An Unexpected Change

Part 2.

Misty’s P.O.V.

I woke up suddenly in an unfamiliar location. I looked around and realized that it was a hospital. Being relived I start to get up but was stopped due to a pain in my chest. I tried to remember what happened before I got here. I was chasing Ash and finally got with my mallet. Wait! Where is Ash? I began to look around realized that he was in the bed that was next to mine. I was glad he was ok. I was about to try to get up again when a doctor came.

“Are you ok?” she asked.

“Everything except a pain in my chest,” I answered.

“Good. Do you have any heart problems or diabetes?” she asked scribbling something on her notebook.

“No,” I answered thinking it was a strange thing to ask.

“You’re Misty Waterflower right?” the doctor questioned.

“Yes,” I answered back.

“He is Ash Ketchum. I am correct. Right?” The doctor also asked motioning to Ash.

“He is. Is he ok? Who are you?”

“He’s fine. And I am Doctor Hibert. Does he have heart problems or diabetes?” Dr. Hibert asked.

“Not that I am aware of,” I answered.

“How long have you know him?”

“Five years.”

“Thank you. Here, take this. It will make you feel better,” Dr. Hibert handed me a pill and I found a glass of water on the table nearby. I swallowed it and instantly fell asleep.

Ash’s P.O.V.

When I awoke I was in some sort of chamber. There were two see through walls. On one side was several people in lab coats and on the other was Misty.

“Misty!” I screamed at her hoping that she was ok. I couldn’t lose her!

“Waaa?” she said groggily when she woke up.

“Thank God your ok Misty!” I said very happy to see her.

“Of course I am. Where are we?” she asked

“I can answered that,” a young woman in a lab coat said. She was in the shadows so we couldn’t see her very well. “You are about to help Team Rocket further our research.”

“We would never help you!” I spat.

“Oh, but it is to late for that,” she smiled evily. A gas started to spread from somewhere and quickly enveloped both Misty and me.

I staggered against the wall. I saw Misty do the same.

“Misty, before we go I want to tell you something!” I barely said through the gas.

Me too!” I heard her answer back.

And before complete blackness washed over me I was able to stagger out two words, “I love-”

A.N. WAHAHAHAHAHA! My first real cliffhanger! I do want to say that they DO NOT die. The next part will NOT tell you what happened to them. Especially if I don’t get any reviews! See what you’ve driven me to! There is one small thing I want to say. In the Johto episode where Ash and co. meet a witch and help her complete the spell? Well almost everything I read on it says the spell was for baby soft skin. It isn’t! It is to read a pokemons mind! I also know why it didn’t work. The spell called for it to finish off the spell with pikachu’s best. So Ash had Pikachu use thunderbolt. Pikachu’s best is actually Thunder! REVIEW AT