An Unexpected Change

Part 8. Escape


Ash and Misty were horrified by what they heard on the T.V. Channel after channel confirmed their fears. They were in Hoenn. They went around the house trying to find a way out but to no avail. They were about to give up when Charlene found them.

“Oh, there you are! I have been looking every where for you! Come along now for your wonderful surprise!” Charlene said beaming with joy.

“If it’s not a pizza I’m going to be really disappointed,” Ash said following her with Misty by his side.

They were walking down a grand hall with painting of Sentrets, Pikachus, and other assorted Pokemon. Several tables were lined across the walls with a door open or close. When they got there they were surprised.

“Here you go!” Charlene said holding two very embarrassing outfits to Ash and Misty. “This dress is for you Misty, and I got this little tux for Ash!” {Remember she had them put their names on some paper? Just thought I should remind you guys}

Ash and Misty both stared at the outfits horribly. Before they were out of the shock Charlene had them both in the outfits. They almost puked but were able to resist.

“Now you two look like your ready for a date!” Charlene said with glee.

At this Ash and Misty had a twinge of fear in their spines.

“In fact! Why not! Lets get you two in the car so I can show you the sites!” Charlene seeming to have this bright idea right then and there.

“NOOOO!” Both Ash and Misty yelled at the same time.

Charlene thought this was a shout of joy so she picked them up and brought them to her car. They were strapped in and on the freeway before Misty said something.

“Maybe we’ll have a chance to escape when we get out,” Misty said.

“Maybe,” Ash answered, “Hopefully I can keep my sanity for that long.”

After what seemed liked forever Ash seemed to have lost his sanity.

“Thunderbolt!” Ash yelled and began to electrify the seat he was in and himself. His Pikachu tux was dust before Charlene noticed.

“Oh no! Stop it please!” she started to yell not focusing on the road ahead of her.

“Just a little more,” Ash grunted and he was free from the restraints. “Sit tight Misty,” he said and began to fry her seat and dress.

A minute later Misty was also free with Charlene going crazy trying to stop them when they rolled right into a ditch. The window was opened so Ash and Misty jumped out and ran for it. The uninjured Charlene couldn’t get the doors opened so she brought out a Pokeball.

“Get them Senny!” she yelled with the Sentret from earlier coming out.

Senny then began to chase them into the nearby woods. Charlene then called for assistance.

“Get back here!” Senny yelled while dodging the trees.

“Never!” Ash yelled jumping over the vines and around the trees.

They were almost out of Senny’s view when Misty tripped and went falling down a cliff that was not seen through the foliage.

“Misty!” ash yelled and jumped off to try and save her.

They were free falling when Ash had caught up to Misty. They clasped paws and looked up to see Senny climbing down a path after them. They looked down to see the ocean beneath them. They figured they had little time left.

“Misty?” Ash said over the wind. “I have to tell you something.”

“Me too!” she said back.

“I-” they began to say. Then there whole world went black.


A.N. MOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Did they die? You’ll have to wait till the part after next. A.K.A two parts later. Don’t worry the next part will be with Pikachu and a quick look at Brock and such. I like repeated comments! Thanks for everyone who voted for me! I didn’t win but next time maybe I will. {Begins to read Hacking and You} Just kidding! See ya!