An Unexpected Change

Part 7. Blockade


It was the next morning and Brock, Tracey, Lance, Duplica, Ritchey, their Pokemon, and Ash’s and Misty’s Pokemon set off to find Ash and Misty. They were stop quickly at the edge of town.

Right were the towns of Pallet town met the woods was a barricade. Several men with guns were their seeming to defend the area.

“Let us through!” Lance cried.

“Sorry fella but we can’t do that,” one of the men said motioning to the others. “The President himself sent the Army to Blockade the towns to anyone coming in and out of any of the towns. Something about Team Rocket being gatherin its’ forces and all.”

“Do you know who I am?” Lance said. “I am the Pokemon league Champion. I believe I can take care of myself.”

“Sorry no one is allowed on or off. Don’t try to fly over either cause we’ll just shoot you down. Don’t waist your time,” the man said looking smug that he had just shot down Lance.

Lance just grumbled and motioned for the others to follow him back.

Going back Brock asked Lance, “Why didn’t we just push through? Your dragon pokemon could have made quick work out of them.”

“They have guns we couldn’t have gotten through without one of us at least being shot. Then how would we get help? We’d be wanted,” Lance answered looking grim.

When they got back they met the face of a very sad Delia.


Pikachu’s Point of View

I was crashing through the undergrowth of the forest between Pallet Toen and the sea. I could feel it in my bones that Ash and Misty were somewhere across the sea. I had taken Ash’s Pokedex with me for safe keeping and help. I didn’t know all the Pokemon even though I’m one. Well I came across the sea and couldn’t figure out how to get across when I noticed the harbor. I was in luck! An ship leaving for Slateport in the Hoenn region. Another for Cinnabar Island. {note this is the day before the barricades. Right around were Pikachu had left} My gut instinct told me to take the one to Hoenn. I snuck aboard and hoped no one would find me. I slept most of the way with bad dreams.


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