said pointing behind. There was a Sandslash there warming up for the race.

“Oh oh!’ Senny said rubbing his eyes. The Sandslash was still there.

“Racers to your marks!” A voice said from somewhere. Senny got ready and prepared. The Sandslash looked confident that he would win. “Ready? Set! GO!”

They were off! Digging for like his life was at great peril, Senny took an early lead. But halfway threw his tunnel began to collaspe and Senny was momentarily trapped in the dirt. He struggled determined to win and dug with all his might. When he finally got to the end the Sandslash was already there and won.

“I lost!” Senny yelled and fell down into the ground.

“It’s okay. We still got two more rounds,” Misty said patting Senny on the back.

“Really?” Senny said blushing.

“Yes. You did fine,” Misty said smiling.

“The next challenge will be a race!”

“Right, I’ll do this!” Pikachu said ready to win.

“Your opponent will be a Ponyta!”

“Let’s do this!” Pikachu said.

“Ready? Set! GO!”

Pikachu was off like lightning with Ponyta in hot pursuit. As Pikachu saw the finish line he saw Ponyta right next to him. Ponyta used Agility and was in the lead. Pikachu then used Agility also and became neck and neck. It was going to be a photo finish. And… it was a TIE!

“We tied?” Pikachu asked short on breath.

“Yeh. Ash has to win this one and we go into a sudden death,” Senny said.

“This next challenge is the hardest. Few have gotten this far and those who have, have gone insane. The first one to make a sound is the victor. If Ash wins this it will go into a sudden death match. If he loses Ash and friends will be banished off this island forever.”

“Hey Ash!” the young Wynaut from earlier yelled. “listen some of us really think your story isn’t true. I believe you though so I wanted to give you some advice. This guy hates to be copied. Keep copying him and he will mess up.”

‘Thanks for the advice! What’s your name?” Ash said reviewing that information over.

“I’m Daniel, most people call me Danny though,” the young Wynaut answered.

“Thanks again! Wish me luck Danny!” Ash said and hurried off to the ring.

“Your welcome!” Danny yelled back.

The challenge was who could be quite the longest, and taking Danny’s advice Ash was able to win. And now the sudden death battle.

“Two of you must face our strongest fighter. He is a Wobefett so be careful with your attacks,” Danny said giving them information.

“I’m going for sure!” Ash yelled. “Who else? Pikachu or Senny?”

“I’m coming!” Pikachu said powering up.

“Excellent!” Ash said and high fived Pikachu.

They entered the ring ready to fight. As there opponent came out they were ready. They tried, physical and electric attacks but to no avail. Just when all seemed hopeless Ash got an idea.

“Pikachu! Hold onto Wobefett’s tail and make sure it doesn’t move! I’ll take care of the rest!” Ash said to Pikachu so Wobefett couldn’t hear them.

“All right,” Pikachu unsure of Ash’s plan. Using Agility he easily grabbed onto the tail.

“Now! ZAP CANNON!” Ash yelled with his might and fired a huge ball of electricity at Wobefett.

“AAAAAHHHHHH!” Pikachu yelled trying to hold down Wobefett’s tail. And because Wobefett couldn’t bring up his tail the Zap Cannon hit him full power. He was down!

“WE WON!” Ash yelled and jumped up and down.

After the battle Misty came down to Ash and Pikachu. “Gee, Ash you were amazing. I couldn’t believe you thought of that strategy!” Misty told him.

“Ya, it was brilliant wasn’t -” Ash began to say but stopped to find himself kissing Misty.

“Gee, Misty. I guess we have something to talk about,” Ash said blushing.

“I guess we do,” Misty said also blushing.

“So you two getting married now or our ya gonna date for a bit?” a voice behind them said.

They turned around and found Hans! The leader of the group of Swellows.

“What are you doing here?” Pikachu asked because Ash and Misty were fatally embarrassed.

“I couldn’t get your story out of my head so I decided to help you guys,” Hans said.

“Well we got what we need,” Pikachu said back to him.

“Well you see I heard about that got a little info and it’s not as it seems,” Hans said to them.

“Why? What’s wrong?” Ash and Misty said together.

“You only get one berry. And there are two of you,” Hans said to them.

“Only one?” Ash said shocked.

“Ash you have it,” Misty said. “You put yourself on the line for it.”

“No Misty, you need more. I can be a Pikachu. I can use electrical attacks. You can’t. Besides I couldn’t go home without you,” Ash said teary eyed.

“But-” Misty began.

“Don’t worry. We’ll find a cure someday. Besides with you we can get into Rocket Base easier. It’s amazing what a couple extra feet can do,” Ash said on the verge of crying.

“So which one of you gets the berry?” Danny asked also sad, holding the miracle berry.

“Me,” Misty said, crying.


A.N. MOHAHAHAHA! Don’t worry this ifc still ahs at least two or three parts in it. I do plan for sequel though. It will be about finding some way to change Ash back into a human. I kinda have a plot going and a name. If you have any suggestions please tell me. Give me a name, not your real name, your Tower name. Review and e-mail me at the big yellow button on the top. Or at