An Unexpected Change

Part 3.

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“Where could they be?” Brock asked aloud pacing back and forth on the freshly cleaned linoleum, giving a squeak every time he turned.

“They’re probably fine,” Delia said, who was sitting on the couch in her house with Brock pacing nervously in the kitchen. The Ketchum residence was slightly decorated with two armchairs on the right and left sides and a big couch in the middle. Behind the couch was the kitchen and dining room which Brock was nervously pacing pack and forth in. In front off the couch was a good size T.V. On the walls was a great many pictures. Some from recent times, others from a long time ago.

“Fine?! They’ve been gone three hours longer then I thought. Something bad could have happened. Team Rocket could have captured them, they could be stuck in a ditch, they mat have been murdered or drowned! How can you just sit there and say that?!” Brock raved stopping only to catch his breath and think of something new. “They didn’t have their pokemon you know.” he said staring at Delia with a look of anger in his eye.

“Aren’t Ash’s and Misty’s pokemon looking for them though?” she answered back, clearly not getting the intensity of the situation.

At that said a “ Noctowl!” was heard and the owl pokemon swooped in and landed on the right side chair. “Noctowl Towl, Noc!” ( They were kidnapped by this big machine! ) Noctowl hooted.

“Mr. Mime could you please translate more me?” Delia asked Mr. Mime who had just come down from the upstairs.

“Mime. Mime Mr. Mime Mime Mime!” ( Sure. They were kidnapped! ) Mr. Mime said.

“Kidnapped! We need help!” Brock yelped and ran into the other room for the phone.

When he got back the doorbell rang.

“I got it!” Brock said and opened the door.

“I got a call saying Ash and Misty were missing and you wanted some help?” Gary asked at the door.

“Yeh. Ash’s Noctowl said they were kidnapped. Don’t know by who,” Brock filled in Gary when the doorbell rang again.

“Hi Brock! You said Ash and Misty were kidnapped so I came right over,” Tracey told Brock and stepped in. { No I am not a Tracey hater. He will not die and it is not his fault that Brock left }

“Thanks more coming guys. Say can one of you call Misty’s sisters and tell asked them if they want to help?” Brock asked blushing.

“Why can’t you call them?” Tracey asked not knowing Brock as well as we do.

“I’ll do it,” Gary said showing a very rare touch of pity.

“Thanks,” Brock mumbled as Gary stepped into the other room to make the call.

CRASH! “Ow! I don’t remember a table being here!” Gary yelled from the other room obviously knocking into a table.

After about five minutes Gary came back and sat on the left side chair rubbing his knee.

“Well?!” Tracey and Brock shouted after three minutes of this.

“Wha? Oh sorry. They said they would be coming here in about three hours. Best they could make,” Gary answered wincing from the shout.

DING DONG! “ Who could that be?” Delia asked carrying a cup with her to the door.

As she opened it { DOM DOM DOM DOMMMM } A figure said, “I heard my son was missing.”

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